Monday, 16 December 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award !!

So here it comes !!! My first ever blogger tag and award. I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by Sana from The Fashion Personal Blog. Thanks a million girl !!

There are three rules to be followed when you get this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you.
2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
3. Send it along to 15 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them

Step 1 being cleared above :P lets move to step 2 ,7 random facts about me :D

  1. I never wore makeup till my 3rd year in medical school except for kajal :P
  2. I don't wear makeup until and unless its a special event or a blog post
  3. I love wearing heels even though I am a bit over 5.8" 
  4. I love animals like anything else in the world 
  5. My mom designs all my clothes, no interest shown by me what so ever , so she is my PERSONAL DESIGNER ( love you ama <3)
  6. I prefer natural TOTKAS over synthetic products
  7. I have a wild imagination and I talk to myself alot :D

Now , done with me ( It was HARD :P) lets start tagging !!!

All done !! So do drop by and let me know . Can't Wait to see some facts about you guys ! 

Stay Blessed !!

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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Davis Eye Jumbo pencil 09 - Review & swatch

Hola girls ! how are you all ? well I guess being in such a hectic routine lets me make appearance on weekends only, though I want to right more ! Any way straight to the post . Today I am reviewing Davis Eye jumbo pencil in shade 09. Lets begin !

The Product:

This comes as a sturdy double ended pencil with two different shades at both ends. The colors are glitttery and glide on easily . Two different colors in the same pencil that compliment each other & can be used to create a love eye look with just one pencil ! lets have a look at this lovely now :)
Davis Eye Double Colour Pencil- 09

Davis Eye Double Colour Pencil- 09 ( Golden end)

Davis Eye Double Colour Pencil- 09 ( Green end)

My Experience:

I got my eyes on this pencil for a long time in a local retail shop so as soon as I had to get something from there I grabbed it along. ( this just reduces the GUILT of breaking your vow of NO MORE COSMETICS :P) . It is a lovely dual ended pencil that offers quite a large range to select from . I personally like multi purpose pencils that either offer use as lip and eye pencil or offer two colors together. This is a  lovely dull gold and a lime green color. I got this because I was hooked to the green colour. The colour pay off is very good. I use it to highlight my lower lash line and it give a subtle shine and shade that just makes your eyes stand out. Both colors have a bit of glitter in them that is a little chunky . Those with sensitive eyes might not like the sensation if it gets into eye. It stays all day long provided I don't rub or wash my eyes. Overall, I am in love with this pencil and yes I am going to buy some more too ! 

The swatches:

As you can see, these are exactly the same shades as shown on the pencil. These are smooth and glide on easily. I haven't tried yet but putting then on over eyeshadow primer , these can be used as eye shadows too. I just got this idea , will try it and let you guys know :)
You can see the glitter specks in the swatches. These are neither big chunky ones nor very fine. I personally have no problem with them at all :)

I Like :

  • Two colours in one pencil makes it travel friendly 
  • Beautiful shades
  • Can be worn on lower lash line with no fading
  • Can be used over whole lid as eye shadow
  • Long lasting ( 5-6 hours)
  • Easily available
  • Affordable

I Don't Like:

  • Glitter might irritate sensitive eyes
  • Not water proof

My Rating:

I give a 3/5 for the glitter and not being water proof.

Where to buy ?

You can get this from local cosmetics shop ( like me ) or you can order it online from Beauty Tips, on facebook. She has almost all the shades :)

Will I buy again ?


Have you tried this eye pencil before ? What is your favourite pencil and color this fall ? Do let me know in the comments below .

