Monday, 24 November 2014

Dear you don't just look EXPENSIVE, you actually WORK - Real Techniques Brushe's Copy- Review

Darling , it doesn't matter if you are expensive and don't work for me ,you just have to work your best and if you just LOOK expensive ,then trust me I LOVE YOU ! Now these are some golden words comming from a person like me who doesn't really give a piece of mind until or unless its necessary, and today, trust me its HUGE ! All those who love makeup are well aware of the name REAL TECHNIQUES for their amazing and unique brushes that are said to be top notch in the war of brushes. Since I consider my self a newbie in makeup land (read: amazing world of colors), I tend to get stuff that doesn't put a hole in my pocket.So my trip to market , I picked up these brushes majorly because these looked so much similar to Real Techniques Brushes , plus they were super affordable. Here have a look :

Real Techniques COPY Brsuhes

Real Techniques COPY Brsuhes

My Experience:

These Brushes are literally everywhere these days , in the market , on facebook pages, ebay literally EVERYWHERE. I just picked up the angled one initially and then went back for other two. Ever  since I got these I havent reached for any other brush so far . The handle is metal with different colors , you might find the original Real techniques colors (golden/pink) and other colors too like red , blue and green !. It is quite sturdy and the base is really smooth so the brushes can stand on their own . The bristles are super dooper soft , like SOFT soft,no scratchy feeling on your face at all. I don't have an original RT brush to compare with but still I totally love these for what they are  There is no shedding at all. I have been using these for past couple of months and I haven't notice a single shed hair. One thing that might turn off a few people is the staining of the white ends of the brush. Even though you wash them off , a tinge of color stays there that might not look nice to some people. They just pick up the right amount of product and transfer them nicely to your skin with no streaking at all.
Now lets have a look at individual brushes.

1. Round Top Blush Brush:

This round top blush brush is ideal for putting up blush if you like it to be precise. For me it works more nicely for putting my highlighter on my cheek bones for I like my highlighter to be properly placed. It just blends my highlighter so well . It can also be used for contouring as the round top gives more precision yet no harsh lines
RT Copy Brush- Round Top Blush Brush

2. Flat Top Stippling Brush:

This flat top brush serves  as an excellent tool to stipple your foundation .It also works amazing for the cream blushers , highlighters and bronzer. Long story short , use it for cream products ! 
RT Copy Brush- Flat Top Stippling Brush

3.Angled Blush /Bronzer Brush:

This was my first from the three and is my makeup staple , The wide angled top is just perfect for applying blusher in a single wiping motion . If you like to have that sun tanned bronzed look then it can be used to apply bronzer all over. From the picture you can easily guess that I use it for my blush.
RT Copy Brush- Angled Blush/Bronzer Brush

Thumbs Up for:

  • Super affordable
  • easily available
  • No smell on first opening
  • Sturdy Colorful handles
  • Soft Bristles
  • No Shedding

Thumbs Down For:

  • No specific company 
  • Doesn't mention which hair have been used
  • The hair stain after use that doesn't come off after washing

Price & Availability:

I got these brushes for PKR 245/- Each from a cosmetics counter in a local departmental store. If you want to purchase online , you may find these at these facebook pages in Pakistan :ZUNEL , JAVAAHIR ,WE MAKEUP BLOG . For international costumers you may find these beauties at E-BAY or Ali Express .


I give these wands of amazing features a 5/5 for this price they do the job well ! They not only just look expensive ( you can't tell them apart from RT brushes by just looking at them , I guess) . 

**A little piece of my life to share : on 22nd Nov , one of my cats, Mr.Whiskers passed away after a very painful time on bed . His departure has shaken me to the core for he was my companion through thick and thin. Just 7 months old, that little fellow brought so much light to our lives that we ,all at home ,are grieving his loss, I thank God for blessing me with him and 3 others ,for they are the reason for keeping me sane with their PURRSSS at the hardest times of life. For this reason , you might find my post dull and dry 'cause I can't do anything without him like I used to. Hope you guys understand and bear with me for some time . Here is a picture of him sleeping all comfortable a month ago . Allah has put him in a better place now but still my heart aches
May you be in the best of the places my dear little one ,for you were an angel that was sent to me to put my broken pieces back. I loved you , I love you and I will always do :'(

