Tuesday, 31 May 2016

7 Days of MM Makeup - Day 2 : MM Makeup Lip varnish Review & Swatches

Its day 2 of the MM Makeup series I started yesterday and I am patting my back for keeping up with the promise that I will post the whole week ( Given the previous record , I am pretty bad at it ). So its terrible Tuesday isn't it ?No worries on a bad day there is always a lipstick ! Yup, wear your favorite one and flaunt away the day.
Today, under the spot light is MM Makeup Lip varnish which is actually the name of their glossy lipstick range. So lets get on to it

MM Makeup Lip Varnish:

Available in Matte and shimmer shades, this smoothing lip color provides opulence with light-weight luxurious color. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E

Who is this for?

For the women who love luxurious colors in creamy textures.

My Experience:

The Masarrat Misbah Lip Varnish comes in a rectangular tube with a matte black finish and the MM Logo printed over it . Honestly, I absolutely love the finish of this makeup line . Its Black and its Matte , the perfect combination, super chic and classy ! The lipstick secures nicely but , with the passage if time , I feel the cap loosening up a bit, not that it has started to come off on its own but still its looser than the one I recently got .

Coming to the formula , I think they have aptly named it as Lip Varnish ,because the formula is very creamy and glides on perfectly . I love how buttery these are and there is no tugging of the lips . The color comes off sheer at first but can be built up .The finish is glossy which can be tonned down considerably by blotting with tissue paper. These lipsticks are super moisturizing ,so you don't need to wear lip balm under them or even worry if you haven't exfoliated your lips. This makes them my go to choice for the winters because my lips tend to dry a lot . so wearing the MM Lip varnish doubles up as a lip balm for me in winters. One thing that you will notice as soon as you open the cap is the strong fragrance of these lipsticks . These smell like vanilla , yes no exaggeration here . Though the fragrance fades away with time (or may be you get habituated to it ) , I am not much of a fan such fragrant cosmetics. The staying power of these lipsticks is 3-4 hours at max without eating and drinking which I think is fair enough given the formula . The glossy lipsticks no matter what brand they are tend to be of lesser staying power as compared to their  matte counter parts. The longevity however decreases with eating and drinking ( and excessive talking in my case ) . The two shades that I own are very light , almost nude. I have a feeling that the brighter ones from the same range might have a longer staying power
These come in 10 different shades which range from nudes to bright reds. I own only two out of them which I am going to talk about very briefly below

Uptown Girl:

A warm tonned down peach which appears somewhat neon-ish on me (or I just feel so ). Wear time : 3-4 hours . Super moisturizing . Best to be worn in winters.

Cafe Tient:

A neutral brown/nude that turns out to be my MLBB shade . Wear time 3-4 hours . super moisturizing . Love to wear it everyday ,everywhere.


Thumbs up for :

  • Halal makeup ( Carmine/parabens free, cruelty free)
  • Easily available.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Moisturizing
  • Do not accentuate dryness
  • Do not settle in fine lines
  • Fade evenly 
  • Comes labelled with names 

Thumbs down for :

  • Only 10 shades available 
  • you do not like glossy finish
  • Fragrance might be over whelming
  • Short staying time 

My Rating:

I would give them a 4/5 . I absolutely love them ,only if they hadn't this strong fragrance I would be writing odes of love for these ! 

Price and Availability:

The MM Makeup Lip Varnish retails for PKR 750/- . These are available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup Website or any major online shopping portal such as Daraz , Just4girls  &Reforma .

Have you tried the MM Makeup lip varnishes as yet or you are not a fan of glossy finish ? What do you think of this new series on the blog ? Do share your views and suggestion in the comments below !

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Monday, 30 May 2016

7 Days of MM Makeup - Day 1 : MM Makeup Liquid Lipsticks Review

Kicking of the week with first ever post of 7 days of MM Makeup series ! YAYYY I am soooo excited to do this. Last week when I announced this on the social media , the response I got was Ah-Maaa-ziinggg , no seriously I mean it ! I got so many messages and suggestions for the reviews .Some people even suggested doing complete looks using only MM Makeup ,which isn't possible since I don't own their eye products as yet but I am sorting the matter out ( basically sorting my life -_-) so soon will be uploading the looks as well.
Lets keep this babbling at limits and get on to the review . I think by now there is absolutely no need of introducing you guys to the brand , because in just one year ( Yes an year has been passed ! ) Masarrat Misbah Makeup has made its mark among many leading brands. I have seen many people recommending and preferring MM Makeup over many High end brands. In case you still don't know about it ,here is an introductory post to the Makeup line that I am linking ( Read: HERE)
so, coming back to the review .I am starting it off with the Liquid Lipsticks since they are all the rage these days . I personally love liquid lipsticks and have horded quite a few and I have them all . So lets get on to it !

