Thursday, 21 July 2016

Pretty, neat and economical - SNM Lawn by Din Industries Volume 2 : Review

Summer is that time of the year in Pakistan that is most of the time in Pakistan. Lol, no jokes, If thought rationally Pakistan is blessed with 8 months of summer.  So, when summer is here once, its going to stay for a very long time. To beat the heat and still flaunt the styles, we have come up with a lawn fever. With all the brands coming up with collaborations with well known designers, the Lawn prices have shot to the sky.  Speaking of that, there are still some brands that are providing some stunning designs without breaking the bank. Among them one is SNM lawn by Din Industries. Today I am reviewing a beautiful design by them.


The Lawn suit by SNM comes in a very sturdy zip lock bag with the poster of the dress on the bag. Upon opening, you won't have a whiff of the industrial smell that usually dresses give when opened the first time which is a total turn off for me.

The dress I got is named  "Snow Blue" and is from the Eid collection by SNM. One thing I absolutely loved is the color in the picture and in real is exactly the same. Most of the times, the pictures are so over edited that when you get the dress it is entirely different. So if you like a dress by SNM online, do not hesitate to buy it because its the exact same color and design (or even better in real). The fabric is pure lawn, which is super soft yet very fine. For the scorching heat, this is going to be an amazing choice. With digital printed back, sleeves and silk dupatta, this is one gorgeous dress. The silk is super fine and really light which makes it very comfortable to carry.
The embroidery is super fine and very intricate with no loose threads whatsoever and the finishing is beautiful.  The colors are very vibrant. On the top of that i really like how they have incorporated transparent sequins in the embroidery that give a fine sheen. 

I am not a major fan of a gazillion patches that come with the so called designer lawn suits these days because getting them stitched with that finesse is a struggle for the tailor as well. Since the front is already embroidered, I am very much happy to have this  in my collection.

They have provided with  a patch to be incorporated into the trouser and its just enough to cover the front of two trouser holes. The embroidery is on an organza patch so you can add it as its is for a fine detail which they have shown on the print as well. 

Now I have soaked it in water before getting it stitched so it gets shrunken before getting stitched and I am happy to see that there is no color bleeding from the embroidery. More over the shrinking was minimal so there is no disturbance of the embroidery whatsoever.
All in all, I am very much happy with SNM lawn By Din Industries. The volume 2 has some really stunning designs, which you guys should definitely check and its worth  the money !!  I am Linking them below so you go and see what I am talking about.

My Rating:

Its a perfect 5/5 from my side. From fine fabric to neat embroidery to beautiful digital prints, this is a definite recommendation from my side.

Price and Availability :

The designs with complete embroidery front are priced at  PKR:5150/- while the ones with digital printed fronts are priced for PKR:4750/- (I have the one with embroidered front )
You can get them online from the WEBSITE  or visit your nearest SNM Lawn Stockist to get your favorite design

You can also follow them on :

*FaceBook   HERE

Mine is with the tailor and I just cant wait till it comes back and I get to flaunt it! Check them out and let me know which ones do you like

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Trailer feista - which one makes you wanna go watch the movie?

So its kind of FIRST OF ITS KIND  blog post of mine because I don't do movies and cinema, not because I don't watch them, its just that its not my forte.  All those technical terms and execution flaws and criticism on minute stuff and I am just like "ummmmm okay, but I like what you just called crap"  so yeah I am that kind of cinema goer and movie critic. 
Now there is this revival of the Pakistani Cinema that I am super excited about (partially because I don't like our neighbor's movies pouring in and partially because its good to see our own Industry growing). With so many movies all lined up for release between July and September, there are back to back trailer releases and to be honest they are amazing.
So what I have today is that I  am linking all those movie trailers below and just adding my two cents as well (obviously)  because some of them make me want to get the tickets NOW and some of them make me want to text the producers WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?  so yeah let's get started!


Starring : Noor Bukhari,  Wali Hamid khan
Release Date : 22 July, 2016

Seeing the trailer, one can easily guess the type of movie its going to be. With the typical romantic comedy set up with a little bit  of tragedy at the climax,this one is going to be an amalgam of many bollywood flicks. The location and cinematography looks kind of promising but I don't have high hopes from any of the leads to be honest.

2. Actor in Law :

Staring :  Fahad Mustafa, Mahwish Hayat, Om puri
Release date : 10 Sept, 2016
One thing that a trailer should do is make you want to get out of your home and go watch the whole thing in the cinema and
That's exactly what actor in law's trailer does. After the success of Na Maloom Afrad,  I am sure this will give us a good laugh as well.  In short, I have high hopes for this one

3. Zindagi Kitni haseen hai :

Starring : Feroze khan, Sajal Ali,  Ali khan

Release date: 10 Sept, 2016

Okay what on earth was that?  That is one really confused trailer. At least I can make nothing out of it. The only thing that can pull this movie off is the Feroze-Sajal fan dome. Personally I am not the fan of this on screen couple and they still fail to impress me at least in the trialer. Not at a single point while watching the trailer I thought of going to cinema and watch the whole thing because these 2 minutes are pure torture to me, with incoherent dialogues to poor expressions of Feroze Khan, this one is a total bummer for me because the BTS pictures in the social media looked quite promising,even the teaser was acceptable. Fingers crossed for this one


Starring : Armeena Rana Khan, Bilal Ashraf,  Ali Rehman
Release Date  :10 Sept, 2016

Set in the beautiful valley of Swat, the view is going to be awesome.  Its looks like just another movie with having the element of romance, comedy,  a bit of tragedy. What I gathered from the trailer is that Ali Rehman will be a treat to watch while Armeena khan and Bilal Ashraf fail to deliver at least in the trailer.  I am repeatedly saying IN THE TRAILER because that doesn't mean it will be the same in the movie.  But, yes BUT, I want to go see it, yes I do, because the scenic beauty of valley of swat is going to be an amazing watch on the cinema screen.