Have you tried these or any other copy brushes yet ? Can you compare these with the original RT brushes if you have any of them ? Would love to know your take on these in the comments below 

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Do you have a SMUDGE-FREE Dream ? Get smudge proof with Maybelline Colossal Kajal (Review & Swatches)

Smudge proof , Water proof , Glides effortlessly , Butter smooth and Amazing color Pay-off, sounds like a dream for Kohl lovers but not unachievable .Today I am talking about one such product that I am head over heels in love with these days .Its Maybelline The Colossal Kajal in Extra Black & Torquoise. Since I am a linner fanatic and love to line  my eyes with colored liners these two were like a must have for me , plus I had always wanted a smudge proof formula . So is this kajal an answer to all my liner prayers ? Let's have a look shall we :D

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula- Torquoise & Extra Black

Mayeblline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula:

The Extra Black Maybelline Colossal Kajal 12 hour creates smudge-free bold lines that last for up to 12 hours. Fortified with 5 enriching ingredients; Olive Oil, Esters, Emollient Butter, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C Derivative & Conditioning Agent, the new formula not only beautifies eyes, but soothes and nourishes them as well. 

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula-Extra Black

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula-Extra Black

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula-Torquoise
Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula

 My Experience:

I have given a major blooper in the beginning of the review by literally swooning over these kajals ( I am sorry for that ) but the point is I actually love these and use them on daily basis (yes the torquoise one too ! ). First of all comes the packaging . These kajals come in plastic covered simple cardboard sheets with all new claims of 12 HR SMUDGE PROOF FORMULA screaming out loud . The black one gets black highlights and torquoise one get torquoise (well isn't that obvious ) . You have to push the kajal in backward direction to get them out. The kajal pencils come in same ol' twist up plastic tubes, twist as much as you want the tip to be out for application ( I wouldn't advice some vigorous twisting out the nib ) . The new EXTRA BLACK one comes in black tube with a yellow cap and torquoise one comes in a yellow tube just like the old 6 Hr formula Black kajal. 

These kajals are super dooper soft, trust me I mean it !! They glide in effortlessly, don't tug on my eyelids and give a really smooth line in a single stroke as the color pay off is really good (Thumbs up Maybelline). The kajal sets off pretty quickly and gives a pretty matte finish,which the torquoise is a bit pearly .One thing I personally don't like about the twist up pencils is the inability to sharpen the tips once they get blunt so you can't get a fine line if you want to. 

Now, the best part STAYING POWER ...It really lives up to its claims of 12 HR SMUDGE PROOF FORMULA . I use this kajal daily and by the end of the day its still there with all its intensity ,not on my crease but on my lash line which makes me super happy . I tried it for 12 hrs straight, with no touch ups at all , a little nap for an hour and 2 times of washing my face with plain water and it was still there when I towel dried my face. Here I must say it was the extra black after all this but it was there and was BLACK. I majorly use the Torquoise one to line my lower lash line and its formula consistency and the staying power is no less the Extra Black Formula.

Another good great news is ,it doesn't irritate your eyes ( beauties with sensitive eyes ,can you hear me ?? ) I usually don't use it in the water line but on my lower lash line and I have a bad habit of forgetting that I have something on my eyes but it doesn't make me look like a bad casing of beating with a panda eye :D it stays just there unwilling to budge just gets a little less intense. For water line , the color pay off is a bit MEH. No intense color there and for watery eyes like mine its gone within what like 2 hours ? So a big no for water line and I say just get it for your upper lash line.