MM Makeup Liquid Lipsticks

Get the best of both worlds with this long lasting liquid lip color. It offers a rich, creamy opaque sensation and gives you color that last from work to fun.

Who is this for?
For the modern day women who love going matte and know how to carry it

My Experience:

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick 

The MM Makeup Liquid Lipsticks come in a basic twist up packaging with the logo printed on the applicator . The finish of the packaging is superb and I absolutely love the matte finishing . The clear bottle makes it easier to see the actual color of the product . The standard doe foot applicator is super soft and takes just the right amount of product that is enough for one application of a thin layer ( which is all you need !) . I really love how each and every product is named in the makeup line. I don't know about you , but it makes me feel more connected to my makeup, like I can refer to the product Oh I am wearing XYZ today rather than saying I am wearing 210 ,297 or 502 today , looks more like a phone number rather than a makeup product. Anyway , The Liquid lipsticks are o exception and are nicely labelled both at the cardboard packaging and the bottom of the tube.
The MM Liquid Lipsticks come in four variants 

  • Phenomenal Red : A  warm Red that leans towards coral 
  • Magento : A bright Pink with blue undertones 
  • Fuchsia Rouge : A toned down mauve 
  • Valencia : A super Bright , Neon peach pink sort of color . ( sorry for the description but the color is so unique )
MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick 

I own Phenomenal Red and Fuchsia Rouge but worry not , I have used all four of them :D (Bloggers Perks ). The MM liquid lipsticks are super pigmented that it only needs a thin layer to cover your lips nicely. I havn't noticed any sort of fragrance in the liquid lipsticks as yet. I like the consistency of the product as its not very runny or very thick like many liquid lipsticks . Its just the right amount of Liquid that spreads evenly and doesn't apply patchy . once completely dry, these stay on for a good 7-8 hours ( without eating and drinking ) and longevity varied according to type of food are you taking ( oilier the food, less the staying time ). One thing that puts me off these is the super dry feel they give one the lips when they set .
MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick - Phenomenal Red

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick - Fuchsia Rouge 

 These liquid lipstick dry to a super matte finish . If you guys have been using color pop liquid lipsticks first batch, you know what I mean . Being this dry affects the staying power of these gorgeous colors as they tend to crumble from the center with time and also set in the fine lines of the lips . also being so dry , they accentuate the dry lips . Here I would say , Phenomenal red is a lot more creamier than Fuchsia Rouge which on the other hand is very dry . So I guess the formula varies a little from color to color . I have used magento and it feels super comfortable on the lips .

Overall, I think these are pretty much amazing for the price ta they come in .Being a local brand the quality , quantity and the feel of the product is luxurious. The need of a small amount of product would make them last for a very long time .

Application Tips:

  • Always scrub your lips and moisturize your lips before application of any liquid lipstick 
  • Apply a very thin layer of the product on the lips , layering up causes more creasing .
  • Use a lipstick brush to line the lips first and then apply with the applicator ,this will give a fine finish
  • Never smack the lips while the lipstick is drying, you will get patchy finish.

Swatches : 

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick - Swatches ( L: Fuchsia Rouge R: Phenomenal Red)

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick - Fuchsia Rouge

MM  Makeup Liquid Lipstick - Phenomenal Red

Thumbs Up for:

  • Affordable Price
  • Great quality
  • Easy availability
  • No Fragrance 
  • Halal makeup ( No Parabens / Carmine, Cruelty Free)
  • Super pigmented 
  • Long lasting 

Thumbs down for:

  • You feel the formula is too dry 
  • Limited shade range

My Rating : 

I would give these liquid lipsticks a 3/5. Just a little bit of tweaking the formula and these could be some bad ass liquid lipsticks ! 

Price and Availability:

MM Makeup Liquid lipsticks are priced at Pkr 1100/- and available nationwide at Depilex Branches . Also available at MM Makeup counters set up at all major super stores . To order online you can visit Masarrat Misbah Makeup WEBSITE or you can order from any major online portal such as Daraz.pk

And Its a wrap for our Day 1. Have you tried the Masarrat makeup Liquid lipsticks yet?If so which is your favorite ? Do leave comments below about any thing you feel like asking or even just sharing how you like the concept of 7 days of MM Makeup  .