Stay blessed

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Music Flower Eyeliners - Review & swatch

Hello lovelies ! it was such a super busy week that I couldn't manage to write anything even if i wanted to . But my favorite time of the week is here so its time to indulge in some other beauty product :D Today I am reviewing Music Flower Eyeliners in Blue & Purple. Those who have read my previous posts would know I truly love to play with colors on my eyes be it mascara or liners. So I came across these pretty little things and I knew instantly I wanted these beyond any doubt ( Thanks to my best friend who always tells me to get such stuff and then put it on too :P ) .Enough rambling now back to eyeliners :D

The Product:

These liners come by the name of Music Flower 24 hour Liquid Eyeliner. It comes in a 4 ml colored plastic bottle that usually depicts the liner color inside it ( I said IF because there is no black bottle for black liner rather there is a sticker labeled BLACK on the liner if its black ). There are 5 shades in these eye liners, Black , Brown, Blue, Purple &Green. I got myself Blue and purple. The packaging is really cute. The applicator is felt tip type. Here have a look at these beauties 

Music Flower Eyeliners- Purple & Blue

Music Flower Eyeliner- Applicator

My Experience:

These eyeliners are in my stash for over 6 months now & let me tell you i wear them everyday when I am not wearing black. These liners have a thin consistency that glides smoothly on your skin. Here in the pictures you might feel that the applicators and swatches are a bit clumped, this is because both of these are almost finished and a repurchase with some other color is in my list. The color pay off is simply beautiful. In one layer it gives that smooth lovely color. You can build the color by applying the second layer over it . The applicators are very smooth and don't feel hard on your lids unlike some applicators. You can see in the pictures after all this use , the applicators aren't giving off threads ( I had such experience with a few felt tips liners). Now the staying power is really good . After 8 am till 3 pm working hours, its still on my lids nice and pretty as it was in the morning except for the tear duct area where it budges off a little. It is water proof for sure because it stays even if u wash your face until you rub it off. Even at rubbing it doesn't smudge all over, it just peels off , so no fear of getting a raccoon eye even if you rub your eyes unintentionally :)

The Swatches:

Music Flower Eyeliner- Swatches

Now I must say here that I have applied two coats to get such intense color . In one coat the color is much more lighter then these. I will post those pictures when I get new ones ( That would be in a few days :P)

I Like :

  • Cute Packaging
  • Smooth applicator tip that doesn't feel rough on skin 
  • Beautiful colors available
  • Smooth color rich product
  • Gives instant POP to your eyes 
  • One stroke application
  • Buildable color
  • Enough product to last for months even if used daily
  • Doesn't dry up quickly
  • Easily affordable

I Don't Like;

  • Doesn't stay long on the tear duct area

My Rating:

I give this product a 4/5. 

Would I repurchase it ?

 I will for sure within a few days. 

Where to buy?

I got mine from a local cosmetics shop. You can buy all 5 shades from Beauty Tips, a facebook based online store with a lovely owner <3

Did you like my review ? Do you have some other favorite colored eyeliner ? Do let me know in the comments below :)

Stay Blessed
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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Review- Angled Brush 612

Hi everyone ! How is the weekend going on? Lazy weekend for me as usual. I finally managed myself to get up and write a post ( Geeezz I am too lazy :D ). So today I am reviewing angled contouring brush 612 from Beauty Tips

The Brush:

The brush comes neatly packed in a plastic cover with a flap so you can keep it safe after every use. Its a handy brush that you can easily keep in your bag . It is a medium sized brush with a sturdy handle. The hair are smooth orange-brown ombre. Here have a look :)

My Experience:

My experience shopping with Beauty tips was amazing( Haul post Here . Since it was my first online purchase from her,I was quite anxious of all the procedure. But she is such a darling she kept me informed about everything. Now for the brush. When I first opened the parcel and saw this brush I was a little disappointed at the size ( It looked bigger in the picture or so I imagined ). But I thought of giving them a try before making an assumption. It is a flat angled brush. The synthetic bristles are soft but sturdy as it is made for contouring. It picks up just the right amount and transfers it completely to your face.I totally like it for contouring my cheek bones and jawline but I do not recommend it for nose area as it is a bit bigger for nose. You can see the blending result in my MuA Bronzer review HERE

I Like:

  • Strong built
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Doesn't irritate my skin
  • Blends nicely 
  • Picks up and transfers color nicely
  • Affordable

I Don't Like:

  • Nose area cannot be contoured nicely

My Rating:

I rate this brush a  3/5. You can buy this brush form Beauty Tips  which is a facebook based store. 

