Monday, 9 September 2013

NOTD-My first attempt at Stamping Nail Art

Hello lovelies ! How was the weekend ? For me weekend is all about the stuff I have been saving for my free days. For this weekend my agenda was to try out the stuff I haven't yet just because of lack of time . One of them was to try and practice nail stamping . Those who don't know I just got myself a nail stamping set recently ( Haul Post HERE). Well I tried it this weekend and it came out marvelous ( I was actually so dishearted with this stamping nail art, I was thinking of giving it away :P)

But I gave it a chance, sat down with plenty of time in hand and followed each n every step as mentioned and voila! it really worked out :D Except for the fact that I chose the colors pretty stupidly :P Here have a look

A little messy :(

Well how did you guys find my first attempt at nail stamping ? Have you tried it yourself? Do let me know in the comments below.

Stay Blessed !



  1. wow thats neat.I like the base color.Love the blog header and the description <3

  2. I have the same stamping kit as yours and I have it tried too but it ended up with messy nails and hands... Yours looking very tidy and nice! xx