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Marking a Mile stone , MM Makeup Turns ONE !! - Event Report

Makeup Industry in Pakistan has recently seen a massive boom with many brands popping up in the market . With many companies and individuals catering to the beauty needs of Pakistani women , it is not easy to launch a complete Pakistani brand and then be successful too !
Massarat Misbah is not a name unknown to anyone . being a pioneer in the beauty industry , a philanthropist and a makeup maestro , she has added another achievement in her list named as Massarat Misbah Makeup line .
Masarrat Misbah 

MM Makeup was launched last year ( Read My event report HERE) , and has taken over the market with a huge success . its worth mentioning here that the modern Pakistani woman is highly quality conscious these days especially when it come to cosmetics and skin care . So, when MM makeup was launched , I, along with many others (I am sure you too ,who is reading this ) was skeptical of the ingredients , quality and the performance of the Makeup line . Well , not our fault though because, as makeup enthusiast would agree, we have been disappointed by many brands that claimed high and delivered none, The list includes some very well known Pakistani Brands as well . BUT , yes here stands a big fat but , this time it was not the case because MM Makeup surprised everyone . Its Silk Foundation being an instant hit was , and still is , raved among the Beauty gurus and bloggers alike at many forums .
The point of saying all of this above is that FINALLY we have a makeup brand that we can be proud of and call our own  and when you own something everything about it matters . So when this beloved brand completed its first year ,it was time to celebrate !

Event Details :

On April 26th 2016 ,as upon the launch the media and friends were invited ,so were we at the first anniversary celebrations. being organised in the Heart of Lahore ,the venue turned out to be none other than The Nishat Hotel. The event was beautifully arranged by none other than the very creative Sana Bhatti and organised by the Walnut Communications.
Decor Details

Decor Details

Decor Details

Decor Details

The ever gorgeous Misbah ladies were there with there warm smiles welcoming everyone. I got a super warm hug from Massarat Misbah ( I simply love that lady Okay ! ) at the entrance and was directed to scrumptious lunch to help myself . Present there were many well known faces from Digital and Print media, also present were many socialites. So basically it was a pretty star studded event and seriously, it deserved to be ( we are making history here baby !! ) . The ambiance and decor was on point. It was such a warm and lively event ,where everyone got together and ate to MM Makeup's success.
The Ladies behind the brand
L-R Nighat Misbah, Hafsa Haseeb , Masarrat Misbah , Hani & Redah Misbah

On the completion of their first year, makeup maestro Masarrat Misbah shared her delight and said  “I am very delighted to celebrate one year of MM Makeup and looking forward to see more years of success, with the love and support of our beloved customers.Every woman is born beautiful and has a right to look and feel gorgeous. A few strokes of the right makeup can make any face light up.”

While talking to Nighat Misbah , she questioned many of our questions that we usually et asked about on our social media . I am so glad I had this conversation with here where she shared some of here amazing tips and tricks to get the most out of the MM Makeup line . She also revealed that MM makeup is being used in all the Depilex Branches throughout the country . Also ,she talked about the many upcoming releases later in this year .According to her, the new launches include a complete highlight and contour palette, individual highlighters , new shade range in all Lipstick ranges and brow powders. I am glad to have this conversation with her because it came with so  many exciting revelations :D ( And I am sure this got you excited too ! )
Team Depilex

We were also told that in this short time period , MM Makeup has set up its Kiosks at all major malls through out the country. Also all Major online web stores now carry MM Makeup and offer delivery nation wide.

We ,at the From the Other side of Mirror, extend our heartiest congratulations on completing their first year with all the success . We also wish them good luck for their upcoming ventures.

Now, as I announced on my instagram earlier today , We will be celebrating a whole week of Masarrat Misbah makeup at From the Other side of Mirror from Monday onward .Yes ! You heard it , all 7 days of Masarrat makeup where There will be reviews of their products everyday (so you guys better keep an eye on them ) and who knows we might add up a look or two using MM Makeup !!

For more information visit:
Twitter:      https://twitter.com/masarratmakeup

Hope you guys liked a virtual walk through the event . Do let me know what you guys think about the MM Makeup and how has your experience been with the brand during last year . Also, let me know what you think about my 7 days of MM Makeup series .