I hope you liked my review. Do comment below. Your comments keep me going :)

Stay blessed
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Thursday, 12 September 2013

2nd Birthday Giveaway By The Edge Of Beauty Blog- Open Internationally !!

Hello lovely ladies ! how are you all? This a blog post about a lovely give away arranged by a fellow blogger on The Edge Of beauty. Its 2nd Blog Birthday giveaway and she has arranged some pretty tepmting stuff for you guys. The best thing is the give away is open internationally !! Check her Giveaway post HERE

Here is what she has arranged for 1st and 2nd prize winners :)

1st Prize

2nd Prize
 Such a lovely giveaway ! So hurry up and get your entry soon :) Wish you all a good luck !!

Stay blessed !
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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

NOTD- Minions craze !!

hello girlies !! how are you ? how is the week going ? have you seen Despicable me & Despicable me 2 ? I just totally love these movies and minions are so adorable ( BANANA ) :D .They are such a love that I couldn't get them off my mind & while painting my nails I decided to do a minion mani today :P

here have a look how my minion mani turned out ( sorry I got only one decent shot for you guys :( )

Have you tried a minion mani yourself ? If you want a picture tutorial of this mani do let me know in the comments .

Stay blessed xoxo
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Monday, 9 September 2013

NOTD-My first attempt at Stamping Nail Art

Hello lovelies ! How was the weekend ? For me weekend is all about the stuff I have been saving for my free days. For this weekend my agenda was to try out the stuff I haven't yet just because of lack of time . One of them was to try and practice nail stamping . Those who don't know I just got myself a nail stamping set recently ( Haul Post HERE). Well I tried it this weekend and it came out marvelous ( I was actually so dishearted with this stamping nail art, I was thinking of giving it away :P)

But I gave it a chance, sat down with plenty of time in hand and followed each n every step as mentioned and voila! it really worked out :D Except for the fact that I chose the colors pretty stupidly :P Here have a look

A little messy :(

Well how did you guys find my first attempt at nail stamping ? Have you tried it yourself? Do let me know in the comments below.

Stay Blessed !

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

MUA Bronzer in Shade 2- Review &Swatch

Hello girls! how are you all? It was such a busy week that I couldn't manage to post anything. Well now weekend is here so something needs to be done :) Today I am reviewing MUA Bronzer in Shade . I got it recently with some other MUA stuff, you can have a look at my haul post HERE in case you missed it.

The Product:

Like most of the MUA products, this bronzer comes in a simple plastic container with clear lid. I actually like the simplicity of this :). There are 3 shades of bronzer 1, 2 & 3. I actually wanted shade 3 but it was out of stock so I ordered this shade just to check out what it's like. This is a matte bronzer with absolutely no shimmer in it ( You can see the shimmery specks in the Preview picture at just4girls ,don't be fooled by that ). The texture is very soft actually creamy. Here have a look

MUA Bronzer- Shade 2

MUA Bronzer- Shade 2
MUA Bronzer- Shade 2

My Experience:

I actually got this  bronzer just to try out how it works. I had been searching on the internet for a review on shade 2 but didn't have any luck, so I assumed it wasn't a much adored bronzer. I still got it because I wanted to practice, practice & practice ( which I didn't because of the hectic routine last week ). I gave it a try a couple of times and was pleasantly surprised :) The texture is so soft and sort of creamy that it just glides on your skin. I used it with my finger and angled brush , both times the color pay off  was amazing. It has a slightly orange hue that I don't like much ( Makes my nose look like I have an allergy :-/ ) Still for cheek bones and jawline its perfect. You can control the color easily as its not that dark brown you have to be careful with. You can build the color to your need easily.There is little fall out in the pan but there is a little trick for it I'll tell you guys later.


                                           MUA Bronzer- Shade 2

MUA Bronzer- Shade 2


 There is a little fall out in the pan, but I have come up with this , If you swipe your brush back and forth in the same line you pick up all the fall out and there is no waste of product . Do give this tip a try :)

I Like :

  • The texture is very smooth.It doesn't feel rough on skin & doesn't cause irritation
  • The color payoff is great
  • You can build the color to your need
  • A lot of product (5.7 gm) in just Rs 200/-. Great for beginners who want to try out new things staying in budget
  • Easily blendable

I Don't like:

  • The orange hue it gives on my nose 
  • The fall out ( You can reduce it by following my tip)

My Rating :

I give it a 4/5 just because I don't like the color ( or may be I am still not good at the technique). You can get this product from JUST4GIRLS for Rs.200/- in Pakistan. You can also get this bronzer from MUA online, they ship world wide. 

