Sunday, 29 June 2014

Weekends...sleep, relax ,SHOP ! (Cosmetics)

First of all Ramazan Mubarik to all my readers out there ! With ramazan starting we (girls actually) have 3 things on mind
  1. What to make for Aftar ( Food served after fasting)
  2. What to wear on an Aftar party
  3. what to wear on EID 

Oh yes that's all we have on minds :D for that we gotta shop isn't it ? and when a girl's gotta shop , she gotta shop ,no stopping for her ! Now everything is easily available on the internet and God bless those who have facebook pages as their business portals for they are the people quenching our thirsts for more :D 

So, this year Eid preparations would be a little difficult due to extremely hot weather (49 degree Celsius where I live) ,I need to rely on these online businesses for everything . And from today on wards ,every weekend we'll have at least 5 websites/pages from where you can get stuff for yourself and your loved ones (only Pakistan)

This week I am starting with Beauty /Cosmetics Supply stores(Click headers to got to page directly)


A whole cosmetics, bath and body, skincare range ,from very affordable to high end brands all available. Easy to use interface, quick order placement and step by step email notifications of order status . COD available all over Pakistan .All in all , an amazing one stop shop for your beauty concerns and craves !


An online store with user friendly interface. You can also contact them on facebook. Extremely prompt replies and costumer service ! I am a very much happy and a satisfied costumer of them with another order in line to be placed soon ! Do visit this website you'll definitely find something to your taste ! COD available all over Pakistan. Easy paisa and Bank transfer available.

3.Makeup and Accessories:

 A very personal favourite page to shop from , 2 orders and both beyond my expectations ! The owner is super sweet and very very patient . So if you are a super nosy person with tons of queries this is your place as you'll get all your answers ! Plus the prices are super amazing , lower compared to many other pages out their but quality not compromised at all. all pieces are genuine , nicely packed and promptly delivered . Moreover you can also pre-order stuff you like from USA and UK as they open up for orders from time to time ! COD available all over Pakistan .  Easy paisa and Bank transfer available.


If you are a beauty addict and love to shop for genuine products , be it drug store or high end , you would be familiar with ROUGE. This is a much loved and fully trusted page by all Pakistani beauty bloggers and fully recommended. So shop on ladies without the fear of getting a dupe for a payment of a genuine product !
Cod available for limited areas. Easy paisa and Bank transfer available.


This page provides you with all the goodies you can imagine, with a monthly updated IN STOCK album (which is my favourite part :D) so you can order on spot or book your order with them . The owner is very much nice person .I had quite a few conversations with her and I ended up buying nothing but still she didn't mind anything and replied me sweetly every time . COD is not available (only reason I didn't get my stuff from her , still regretting it :( ). Easy paisa and bank transfer available.

6.Beauty Hub:

Now this is the page I am always visiting . I simple adore all the things they are offering , both instock and pre-orders. You guys should definitly check out . They open up for US orders from time to time for its a total thumbs up ! COD is available for Major cities , easy paisa /bank transfer available too.

7.My Favourite Brands:

This page is super awesome and super amazing prices ! If you are looking for Physicians Formula ,Maybelline, Loreal, Almay in fact any brand this is your one-stop-shop. Go have a look and grab it instantly as they have a huge variety in their stock ready to be delivered . COD is available all over Pakistan & easy paisa/Bank transfer also available. 

I hope you like the post and it will help you fulfill you makeup craves. Where do you guys shop for makeup online ? Do let me know about your favourite places in the comments below ,I will be happy to know about them !

Love and Hugs

Sherry K.

** Disclaimer : The veiws/opinion presented in this post 100% my own .This post is in no way sponsored by any of the pages/websites above.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Pond's White Beauty BB Cream-Review & Swatch

Pond's White Beauty BB Cream

Its summer time !! Time to say hello to sunscreens and BB Creams ! With all the ravings about the new concept of BB Creams ,every other brand is coming up with their BB creams and Pond's hasn't stayed behind . There was a recent launch of Pond's White Beauty BB cream in India ,which was imported to Pakistan (luckily ) and it was much hyped product . I finally got hold of a tube for my self via Beautyarena in a recent haul. Lets have a look at it now

Product Description

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream, the evolution of BB cream with spf 30 and PA ++ with GenWhite COVER formula Helps reveal your perfect natural look!

The first All-in-One BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++ From Pond's that works from outside and inside.This unique skin color matching fairness cream gives you a natural looking instant glow while working from deep inside.For a perfect and a glowing look everyday!