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

* Pictures Courtesy : Walnut Communications & Masarrat Misbah Makeup Facebook Page.
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Friday, 20 May 2016

Celebrating Motherhood with The Body Shop - Event Report

Mothers are such a precious gift from God ,for which we can't be thankful enough . No matter how old we get , we would always need our mothers for pulling our day. Those selfless souls need to be celebrated everyday, Mother's Day is one day we celebrate with full zest !
This year on 8th May, which was mother's day, The body shop Pakistan decided to give an opportunity  to us bloggers to take our beloved mums to the outlet wand let them shop to their hearts content with a hefty voucher of 10 thousand Pkr. Since my mom lives back in our home town , so I had to call her and ask for some guidance as to what she wanted, yes I will share that too but lets have a look at the event first shall we ?

The Event Glimpses : 

For Lahore bloggers , the event venue was The body Shop Xinhua Mall outlet . All the beauty bloggers were there and some lucky ones came with their mums . It was a very peaceful enviornment and a super friendly staff was their to guide us . What I loved most about the event was that none of the staff members was clingy or trying to make us take anything specific . We were free to roam and swatch and test the testers ( does that even make sense?) . Well never mind that . I don't know about others but for me it was such a treat to meet and shop along with all the lovely ladies from the blogosphere. We chatted and gave each other opinions as per their experiences with different products which made choosing easier .

Here are a few shots of the yummy racks filled with goodies to test and then take away !

Blooming Marvelous Display 
The Foundations 

Lipsticks ,Blush and everything Lush :D

The Fragrance Rack

The Body Shop Outlet ,Xinhua Mall Lahore

My Initial Picks in the basket 

Beauty Bloggers Gang , Lahore Chapter 

My Picks :

I picked up the following stuff for my Mom . Can't wait to see her and show her all the stuff . I am sure she is going to love it !

My Final picks for my Mom <3 td="">

  • Tea Tree Squeaky clean scrub 
  • Rain forest Moisture  Shampoo
  • Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream 
  • Drops of Youth Moisturizer 
  • Exfoliating Gloves
In the end I would like to thank The body shop Pakistan and Constantine Media Pr for arranging such an amazing opportunity for all of us and helping us make this mother's day a memorable one for our mothers.

Hope you guys like my picks as well . What is your favorite from The Body Shop ?How was the Mother's day celebrated at your end ? Waiting for all your replies in the comments below
Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

#OUTFITTERSSALE, a sale worth seeing , buying and enjoying !

Who doesn't love sales ? Well who are you kidding, we all do !! Its only mid summer and many brands have already gone on a mid-summer sale ,which I think is a very good move , as soon the Eid collections will start hitting the stores and all early summer stock will be over looked . Similarly OUTFITTERS also put on an up to 50% off over their stock be it Men, Women or their kids line , whatever you want to pick , get up to 50% off .

Before coming down to what my top picks and visit to outfitters outlet was like ,lets have a look at what the brand has to say about itself:

Outfitters introduced the concept of fast fashion in Pakistan. Riding parallel to the fast paced fashion industry, Outfitters has constantly evolved, expanding it product ranges, specializing in manufacturing designs and providing customers with a variety of options to choose from. Outfitters started out as trendy street-smart fashion for men and women. In 2008, Outfitters introduced a brand for kids, as Outfitters Junior, focusing on kids’ fashion. The company is steadily growing and now has set foot in the international market, with aims to elevate the brand into a true global player.

This year it has started it’s mid summer sale on  May 5, 2016. The sale is available on all stores across Pakistan and on the online market. The free delivery idea is a good concept. You can get a free delivery on purchasing 2500 worth items. The outfitter sale is always a big one as every teen and every work class loves Outfitters because of the comfort and ease it provides in economic rates. The brand has always impressed the clients no matter which season. 
 The loot is on the Ethnic collections were you can find all the eastern wear. The range starts from 880 PKR to 5000 PKR on almost any eastern you name, lawn suits, kurties, shirt pieces and almost anything. The ethnic loot is going on since 5th May and will last up till 25th May. The stocks are running out like hot cakes because of the fine quality and deliverance of the ethnic brand. 
Mr. Elli Jadoon, Manager CS & Ecom states that, “Sustain Outfitters’ leading position in the industry as one of the most innovative and inspiring brand, with unique product mix and un-compromised quality, differentiating it from the competition.”
Mission of Outfitters
“Be the customers preferred apparel choice for upcoming trends and fashion, in affordable price range”

