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Magnum Opens its Door to the Pleasure seekers of Lahore - Event Report

Long time , no see eh chap? But when we see ,make sure its over a good chocolate ice cream , yup I am that obsessed with ice cream . Whoever said I SCREAM , ICE CREAM was definitely someone I can relate too . Being said that , If you are following me on Instagram (which you should by the way , here is the link HERE) you would know not very long time back I got an invitation to the Launch of Magnum pleasure store in Lahore. Yes now you know why I have been talking about Ice Cream since the beginning . I know I am kindda late and all , but hey never too late for an event report with some yummy pictures (p.s those who are fasting please read further at your risk ! )

So I will be talking random if left unchecked , lets do some event round up , will take you through the whole evening , show you some beautiful pictures taken by yours truly ( Unless mentioned otherwise) and then we go back to our random ramblings. So lets GO !

Event Report : 

The Magnum Pleasure store launch was held on 30th May , Monday and the location was none other than Z-Block Market DHA , Lahore . The Magnum pleasure store is a 3 story building with a gorgeous interior and a Magnum studded wall the entrance( Where you can go pose with your own magnum and be the cool guy Yo! ). The event was organized by Talking Point PR and everything was nicely done.
Magnum Lahore Launch 
The guests were initially served chilled chocolate drinks with some twist . The one I got was Belgian chocolate with mint and Lemon (Like what?) I am sorry but I am not much of an experimental type when it comes to chocolate ( ye Oldie Goldie) BUT people were enjoying the different flavors that were being served with some sweet ,salty and sour tinges so you better try one OK ?
The Chocolate,mint & Lemon Drink

 The host of the evening was none other than the gorgeous Hareem Farooq donning a beautiful off shoulder Dull gold Shehla Chatoor gown + jumpsuit hybrid ,which I absolutely loved ( I am gonna attach a lot of pictures of her BEWARE).
Hareem Farooq in Shehla Chatoor*

Hareem Farooq in Shehla Chatoor*

The event kicked off with a beautiful violin performance by a Gorgeous lady who was wearing a custom designed Nomi Ansari ensemble in chocolate brown color adding the perfect ambiance to the event. With some confetti thing and all , the magnum bar was finally opened and there was a juggling performance and serving the guests some special custom made drinks. Also there was this chocolate artist who was making portraits of the guests with pure Belgian Chocolate and trust me she was phenomenal .
The Belgian Chocolate Portrait*

The Violinist in Nomi Ansari Ensemble*

The Violinist 

The Bar tender showing some fancy moves*

Among the guests were some prominent names from the fashion and media industry . Zara perzada , Cybil choudary, Maheen Kardar , Umair Tabani , Mohsin Ali , Momina Sibtain , Yousaf fayaz , Xillehuma , Foha Raza , Murtaza Khan Babar , Hassan Abbas , Haya Bokhari and Zahra Naveed to name a few ( and me OF COURSE !)
Zara Peerzada , Hareem Farooq & Cybil Choudry*

After the opening of the bar , everyone was directed to the basement where the unveiling of four custom designed magnums by well know designers was done . Even though I fail to understand the logic of a life size stone studded Magnum bar being linked to the actual ice cream but it feels like the Fashion and Food are no longer a separate industries . With both industries working together , food in itself has become a luxury and fashion at the same time .
Designer Magnum Bars*

Finally, we got our custom Magnums at the bar. What I got was a vanilla base dipped in milk chocolate and topped with rice crisps , coconut and something minty tingly ( The topping was the pleasure makers own choice in my case , and I liked it ! )
My Custom Magnum Bar

What you have to do when you hit the Magnum Pleasure store ?

Here comes the much anticipated question . Well answer is go find it out LOL . Okay ,now on a serious note. You get an option of a vanilla or chocolate base , choice between three dippings that is  white ,milk and dark chocolate and can choose three different toppings to go over your own magnum bar which range from all safe like dried coconut and chocolate chips to all daring like Red chili flakes !  Moreover ,you can get a chocolate drink as well (remember I mentioned one in the beginning? Just like that). 
So, All in all it would definitely be a good experience if you have a sweet tooth that doesn't spare you the cravings . Just give into your cravings and go indulge in some pure Belgian chocolate yumminess , Get some kick ass photographs with that magnum studded wall and done forget those Designer magnums down stairs . 

Here is all about that evening which was star studded and chocolate drenched . Have you ever been to Magnum pleasure store ? Its in Karachi , Islamabad and now in Lahore . So when you are out in any of these cities , just go grab a magnum of your own . And whenever you upload a picture (which you are going to do I know) ,don't forget to hashtag it #magnumlahore.