  • Instant natural coverage
  • Non-pores Clogging
  • Light,non-oily texture
  • Lightens from within epidermis
  • Reduces the dark spots
  • Even skin tone
  • SPF 30 PA++

Net Weight : 18 grams

Pond's White Beauty BB Cream

Pond's White Beauty BB Cream

My Experience:

Heavy and thick foundations are not my thing ,to be honest with you guys so wearing them on daily basis is simply out of question .But still I needed something to wear just to even out my skin and not look over the top at the same time so I gave a hit to BB creams. First it was Garnier one (Review Here) but when I heard of Pond's coming up with BB cream with SPF I knew I had to have it plus it had gotten some excellent reviews too. When I got ,I was a bit disappointed in the size as it comes in a very slim tube containing 18 grams of product.Then I swatched and it turned out too dark for me (time for a total heart break ) BUT then I just gave it a go and wore on my face and it was total SUCCESS !! yes you heard me right ,all disappointment and heart aches gone in a sec ! It totally adapted to my skin tone as it claims to and gave that smooth finish with a dewy look . I was head over heels in love with it and I still am . The consistency is good too (not runny in hot weather like Garnier one) .In hot scorching heat it stays about 5-6 hours on me with profuse sweating and would do much longer if you stay under a fan or air conditioned room . The coverage is very nice ,covers up all spots and blemishes nicely and gives a smooth finish to skin. About the fairness part ,I didn't feel much difference in my skin tone ever since I started wearing it but the sunscreen part plays its part really good. No skin tanning with it. When I first apply it ,it feels a bit tacky but then it settles and has a light feels. All in all , its my go to product this summer !

Pond's White Beauty BB Cream

You Would Like :

  • Natural Light coverage perfect for everyday wear
  • Has sunscreen that works
  • Good staying power
  • Skin tone adaptability
  • Easy availability

You Might Not Like:

  • You want heavy coverage
  • Has one color
  • Want more quantity
  • Want to use it as a fairness cream too

Where To Get It ?

It is available all over Pakistan in all big cosmetic shops locally. You may also get it from or online in Pakistan. I got mine for PKR 375/-*

*Prices may vary according to vendor

Will I Buy Again?

YES ! Until and unless I find something better ,I will keep buying it :P


I give it a 4/5 just because if there had been a color range it would have suited more people (not that it doesn't suit me). But still I recommend it to everyone looking for light natural coverage with glow this summer !

Have You Tried Pond's White Beauty BB Cream? What are you wearing this summer ? Do let me know in the comments box below 

Much Love
Sherry K.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Beginner's Diary - Vol 1 ( Basics Tools & Cosmetics)

Dear Diary ! first of all lets save the date as you and me are going to go a long way I promise. Talking to you seems like I got a new best friend already .Becoming Being a makeup-holic isn't much easy especially when you got nobody to look forward to in teaching you THE TRICKS , left me heart broken for a very long time till I started to explore and practice ! Oh yes you got it right PRACTICE is the key to what I know today , not much but still enough to know I am not stepping out with a plastered face  :D

Being a beginner at make up isn't easy NAH-AHH, you don't even know where to start from so you try and fail, try again and still fail and keep on trying till you finally hit the right cord ! I did it , yes I am being honest dearest diary , I went through the phase where I went out with the most horrific  lip colors and most horrendous eyeliner .Not that I am perfect now but compared to that I am better .

Here is what I learnt and every beginner should know :

  • Don't give up after a single try ,KEEP ON TRYING !
  • PRACTICE ,PRACTICE & PRACTICE (it took me 30 days to apply a good eyeliner imagine that )
  • Get to know what suits you and what not ,for that EXPERIMENT with colors !
  • Don't get dishearten when something suits somebody else and doesn't look good at you, YOU ARE DIFFERENT ! 
  • OBSERVE closely when you are at a salon or even watching a Youtube tutorial or even a pictorial, it helps 

So,during that phase ,I fell and stumbled but still kept moving till I got to know what I needed. The things were very simple yet their sequence was the key to remember . So, I finally got to know that in order to learn makeup I should have gotten then right stuff before declaring myself a failure and giving up. I jotted down a little list for beginners who should first get all   most of them before starting of for their learning journey (trust me it makes everything so easy )

Cosmetics Check list:
  • Moisturizer 
  • Face primer
  • Foundation/Base (whatever you like to call it)
  • Concealer
  • Setting powder/Compact powder
  • Blusher
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Eyeshadow base/ Eye Primer
  • A good Eyeshadow palette (Having both matte and shimmery colors : Go for Glamorous face 96 color palette for practice)
  • Smudge Proof Eyelinner (For practice I recommend Aqua Color Cake Eyeliner By Kryolan )
  • Smudge Proof Mascara (Water proof mascara isn't suitable for practice)
  • Loads of Lipcolors ( Doesnt need to be expensive , just to try on which color suits you so that we can buy a better one in the same color :P)
  • Makeup Setting spray

Tools Checklist:
  • Get a good Makeup brush set (Just remember the bristles should be soft ) You can even get each separate brush too but that turns out to be pretty tiresome ( Try BH cosmetics brush sets they are amazingly priced and have almost all essential Face and Eye brushes prefect for beginners)
  • Makeup Sponges (any type would do , Latex-free are better)
  • Cotton balls 
  • Q-tips
  • Baby wipes
  • Makeup Remover (extremely Important)


and my dear diary ,this is what I know that one should have before embarking on this COLOR RIDE . Now I have to leave , its my kitties play time and they are not the patient type (just like me :D) . Till next time BFF, when I'll be back with whole of this check list marked and we'll do everything together after that. 