My Top Picks : 

Like every Pakistani women , as soon as the summer starts , I checked out all the brands for their exclusive summer designs. Being a lazy bum that I am , I prefer ready to wear and pret lines the most . Ethnic by Outfitters offers such beautiful and unique designs that make them stand out from the lot . Moreover even the regular prices are not blowing a hole in your pocket like many others . Now being on sale , I checked out some of my favorite designs again and they are on an unbeatable cut off prices ! Here have a look on my picks from the Ethnic by Outfitters Pret line:

My Visit to Outfitters :

Recently ,I had a chance to visit the outfitters outlet at Xinhua Mall, Lahore . One thing I loved the most about the #Outfitterssale is the long duration .When brands offer flash sale , I swear the outlets become no less than a fish market and its hard to breath in there let alone shop . Since , outfitters gave a generous period of time to sale , everyone is at peace that they aren't missing out on something and get at their own convenience. So, they get a 10/10 from my side for the tranquil environment . Since I have  already put on a disclaimer that I was and still am Broke , so I just roamed around and looked at the price tags mainly :D 
Now here comes the good part . The men's Tees started from PKR790/- in regular price and then their was a cut down of 30% on them , like whaaaaatttt? and trust me the quality is top notch ! Similar was the case with other lines as well.  I was quite amazed because normally brands don't charge this less and over that put on a sale on their items . 
I am definitely visiting again , sale or no sale ,because the quality and prices (even the regular ones ) are something that make you buy their stuff
Since the sale is on, I would say you guys should definitely check your nearest Outfitters outlet just for the sake of it , and if you are some one like me who just likes to sit in their PJ's all day long in front of their laptops with messy hair BUT still like to shop , visit their websites ( I am linking them below ) 

Website : 

So take my word and at least visit them once , I am sure you won't be disappointed . pamper yourself and your family and gear up for Eid because its getting hot day by day ! 

Do let me know if you have visited the #outfitterssale and got something from them ! 

Stay BlessedSherry K xoxo

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

March & April Favorites

Cant believe its already half way through April already !! Last month I was completely MIA from the blog ,all thanks to the crazy studies and exams , but still I had a few events to attend which you would have seen me cover over the Instagram .Speaking of which , I am totally not a fan of the new update of instagram . I mean whats up with the all white layout ? I miss that blue logo and all . Be honest do you guys like it ?

Okay, so I had to rant about it and since its now out ,Lets head over to the March & April Favorites .I missed the March post but got some amazing things to try for a little while longer so they made to the list . Here are my picks as monthly Favorites :

1.Du'vi Stockholm Green Tea Face wash :

I am all about organic skin care and I hardly incorporate anything new in my regimen . I was given the opportunity to try out Du'vi Skin care products ( Read Review HERE ) , I was skeptical at first but when I used the Green tea face wash , I was literally blown by its performance. From that amazing Green Tea fragrance to mild formula , its amazing for this summer if you have an oily combination skin that is sensitive too. Its a favorite for me and totally recommended,

2. Flormar Mattifying Top Coat:

I am all about Matte, be it lips or foundation or nails . Its been long that I was in search of a pocket friendly Mattifying Top Coat ,since I rarely wear Nail paints ,splurging on a top coat wasn't a good idea. On my recent trip to grocery shop , I spotted this Mattifying Top Coat by Flormar and grab it instantly. With a price tag of PKR 280 , It does a pretty decent job and I am totally hooked to the satin finish it gives to my nails . If you find it , I suggest you grab it  and thank me later ;)

3.L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara:

I got this a while back and never liked it because I am not a mascara person . Some of my friends who have seen me put me mascara know that I always end up like I have been punched in the face . to cut it short , I have recently started taking mascara seriously and now I am pretty good at it . Of all the mascaras I have tried , This Volumising mascara by L'Oreal has stolen my heart to the extent that I wear it at home without any reason just because I love how long and thick it makes my lashes look . It holds up the curl beautifully and doesn't make my lashes feel heavy or sticky or hard. I got the water proof version of it ,so if you are into water proof mascaras , try this one for sure !