What do you think of this bronzer ? What is you favorite bronzer? Do let me know :)

Stay Blessed xoxo

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Friday, 30 August 2013

MUA Mascara in shade 6- Review

Hello pretty ladies ! weekend night right ? What are your plans? Well I guess I am going to sleep all this weekend as always:D. Well we'll see that tomorrow. But before that i just wanted to share this review with you guys . These days I am all into colors. Violet and Royal blue are the eye liner colors I use daily. They just add a bit of a spark instead of just plain black. After eye liners, I went after colored mascaras. I didn't find much in the market so i searched online and had just the thing I wanted . I ordered Makeup Academy's (MUA) Mascara in Shade 6 with few other products from MUA ( See Haul post HERE ). I couldn't wait to try it out and therefore reviewing it first :) Lets get started then.

The Product:

The MUA Mascara comes in variety of shades. I was looking for a blue one so I opted to go for Shade 6. The mascara comes in a plastic bottle that is opaque colored, same as the product inside it. At first i thought it was the product filled clear bottle but well its not . I Liked it actually because it gives you the right idea of the shade you are getting. It comes with a standard wand with comparatively soft hair. The product is very very thick you can see that in the pictures.

My Experience:

First of all, I must say my experience shopping with Just4girls was amazing. They are so kind and helpful and also they were very prompt in replying to all the queries I had. All the stuff was very neatly packed in a bubble wrap and thankfully none of the things were damaged :)

Now for the Mascara. You can see that the product is quite thick but that is a good thing as it makes the color stand out on your lash and you don't have to layer it up. Just one good swipe and you have really nice color on you lashes :) It stays about 5 to 6 hours on your lashes and even after washing you face its there. You have to rub it to get it off your lashes ( Not hard rubbing, just softly ). This makes it a semi-water proof mascara.

Here have a look at the Mascara on Lashes :)

Single layer-MUA Mascara( shade 6)

Two layers

I Like:

  • The color pay off is great. Single swipe shows the color instantly.
  • Does not clump 
  • Does not feel sticky or heavy on eyes. 
  • Stays on for a long time
  • Does not smudge or budge on contact with water.
  • A little powdery consistency that gives lashes a matte velvety look
  • Affordable

I Don't Like:

  • I like everything about it. There is absolutely nothing to complain about :D

My Rating:

I give it a 5/5. It definitely asks for full marks for all the amazing things it does in such a small price tag. It costs PKR 200/- and available at in Pakistan. It is also available at MUA store online. They ship to all the countries that offer paypal. All in all, I am totally in love with this mascara :)

Do you love colored Mascaras? What is your color of obsession these days ? Don't forget to comment below :)

Stay Safe xoxo
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Hello lovely ladies !! How are you all doing ? Today I am going to shared what i hauled recently and this time I hauled MASSIVELY ... well I had collected quite a handsome amount of eidi this Eid ul Fitar so I decided to get stuff instead of just putting the money away :D So I ordered online on Just4girls some MUA cosmetics that I had been eyes for quite long time and rest of the stuff I got myself.It is a mixed haul as I got shoes, bags & cosmetics. Here have a look now :)

Cosmetics :

  • Dove  shampoo - PKR 230/-
  • Garnier Light face wash- PKR 200/-
  • Dial Hand wash - PKR 210/-
  • Sunsilk Hair fall Solution Conditioner- PKR 230/-

  • Lofty Hand and Foot cream- PKR 230/-

Nail Art Accessories:

  • Santee Magnetic Nail Polish - PKR 170/-
  • Stamping Nail Art set- PKR 100/- ( sorry for the packaging, I couldn't wait to get back so I opened it in the way :D )
This ends the boring part and now to my favorite part , THE SHOES , BAGS & MUA COSMETICS :D


Pkr 1150/-

PKR 150/-

Both bags are from The Bag Shop in Abbottabad.