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

7 Days of MM Makeup - Day 7 : MM Makeup Silk Foundation (Review,Swatches & Looks )

Okay guys we are on day 7 and guess what its the last day ! Show me some moves baby I need to do some happy dance ! So,what I am doing is plugging the old review of the MM Silk Foundation AND there will be updates in the end .Well , why I am doing it like this is that this product by MM Makeup is raved by every one and the review needed to be reviewed ( Does it make any sense ?) . I reviewed it back in August and have been using it ever since ,so there are some points to be added which I will do in the end, so don't miss the UPDATES at the end. So lets just hit it people !

Ever heard of a full coverage foundation that doesn't feel like a mask or it doesn't go cakey if you layer up or lets your skin breathe or has all this & is  paraben free?  No??  Why where have you been living man? Well a little birdie says wake up and see what is the talk of the town. Its no other than MM Makeup Silky foundation. Keep on reading to know what the little birdie has to say more about this foundation.

MM Makeup Silk Foundation :

This weightless liquid formula "tunes in" to you skin's need, controlling oil where there is a shine and moisturize where it's patchy for a long wearing balanced look, with true coverage.
For all skin types including normal to oily skin types, and anyone who wants a pure natural looking finish, with all-day wear. 
TIP: For dry skin you must always prep your skin with moisturizer before applying any makeup.

My Experience :

A little little while back, I had a chance to attend the MM Makeup Launch in Lahore (read details HERE). There I got this foundation and I can't thank them enough for such thoughtful, well assorted goodie bags that catered everyone according to their skin tone and need.  I was matched shade Fair which I  initially thought to  be a bit lighter then my actual skin tone but it was a perfect match!  That being said, lets move on to my personal experience with this foundation
This foundation comes in a  glass bottle with a pump, which is a total plus for me as i don't like dipping into or pouring out my foundation. The bottle is pretty sturdy and the cap secured nicely which is a good thing of you carry it around in your bag. A single pump can dispense enough product to cover all your face. But still you can control how much to dispense.
The foundation it self is pretty thick and has a faint scent to it that smells like, ummm,  makeup. It lingers on for a while and then fades away. The texture is pretty smooth and glides on easily on the skin. 
MM Makeup Silk Foundation -Fair

MM Makeup Silk Foundation -Fair

MM Makeup Silk Foundation -Fair ( Ingredients)

As for the claim "Moisturizes where its dry and controls oil where needed", I am more than sorry to announce has disappointed me big time. I have pretty crazy skin, it gets dry in an instant and gets oily in the other.  I was pretty happy to know it would cater to all my crazy skin needs but when applied it definitely controlled the oil in oily areas but it didn't moisturize my dry patches rather exaggerated them big time (this test was done without primer and no prior moisturizing of the skin). Next them I moisturized my skin, primed it and then applied the foundation and it was so so soooooo good i was amazed! My skin looked all healthy and clear and smooth!  A double thumbs up MM Makeup!
Another claim has been made, "No Need of Concealer when wearing Silky Foundation".  For that I must say it pretty darn high coverage, in fact the most high coverage foundation I have ever used.  I must clear I don't have any major dark circles or pigmented or uneven skin tone issue, so I can't say much about that.
MM Makeup Silk Foundation -Fair ( no Concealer Used)
So, all in all it is medium to full coverage foundation which controls oil and stays put for about 6-8 hours. The foundation tends to set after application and after that it's non transferable. Your do need to mosturize and primer for better results and also if you have dry skin as it tends to accentuate the dry patches.

UPDATE (15-6-16):
  • So even after using it for 10 more moths after the review, I stand by every word I said back than which was winters by the way . Now since I have used it in summer , I can definitely vouch for its longevity . Even is this scorching sweltering heat , MM Makeup Silk foundation managed to stay a good 8 hours on my face (which included about an hour in the kitchen as well , yup I tested it ! ).
  • About the dryness , in summers my face gets really oily. so I have been skipping the moisturizing part and just going with a mineral primer which makes application easier . I gives a demi matte finish and keeps the oil at bay for about 3-4 hours after which you need to touch up with powder for oil control.
  • One thing that I haven't mentioned before in the review was the best suited tool for application . I have used E.L.F Powder brush , Kryolan Wedge sponge , BH cosmetics foundation brsuh , Real techniques miracle sponge and obviously my fingers . The best application I have got from damp Miracle sponge . Yes ! If you have a beauty blender or the miracle sponge , you are going to love the finish this foundation gives you . Since it starts setting pretty fast so just spread it out on your face with finger and start bouncing that damp sponge to enjoy that excellent coverage you are going to get . The application with Foundation brush and Wedge sponges is good , but I find it hard to work with them as they tend to e kind of streaky and doesn't blend the foundation well . The Elf powder brush  is my favorite when it comes to foundation \application , but since this foundation is very thick , I find it hard to work with this brush 
  • You only need 1 pump for your whole face plus your neck . Yes its that pigmented trust me ! Just dispense one pump spread evenly and blend .
  • About the shade selection ,I strongly recommend going and checking the shade yourself in broad day light and wearing it for a few hours as well . People have complained of this foundation going dark or turning grey . I really agree that this foundation goes dark in a while . So wear it for a while before making the final cut . About turning grey , its not your right shade ,period. Stop blaming the product, not just this one  I am talking about any Foundation or concealer . When you go with to light a shade or get the wrong under tone , it starts to look grey. 