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula

 The Swatches:

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula-Swatches ( Single Stroke)

 Comparison between 6 Hr and 12 Hr Formulas:

I haven't reviewed the old Maybelline The colossal Kajal 6 hr Formula separately,but with this post I have the opportunity to compare them both:

Maybelline TheColossal Kajal 6 hr & 12 hr Formula Comparison

Maybelline TheColossal Kajal 6 hr & 12 hr Formula Comparison ( swatches)

Thumbs Up for:

  • Smooth creamy formula
  • Doesn't smudge or budge
  • Doesn't need layering, single stroke gives intense color
  • Doesn't transfer to Crease ( I have oily lids)
  • Stays put for more then 12 hours
  • 2 colors to choose from
  • Twist up packaging makes it safe to take in purse , no danger of cap falling off and creating a mess in your bag
  • Easy availability
  • Affordable

Thumbs Down for:

  • Can't sharpen the tip once it gets blunt
  • Poor staying power on water line
  • Twisting up too much may result in breakage due to its very soft formula , so just twist it up a little.

Price & Availability:

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hr Formula is available for PKR 299/- at Maybelline counters all over Pakistan in all leading stores . You can get online too via or


I give this little tube of wonders a 4/5, if only it had shown & stayed on water line as intense as it does on uper lash line it would have been a winner!

Baby Snowy nudges and purrrrrrr-suades you to get one for your self and try it !! She totally loves those intense black CAT EYE LINERS  ;) 

Baby Snowy wondering if she can get her eyes lined too

Have you tried the New 12 hour formula your self? What is your favourite eye liner these days that is smudge proof ? Do let me know in the comments below .

Stay BlessedSherry K & Snowyxoxo

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Friday, 24 October 2014

CELEBRATION TIME !!!!! Giveaway to celebrate 600 Facebook followers and 100 Instagram followers !!

Hello hello hello my dearies ! Its all party mode on at my side of the mirror and its time to take part in the celebrations for you guys !! As promised earlier , I have arranged a giveaway with the partnership of the amazing facebook page :MAKEUP THERAPY.

All you have to do is to follow the Rafflecopter giveaway below ...

It starts midnight tonight and ends at 31/10/2014 MIDNIGHT SHARP GO GO GO !!!!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Do you Glow ? Try the new Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

Glowy skin...100 watt glow ....dewy glow ...glow is all we talk about these days , and why should we not ? Every one loves that healthy glow on their face that makes them look all fresh and stands them out in a crowd. For that no doubt highlighters ,illuminators and brighteners are taking up the market. But what I feel is that none of the fore mentioned things can replace the glow of healthy skin ...absolutly nothing my deary nah-ahh... For that we need healthy diet and some real good skin care regime ,preferably ORGANIC . For that I bring you today ORGLOW INSTANT ORGANIC FACE BRIGHTENING  MASK.


Our Organic Face Masks are made with all natural ingredients and have no chemicals added to them, they are 100% chemical free. 

We are currently offering the following Organic Face Maks:
-Orglow is our all natural, all organic face mask, that tightens, brightens and whitens!
-ClearGlow is our organic face mask for Acne Prone, Oily and problematic skin!

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask

My Experience:

When it comes to skin care , you can call me more then skeptical. I have a super sensitive skin that breaks out even at the sight of any moisturizer/ face wash/ cleanser that doesn't suit me so I have to be super careful . When Orglow Organic Face mask came to me , I was very very skeptical of it , but its claim of being ORGANIC made me think for a while , so I googled about it and found some rave reviews for this. Then I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did because it works really well. 
The packaging is pretty basic, an opaque plastic white jar which is sealed. The packaging is not sturdy enough to bear any blows or bad handling so better tell your seller to get it bubble wrapped properly. It is a very finely milled powder that doens't go rough on your skin . The only thing that bothers me is the smell. It has such a bothering smell that I had to sit outside in the veranda because my mum told me to stay out until I rinse this THING off . I totally agree with my mum , it smells like milk gone bad or something like that. But hey its organic , you can expect that don't you ??

How to use it :
  • Mix one table spoon of mask with one table spoon of fresh yogurt (add a few drops of rose water if you like) , put on your face and neck for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse with water by gently moving your fingers in circular movements.
  • Pat dry and enjoy amazingly smooth skin !!

The Results:

Orglow claims to instantly BRIGHTEN, TIGHTEN & WHITEN your skin . For me it worked totally for Brightening and Whitening but I can't comment on the tightening part as it didn't give me that visible difference. Along with this , the circular movements give a nice gentle exfoliation that brightens up your complexion and addition of yougurt just leaves your skin so ,so, sooooooooo supple and hydrated.