5. Dobara Phir Se:

Starring : Hareem Farooq, Sanam Saeed, Tooba Siddiqui,  Atiqa Odho, Adeel Hussain
Release date :August, 2016

Now this is what I call a trailer, its beautiful, all the characters get some screen time, there is music, there is some fun, there is some serious stuff going on. All in all, this makes the movie feel promising. Set amidst some beautiful locations abroad, with fun and quirky cast, I am sure it will pull people to the cinema. Watching the trailer not at single point I got bored and wanted to skip it. Not to mention, yes I have a thing for Adeel Hussain, so yeah somewhat the fan is talking here too.  But still, be honest isn't it a good watch?

That's all for today and my first ever movie related post. Do let me know in the comments below which one of the above makes you want to watch it in the cinema. My favorite among the lot is Dobara Phir se, what's yours?
Stay Blessed
Sherry k.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

An Evening with the Rescued - Depilex Smile Again Foundation Animal Relief Benefit

Many times we come across such people in life that leave us awestruck and inspired.  Being a blogger, one has to attend many events related to fashion and beauty, but rare does arise the opportunity to attend  an event  that presents you the picture of real beauty of the people. Recently I have been lucky enough to attend a Collaborative event between Depilex Smile Again Foundation and Dr. Hamid Named DSF Animal Relief Benefit.
The basic idea behind the event was bringing the rescued souls by two amazing people together and give them a quality time to spend together. Okay before I launch into how amazing everything was, lets just get an over view of the event and then back to my personal thoughts (which are inevitable, of course)

The Event:

On 30th June, 2016 a Collaborative Aftaar was held by renowned philanthropist Masarrat Misbah and Dr. Hamid, who is a well-known veterinary doctor mainly known for his relief work done for Rescued animals.  As soon as I got the invitation, I was super  excited.  Over the year I have had a couple of interactions with Masarrat Misbah, and every time that lady has left me spell bound. Being a die hard Masarat ma'am's fan,  a strong supporter of the Depilex Smile Again Foundation and of course an avid animal lover, this evening was something I wouldn't miss in million years
The outdoor set up in none other than the beautiful Avari Hotel, Lahore was just perfect for the evening.

 Among the guests were people from Media,  friends and family but  it would not  be wrong to say that the guests of honor were the Acid victims who were treated at the Depilex Smile Again Foundation and also the Rescued animals by Dr. Hamid.
While talking to the gathering, Ma'am Masarat in all her grace was looking nothing less than a proud mother when she talked about the Acid Victims who were treated at the DSF. She explained how each of the victims was treated and taken care  of at the foundation. The reconstructive surgery of the acid victims is no  joke because sometimes the person needs up to 40 surgeries during the process. The moment of pride was when she told the gathering how many of the victim are now happily married, are bread earners for their families, some are lawyers and some are getting higher education. 

Explaining the purpose of the event, she told everyone that how every living being, be it a human or an animal deserves love for this the only language that everyone understands. Purpose of bringing together the rescued of two different foundations was nothing less than spectacular.  The acid victims were all smiles and full of joy while spending time with those dogs and parrots and cats, who responded back with equal fervor.   
When Dr. Hamid took the dais,  he explained how working with rescued animals brings joy and satisfaction in one's life because there is nothing more beautiful than saving a soul. Expressing his joy over the collaboration with Depilex Smile Again Foundation and Masarrat Misbah, he said that bringing together acid victims and these animals is a perfect idea to show everyone that how love heals the deepest of the scars.  

A little message was given by Dr. Moazam Tarrar, the reconstructive surgeon working with DSF over the span of years. Speaking from his experience, he said that after the surgery is done our main concern is the rehabilitation of the patients. Being an unfortunate society were social services are almost next to none, DSF stands tall like a Beacon of Hope for these acid victims. DSF being the only foundation working in Pakistan for the relief and rehabilitation of Acid Attack victims irrespective of caste, color and creed.

Listening to all these amazing people, I can say that some where there is something good happening around us. One thing that which is evident is that we lack a lot in promoting such practices among us. These firms and foundations need our help and support in every possible way, be it financial, emotional or moral. Being a blogger, I feel responsible to spread out the world, make it reach to the masses, let them know that there is still hope. If you want to help the monetarily, I will attach the details Depilex Smile Again Foundation below so you can help them out.

Send in you donations At Depilex Smile Again Foundation
Standard chartered bank
Account number 01-7018843-01
Or at any Depilex Beauty Clinic branch.
Find them on Facebook : Depilex Smile Again Foundation

Lets work together to make this world a better place to live in, because every smile is precious.  When you donate, its not money its a smile that you are putting up again on that beautiful face of someone!!

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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