4. Beauty UK Shy Cheeks Cream Blush Stick -Vanilla Ice:

One cannot have enough Highlighters ! yes count me in the list . I have this one for a while but didn't use it because I wasn't sure if it was going to show up on my skin because its too light or stay for enough time because its cream and we have summer here . BUT - when I used it ,I am hooked . If you are into that glowy skin trend or strobing , this little chubby thing is for you ! It gives the most subtle glow that makes your skin look so healthy and lit from within. I use it over my foundation even in the day time because its not something over the top and make you look like a grease ball. I am definitely getting a back up of this one and you should get one too !!

5.W7 Candy Blush -Orion:

W7 is kind of an underrated brand in Pakistan and not much talked about. I got this blush on the recommendation of a friend and glad I did . I will be reviewing this little pot of wonder soon in detail in upcoming days but read my words THIS.IS.THE.BOMB . Yes ! you heard it . This blush is so so soooo pigment packed that I was amazed . I wasn't expecting much out of it but it totally caught me off guard. I always complain that no blusher shows on my skin and I need to layer up but not with this one . I have to be very very careful while using it because a slight dip in the product picks up so much that it needs a very light hand or else you may end up in being a clown face. If you want a matte blush that is pigment packed and has an amazing price tag of just PKR 650 , must get this .

6. J'adore By Dior Eau De Perfume:

Recently I have been obsessed with perfumes and have been hoarding them. J'adore by Dior has been raved among many and I can't say any of them was wrong . It has a mild floral fragrance that is not overwhelming .It leaves a sweet tinge that lasts a very very long time. I am very particular about scents and this one is definitely going to be used a lot this season (after my BVL Omnia that is). If you are unsure , get a tester for it and then invest in the full size but at least try it for once ! 

And its a wrap ! This was all about the March and April Favorites .I have tried to chop down the list to my most favorites of these months that are amazing . Plus these all products are made for summer ! This summer try any of these and I am sure you won't regret getting them 

Have you tried any of these before ? What are your top summer picks this season ? Are you going all glowy or leaning towards the matte tend ? Do let me know in the comments below .
Stay Blessed
Sherry K.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

All organic skin care with Du'vi skin care products - Review

Alrighty, long time no see, No?  Being really honest, I had started the year with the goal of blogging more frequently; well what happens to my resolutions, you can see very well. After too much of lazing around, I finally came up with this review because it was much needed. If you know me well and follow me on social media (which you should btw!), you would know I rarely advice any skin care product and always advocate the benefits of organic stuff straight from our kitchen cabinet or our gardens. But today I have these two amazing products at hand that I am reviewing , if you are lazy bums (like me ) and still want organic skin care (like me ,again !) keep on reading !

About Du’vi Stockholm:

Du’VI Stockholm is passionate about skin science. We follow a holistic and broad approach to solve skin care concerns. Our team thoroughly analyses all aspects of skin care and the external factors that can affect your skin. By doing that, we carefully choose our ingredients from different parts of the world to extract impurities from your skin.

  • Green tea Face Wash:

A gentle foaming wash that effectively sweeps away impurities to reveal a fresh and luminous complexion. Enriched with a powerful blend of natural ingredients including green tea extract, aloe vera extract and oil vegetable extract. These extracts are known for moisturising and soothing your skin, as well as reducing the severity of breakouts

Suitable for all skin types

Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Extract : Known for its moisturising, soothing and anti-irritant properties.
Green Tea Vegetable Extract : Known plant actives : Polyphenols, B and C Vitamins, Mineral Salts, Saponins.
Plant properties : Antioxidant and protecting properties against environmental aggressions, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
Olive Vegetable Extract : This extract, obtained from the leaves of the olive tree, is traditionally known for its anti-free radical and antiseptic properties. The free radicals have an adverse effect on the skin and appear especially during aging as well as in response to environmental stresses.
Natural Cleanser complex : Easily biodegradable, this soft cleanser has very good foaming properties, ultra-soft in order not to deteriorate skin barrier function

My Experience :
Du'vi Stockholm Green Tea Face wash

People usually ask me about the face wash that I use and I reply NONE, yes you heard it right, there is no face wash in my skin care routine. Reason you ask me? Well, I have super cranky skin I tell you .its oily in the summers and dry in patches winters .if I try to wash off the oil in summers it dries up in one wash and gets rashes and if I try to moisturize in winters, it starts breaking up. Yup that kind of cranky. That is the reason, out of many things I buy, rarely anything is used more than once.
Duvi Green tea Face wash comes in 150 ml Squeezable bottle that secures nicely. The Shelf life as written on the bottle is 12 Months which I guess is quite long (thanks to our summers where we wash our oil slick faces 3 times a day!). The product I self is a light green gel that has an amazing aroma of fresh green tea. If you are a green tea lover (Like me) you can understand what I am relating to. The fragrance is not string at all, and really doesn’t bother me at all.  The gel works up into a gentle lather and you don’t need avid rubbing to build it up. Since its soap free, so you may know the lather would be lesser in amount. 