Thumbs Up for:

  • Organic Ingredients
  • Used with fresh yogurt gives a natural glow to face
  • True to its claims of instant Brightening and Whitening
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Leaves skin supple and hydrated
  • Long lasting effects

Thumbs Down for:

  • Odour is a total turn off
  • Flimsy Packaging
  • Short shelf life (6 months after opening)
  • Needs to be kept refrigerated
  • Can only be ordered online
  • May cause itchy feeling for sensitive skin

Price & Availability:

Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask is available for 850 PKR and is available Online only at SALINA COSMETICS . Your can order them on their WEBSITE here . They deliver all over Pakistan and INTERNATIONALLY as well !!


I would give this a 3.5/5 just because the odour was a bit too much to bear , but I still use it just for the amazing results it  gives . Baby Cat ROSY urges you guys to muster up courage and give ORGLOW a try

Have you already tried ORGLOW instant organic face brightening mask ? What is your favourite face mask up till now ? Do let me know in the comment box below 

Stay Blessed

Sherry K 


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Monday, 13 October 2014

OOTD - White as lamb's fleece (EID UL ADHA EDITION- DAY 1)

Belated Eid greetings to every one !
How was you eid ul adha ? Hope you all had a great time with your family and friends and had amazing dishes at your table.

I know I have been MIA for a month I guess because alot is going on at my side , literally A_LOT ! To make up for the lost time , I decided to do an Outfit post for the first time (YAY! ) 

Behold! I present to you first ever Outfit post of my blog.


  • Elf Mineral Infused Primer (Clear)
  • Ponds BB Cream (Review HERE )
  • Becute Face Powder in FS 45
  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Black
  • Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara
  • Essence Miami Roller Girl Blush in Dates On Skates
  • PeriPera Heart Glow Stick in Gold Aura
  • Mixon Let me New York Lip Tint in Orange Glam

Outfit Details:
  • Shirt & tights from Warda Prints
  • Khussa from Liberty market,Lahore
  • Earrings are from a local shop
  • Clutch from RTW Creation

Hope you guys like my outfit.What did you guys wear this Eid ? Do leave your views in the comments below.

Stay blessed

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pretty In Pink with Medora Lipsticks -Review & Swatches

We can never go wrong with Pink when wearing pink lipstick , for some light pinks work amazingly and for others its the bright pink that makes them a head turner ! I am a sucker for pink lipsticks and whenever I get a trip to the market, I always end up with a pink lipstick despite the constant reminder to myself that I should start getting other colors now :D . Enough with the rant ,coming to today's review , Medora Of London has been all the rage in the Pakistani Blogosphere lately and I am a part of it so here is my share of these gorgeous pinks by Medora !

Medora lipsticks

Medora Lipsticks
(L-R) Soft Kiss, Sea Pearl & Rose Candy

My Experience:

Medora Of London is not new name for us who live in Pakistan for this brand has been here for our mums and grand mums . Back then the color range was very limited but now Medora has made a come back with a huge range of colors and textures ranging from Mattes to Glossy ones giving us the pleasure of trying out all the colors we want . 

During my last trip to the market I picked up 3 pinks from the Semi-Matte range and have been loving them all since then . The semi matte range comes in a Navy blue packaging with a silver strip ,nothing much fancy to go Ga-Ga about. The bullets are almost the same as printed on the box and have an amazng pigmentation, one swipe give you full coverage and you can build up further to your own desire .The lipstick glides on smoothly and I experienced no patchy application. The semi matte texture gives hydration to lips and gives a lovely finish . The staying power is super amazing ,for a lipstick eater like me it lasts a good 5-6 hours with constant chatting and munching around.The smell is something like a cross between baby powder and soap (if this makes sense). Its available all over Pakistan almost at every shop , be it a big fancy shopping mall or a small cosmetic shop . Only thing is the availability of colors that might be an issue.

There has been a debate about Medora Lippies having high lead content and turning lips dark , for that I can only say that most of the lipsticks have lead content in some amount but no mention on the packing about the ingredients just makes every one skeptical . For turning the lips dark , I would say proper removal and regular exfoliation can prevent that easily as I am using it for past one year and I havn't experienced any darkening of my lips .