Shoes :

I seriously, madly and happily shop for shoes through out the year. Where ever I see a pair that i fall in love with I need to buy it. Here have a look what I got in one go. Hope you guys understand :D

PKR 1000/-

PKR 1100/-

PKR 2000/-

PKR 900/-

All of these shoes are from local shops in Abbottabad. Haul:

My order from Just4girls arrived just in time to add to my happiness :D I ordered a few things from MUA. Here have a look

  • MUA blusher in CandyFloss- PKR 200/-
  • MUA Blusher in Lolly - PKR 200/-
  • MUA Bronzer in Shade2- PKR 200/- (Review HERE )
  • MUA Glitter Eyeliner in City of Gold - 200/-
  • MUA Mascara in Shade 6 - PKR 200/- ( Review HERE )
I will be reviewing all these MUA products very soon so stay tuned :)

Did you like what I got ? Have you indulged yourself in such a treat recently ?? Do let me know in the comments below :)

Stay Blessed xoxo
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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rivaj Uk Eyeshadow Base - Review

Hello there! How are you all ? Having a lovely weekend ? I am here today with another beauty product Rivaj UK Eye shadow base. I have been hearing about eye shadow base and primers all over the internet ever since I started reading about makeup. I always wondered what it is with this base/primer thing that everyone is using and recommending it. Personally, I thought it was not something so essential so i kept on going without ever thinking of getting myself one. Recently, I got my eye on this primer, it was so cheap and i had heard really good things about it so I got it just to see if I was wrong . Well I admit, I was so so so wrong :D. Now lets have a look at this baby

The Product:

This product is from Pakistan's famous brand RIVAJ UK. Its was launched 2 or 3 years back and is now one of the finest and most affordable brands available in the market. I have tried quite alot of different products from this brand and almost all of them have always left me satisfied. This eyeshadow base is a new product from this brand & comes in a clear plastic bottle with a wand doe-foot applicator.The product is milky white and is sticky at first but then it becomes transparent when it dries off. You need to apply very small amount , so it tends to go a long way with you. 

My Experience:

I have never used or tested any other eye shadow base before so there is no comparison at the moment. For this product I found it working beyond my expectations !! For such a small price tag, it was hard to believe it would work wonders and for me it did ! The texture is smooth and sticky at first when you apply it, but dries off completely after a while ( Like 30 secs max) & becomes transparent. The your eyelids don't get sticky and eye shadow application becomes easy. It provides a smooth base to work up your eye colors. Blending is also super easy and smooth. All in all it is a great product specially if you are a beginner and want to try it staying in budget :)


You can clearly see the difference between the same eye shadow applied on my bare skin and on the eye shadow base. The base decreases the fall outs, intensifies the color and makes it last longer !!

Little Tips:

  • Don't apply too much product on your lids. Dot a little over and under the lid ans spread it with your fingers
  • After application, keep your eyes closed for about half a minute. If you open it instantly, your lid might stick with your crease (I don't like that :-/)
  • Wash with simple water to take it off. No makeup remover required.

I Like:

  • Odorless and colorless
  • Intensifies the eye shadow that I apply
  • Reduces the fall out under my eye
  • Keeps my eye shadow put all day long
  • Doesn't make eye shadow crease
  • Affordable
  • Easily available

I Don't Like

  • Takes time to dry off and makes my eye lid sticky 
  • Non-water resistant, instantly removes when gets in contact with water

My Rating

I give it a 4.5/5. I took off 0.5 just because it is not water resistant. Overall it is a great product. I am so in love with it and I am definitely buying it again as soon as this one ends or may be even before it ends :D. I got it for 200 PKR from a local cosmetic shop. You can find it easily on all cosmetic shops all over Pakistan or you can buy it from Eye Love Makeup on facebook, they deliver all over Pakistan :)

Have you every give it a try and compared its result with other eye shadow bases/primers ? Do let me know in the comments :) 

Love till next time xoxo
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