Du'vi Stockholm Green Tea Face wash- Ingrdients

The best part about this face wash (which makes it a favorite for me these days) it doesn’t dry up the skin. Yes you heard me! It doesn’t suck up all the essential oils out of your skin and leave it parched like a fish out of water. Rather it leaves the skin very refreshed and hydrated. I loved the way my skin feels supple even after many uses. Moreover, it cleanses the pores to depth and gives your skin a new life! I haven’t noticed any reduction in spots or black heads in a month’s time, but it definitely cleanses the pores very well.

  • Vitamin Toner:

An alcohol-free toner that removes make-up and skin impurities to reveal a bright and toned complexion. Along with its organic and natural ingredients from the French Provence, this formula is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, PP, B5, B6, B9, provitamin A and vitamin E.
Vitamin Toner is formulated to hydrate dull skin, leaving it even and deeply moisturised after cleansing.

Suitable for all skin types

Key Ingredients:

Organic Apple Extract from French Provence : Provence area is the largest producer of apple in France. This extract is obtained from the whole fruit. Rich in C vitamin (thanks to the outer part of the pulp and the skin, that contain 4 to 5 times more vitamins compared to the rest of the fruit). Also contains other vitamins such as B1, B2, PP, B5, B6, B9, Provitamin A (carotene) and vitamin E. The apple is rich in sugars (mainly fructose), pectin, minerals such as magnesium and potassium, organic acids such as malic acid, polyphenols (10 % to 25 % of Catechin are contained in this extract).
Natural Emulsifiers obtained from Sugar : Ultra-soft and very pure, these emulsifiers have excellent skin tolerance, even with the most sensitive skins. Naturally brings moisture to skin.
Soft Cleansing Base from Vegetable Origin : Mild cleansing agents specially formulated without Lauryl Ether Sulfate (LES).
Betaïne : Brings optimal and long-lasting moisture to skin, promotes collagen production, non-occlusive humectant, water balance (osmo-protection), buffering properties for skin pH. Smooth and velvet finish.
Natural Glycerin: Emollient, hydrating upper layers of skin.

My Experience:

Du'vi Stockholm Vitamin Toner

Du’vi Vitamin toner is the first toner I have used in my life, so there is no comparison for me as what others do. I have been using organic rose water till now and was much satisfied by the results. Using Duvi Vitamin toner was the best decision I have ever made for my skin, trust me!
The Du’vi Vitamin toner comes in a generous 150ml spray bottle that is made of sturdy plastic. The pump dispenses a generous amount in one go, so I hardly need 2 pumps sometimes. Hence it’s going to last for a very long time! The label says it has Organic apple extract from French Provence. French or No French but it smells divine! Who doesn’t like apples?? It feels like you actually have apple on your face, no lies! And don’t worries you won’t smell like an apple all day long because the fragrance goes away in a little time.
Du'vi Stockholm Vitamin Toner

Apply the toner on a cotton ball and swipe across your face; you will be amazed how gently it takes out the left over makeup and dirt out of your pores without any effort! I would really suggest using this at night time to have a better skin. Also using it before applying makeup will give you a really clean base to start from! This is a definite winner for me .I don’t know If all toners do the same job or what, but this one is amazing!! 

Du'vi Stockholm Vitamin Toner- Ingredients

Thumbs up for:

  • Easy availability online and instore Across Pakistan 
  • Organic skin care products 
  • You have sensitive skin that breaks out easily 
  • Amazingly smelling products 
  • Large quantity that will last very long 
  • Long shelf life 
  • Sturdy packaging 
  • Soap free products 

Thumbs down for: 

  • You may feel the products are a bit over priced. 
My Rating:  

I would give these products a 5/5 .These are amazing products that totally organic and also give results!

Price and availability: 

Duvi Stockholm Green tea face wash retails for Pkr 1150 and Vitamin Toner for Pkr 1300/-. These can be ordered online through Duvi Stockholm Pakistan WEBSITE  .It is also available instore at Essajee’s Lahore.

Have you tried any such brand that is organic and gives amazing results? Do let me know in the comments below

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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