(L-R) Soft Kiss, Sea Pearl , Rose Candy
  • Soft Kiss : A light Pink with blue under tones , layering up gives a lovely color, My go-to lipstick
  • Sea Pearl: Peachy pink , extremely pigmented 
  • Rose Candy : A bright Pink with orange undertones , perfect for a bright pout with a winged eye liner 

Thumbs Up for :

  • Super Affordable 
  • Extremely Pigmented 
  • Easily available
  • Vast range of colors and textures
  • Long staying power
  • keep lips hydrated 

Thumbs Down for:

  • Smell can be a bit turn off for some people
  • Finding desired shade might be a tiring task 
  • You think it turns your lips dark

Price & Availabilty:

Medora Lipsticks are available nationwide at all cosmetic shops with a price ranging from 90-120 PKR . You can also order online from


This drug store gem deserves the highest ranking possible but for a few turn offs , I would rate it 4/5. 

P.s My cat loved the colors and wouldn't let me take pictures in peace , so I took a few pictures with her as well have a look :D

Have you tried any of Medora lipsticks yet ? What are your favourite colors ? Do let me know in the comments below !

Stay Blessed

Sherry K & the kitty model :D


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Friday, 29 August 2014

Loreal HiColor Highlights in Red- Review & Look

If you have been following me on Facebook or twitter you might know how much I am obsessed with red streaks and that too ,to be done by me at the ease of my home . After many many failed attempts of cut down and color , I finally hit the product that was right according to my needs ! I am talking about Loreal Hi Color Highlights in Red ! Lets have a look shall we ?

Excellence HiColor Red HiLights:

Permanent Creme HiLighting for Dark Hair Only

  • For highly-visible, intense Red highlights even on dark hair, without brassines
  • Breakthrough technology lifts hair 3-4 levels, no pre-lightening required
  • Rich, no-drip creme makes it easy for control of creative techniques
  • True-to-shade color that resists fading
  • Quick processing time of only 30 minutes
  • Available in 3 Hi-lift Red shades

Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 

Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 

My Experience: 

Loreal Excellence Hi Color Highlights comes in a card board box with a single tube of color inside it measuring 34gm / 1.2oz . There is no developer /gloves / instruction leaflet included in the package. The instructions are printed on and in the box , so to read it whole you need to tear open the box (not a good idea ) . Now to the working. It remains true to its claims . I have this color in my hair for a month now and its still all vibrant and lustrous as first application (please note here that I wash hair 3 -4 times / week with pre-oiling) So my hair washing routine hasn't affected the color . As far as the bleeding is concerned , have used many other Reds by different brands and they have bled during washing as if I have a cut or something in my head  and they stained my towel badly . I was expecting no less from this Red as well BUT SURPRISEEEEEEE!!! minimal bleeding even when I was washing off the hair dye off my hair !! Yes that's right , very little bleeding so no stains at my towel and no long washing time !
This Color is different in the way that it doesn't require any cut down/ bleaching hair prior to its use. As it says on the packaging , it really is a single step application (though I had 2 , i'll explain later what went wrong). It is for DARK HAIR ONLY and more specifically for virgin hair. So those beauties who have natural dark hair Good news for you !! I actually havn't tried it on pre-dyed hair so can't comment on that (note to self- Ask mum to volunteer a wisp of hair to try this color)

Application Directions:

Now this is important if you are a novice like me and learn by hit-and-miss technique then you better know what you'll do . 