Yours Truly,
Sherry K.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

M.Kamran's Photography- Photographer Review

Hello everyone ! How are you all doing? Now what I have here for you guys today is a photographer review . Now a photographer on a beauty blog ? Well the thing is I have been searching for a good photographer for past couple of months (reason? Long story :P ) so I came across many of them (male & female both)on facebook and they are pretty good ,so I thought of having them on my blog on weekly basis . So starting from today I have M.Kamran Photography. Lets have a look at his work first and then details.

Here we go !

Originally based in Peshawar,Pakistan, M.Kamran provides his services nationwide and is now planning to extend his services around the globe (best of luck to you Kamran). One thing i absolutely love about his work is the vast variety of ideas he provides and never leaving out a single detail of the event being captured. He offers a coffee table book comprising of almost 130 printed pictures and a DVD containing almost 4000+ pictures (can you believe that) per day. Picture quality is simply amazing in fact breathtakingly life like ! and the price range is so affordable to be honest  with you guys, easily affordable by everyone. ( Not publishing it because it is against his client privacy policy ). A total thumbs up from my side guys do consider him if you are looking for a good photographer to capture the moments of your life !

Services provided by M.Kamran Photography include
*Wedding event coverage
*Bridal/couple Photoshoots
*Birthday event coverage
*Event coverage

To contact Mr. Kamran for Bookings/packages:

Call/ Text/ Whatsapp/ Viber : 03149455661

I hope you guys find this post helpful. I 'll bring up other photographers in my coming posts 

**Disclaimer: None of the pictures in this post belong to me .All pictures and information has been used with the permission of M.Kamran Photography. This post in not sponcored by any group/person/company. All opinions presented in this post are truly my own.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Beauty UK Post Pout (Corally Incorrect)- Review & Swatch

Lip crayons are all the rage and coral is the color of summer. So when I found this amazing ,pocket friendly lip crayon by Beauty UK ,I had to try it ! Trying it again and again , I am reviewing it today  ...did I find it worth recommending ? Lets check it out

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect:

Another exciting addition to our POSH range.
Available in 6 new fabulous shades of pout perfecting power!
These funky, chunky lip crayons shade the lips with a moisture rich, long lasting punch of vibrant colour!

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect

 My Thoughts:

The tube comes completely sealed with so chances of accidental twisting up and damaging the tip during shipping  which is a total plus point. It is a super cute tube with a twist up crayon with silver base saying TWIST ME !, absolutely adorable . The tube is the same color as is the crayon so it makes it very much easy to find it in when you are in a hurry or when things are just crammed up in your hand bag. The lid is clear plastic showing the tip of the crayon that adds to its beauty. It has a mint fragrance added to it ( clearly mentioned on the tube) so it would be a turn down for those who do not like their makeup having flavors or fragrances but for me its quite refreshing so I won't complain about it .Now as it is actually a balm stain so it has a glossy finish which stays for a good 2-3 hours depending on how you carry it and then fades with an even staining of lips that stays about 5-6 hours on me with eating and drinking . It transfers very less so that is another plus point ! I haven't used Revlon balm stains so I can't compare in any way but in a half price tag of  them I think these work pretty decent. One should scrub their lips before using Posh pout ( or any other lip product) as it accentuates the dead epidermis on your lips (not always but sometimes)

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect

Beauty UK Posh Pout- Corally Incorrect

You Would Like:

  • Super cute packaging
  • Long staying power
  • Fades evenly
  • Good color payoff
  • Affordable price

You Might Not Like:

  • Accentuates dead skin on you lips
  • Minty smell and flavor 

Where to get it ?

You can buy Beauty UK Posh pout from Beauty Arena or for Pkr 560/-. They have all 6 colors available with them.

Will I buy again ?

Absolutely YES !

Rating :

I would give it a 4.5/5. This lip crayon is a must have this summer and has been my staple ever since I got it .Totally recommended !

Have you tried Beauty UK's Posh Pout yet ? What is your take on Lip Crayons ? Do let me know in the comments box below !!

Stay blessed
Sherry K.

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