Things you need:
  • Developer 30 volume (I used Keune Developer)
  • Old shirt
  • Gloves
  • Plastic bowl
  • Application brush
  • Foil (if you are doing streaks)
  • Newspaper (to cover up the working place)
  • Your Hair - UNWASHED for atleast 24-48 hours
  • Wear an old shirt , which if gets stains you won't get hurt !
  • Clip your hair in sections , take out the hair you want to color.
  • Cut out foil in appropriate lengths so that you can cover whole strand of hair 
  • Now take a mixing bowl , dispense color from the tube into it and mix with equal amounts of developer till you get a thick creamy paste 
  • Start applying the color to your hair making sure the hair are fully and evenly coated with color.
  • Wrap in foil and clip to you head 
  • Wait for about 90 minutes if you want the color in a single application. Though the box says you should take tit off after 30 minutes , but that didn't work for me and I got light hue of it , so applied it after resting my hair for 24 hours and applied again and left for almost 90 minutes. The results you can see below !
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 


Here you can see the results after first and second applications .Pictures have been taking outside .
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red (Results)

In this picture, I had applied color for the first time in the front during my second application .The color came out amazing like the other highlights (left it for 90 minutes)
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red (single Application)


  • Always ,always ,always do a patch test and wait for atleast 48 hours before complete coloring.
  • Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with you skin
  • Avoid contact with your eyes
  • If possible get help with application from your sister/friend.
  • Do not use on colored hair
  • If you have treated hair ( permed/ relaxed/bleached) ,its better to consult an expert before application. If not possible , then wait at least 14 days after treatment.
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 

Thumbs Up for :

  • Single step application
  • Gives amazing color results
  • Least bleeding
  • No after wash staining of towel
  • No dryness after color
  • Long lasting color

Thumbs Down for:

  • No Gloves, leaflet & developer included
  • Availability - Not available in Pakistan ,has to be ordered online 

Price & Availability:

Loreal Excellence Hi Color Highlights retails at $ 6.49 at Sally Beauty Supply. I ordered mine from for PkR 1720. You may also find it at Amazon and Ebay .


I would give it a 4/5. It would have been a 5 if availability wasn't an issue .

What do you think of this Hair Color ? Have you ever dyed your hair ? What's your Favourite hair color ?

Stay Blessed
Sherry K
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

E.L.F Blush in Gotta Glow - Review, Swatch & Look

I have been acting pretty weird lately ,only God knows why . Every time I decide to do something there is this surge of laziness that makes me want to give up even the idea of even moving and just go to sleep. Well, have been fighting it and guess what today tonight I finally managed to write this blog post I have been dying to write and share with you guys ! This blog post is dedicated to my most loved and most used blush which is actually a highlighter by Eyes.Lips.Face .It goes by the name Gotta Glow. Read out to know more about this amazing product 

e.l.f Blush in Gotta Glow

The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

My Experience:

Ever since I started using e.l.f products ,I have been amazed by the quality of the products in such an amazing price tag .Tby e.l.f that make me fall in love over and over every time I use them. The blush come in a decent black covering .nothing fancy at all but doesn't look cheap or anything ,rather it looks classy ! There is little mirror inside which is pretty helpful in last minute touch ups . Now the main product,even though the packaging says its a blush but actually its a white highlighter with very fine golden glitter . It is said to be a dupe of NARS Albastross,but since I don't own the mentioned highlighter ,I cant give you guys a comparison. But  the product it self is so pretty. It has a fine powdery texture that blends like a dream! just one swipe and the brush picks up the right amount to give you a subtle glow ! Being powdery means fall out ,but there is no major fall out just a little bit , that you can let go because of the amazing product . It lasts a good 5-6 hours on me ( I have oily /combination skin) ,even after those hours I could see a little bit of the glittery specks here and there .

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow ( Swatch)
e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow (On me)

Thumbs Up For :

  • Classy ,sturdy packaging
  • Mirror Included
  • Smooth Texture
  • Super Blendable
  • Less fall out
  • Long staying power
  • Affordable Price tag

Thumbs down for:

  • Availability in Pakistan is an issue
  • Glitter may be a concern for those with open pores

Price & Availability :

e.l.f Blush retails at a price of 3$ and can be ordered through e.l.f Official Website. In Pakistan , you need to order it through some facebook pages. I got mine from Makeup & Accessories for PKR 550. You should definitely check out this page as they have amazing in stocks and have COD all over Pakistan !

To stay in touch with all the latest updates by e.l.f cosmetics check their facebook page HERE.


I give it a 4.5/5 just because of the availability issue and a the glitter issue . I cannot insist more on getting e.l.f blushes !! Do give them a try and I guarantee you won't be disappointed !

Stay Blessed 
Sherry K 
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