MM Makeup Silk Foundation -Fair ( Swatch)

Looks done using MM Makeup Silk foundation :

Thumbs up for :

  • Great packaging 
  • Affordable price tag 
  • Halal makeup free of parabens and caramines 
  • Wide selection of shades
  • Medium to high coverage
  • Feels light on skin 
  • Doesn't cake up upon layering
  • Once set, doesn't transfer 
  • Long lasting (6-8 hours) 
  • Controls oil
  • Lets skin breathe.

Thumbs down for:

  • Tends to stick to dry patches and makes them prominent

Price & Availability :

MM Makeup Silky Foundation is available for Pkr 1450/- at Depilex, Karachi  & Santé the Salon, Lahore. It is also available at MM Makeup Website with Cash on Delivery all over Pakistan.

The MM Makeup line is launching in all leading stores across the country in July 2015 ,its already available at Scentsation and Al-Fateh shopping malls in all major cities . 

MM Makeup opens to international orders in the same year!

Stay connected to all the news and updates on MM Makeup through their social media

Update :  MM Makeup is now available at available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them from any major online shopping portal such as Daraz , Just4girls  & Reforma .

My Rating :

I give it a 4/5. Had it been a bit more moisturizing, I would be happy as a lark. But still summer is on its way, and its a must have for that!


Stay Blessed
Sherry K.
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Monday, 13 June 2016

7 Days of MM Makeup - Day 6 : MM Makeup Ethereal Glow (Review & Swatch)

Day 6 and I am practically on cloud nine ! Just one more post to go eh buddy ? With all the Ramadan preps ,particularly the million dollar question WHAT TO COOK TODAY ? ( not that I am a very good cook , nor very fond of cooking ). Oh ,this reminds me , have you checked my Instagram today ? I have posted a really yummy recipe of a 5 minute microwave cake that is surely going to get you hooked !
Seems like fasting has gotten hold of the best of me ,so rather than talking MM Makeup Ethereal Glow , I am talking food. So getting back to it , I am going to talk (Talk ? ) about the MM Makeup Ethereal Glow in Pink Radiance today . Well the description says its a highlighting powder and then says VIBRANT COLOR WITH A LITTLE BIT OF SHIMMER , ummm please makeup your mind . That was on a lighter note , no offence MM people , I love you guys ! Lets get on to the review before I start another one of my rants . So MOVE !

MM Makeup Ethereal Glow:

Pressed highlighting powder adds light-catching shimmer to give you an Ethereal Glow. It blends on easily, gives excellent color pay off and doesn’t streak

Who is this for ?
For the women who enjoy vibrant colors with a little bit of shimmer.

My Experience :

MM Makeup Ethereal Glow comes in a matte black compact with a mirror inside which is a really good size . The lid closes with a clasp which is tight enough to not open in you bag for sure . Plus the packaging is super sturdy ( take it from me ,because I have dropped it a couple of times and its as good as new).The back of the compact has  a label with the name of the product . In PKR 950/- you get a total of 12 gm ( 0.42 oz) of product , which in my opinion is a very decent amount and going to last very long even if used daily , I will elaborate the reasons in a while .

Coming to the product itself . The MM Makeup Ethereal glow is a beautiful baked highlighter /shimmer blush with a marble pattern.This comes i three variants and the one I have is RADIANT PINK.By the description given on the website , these are supposed to be highlighting powders ,but the colors are so vibrant that they are actually Baked shimmer blushers . So if you are getting them to use as highlighters , please bear in mind that these are NOT highlighters.
These blushers are very finely milled and pigment packed. Since these are baked blushers, the fall out is minimal ( almost none ! ), hence no product is wasted and you can get to use the product for a very long time . As I said these are pigment packed ,and I mean it . Just a dip of brush in the product and it picks up enough to be used with a light hand on both cheeks .Yes I said LIGHT HAND , or else you will end up being a clown face ,these are THAT pigmented. Even though its a baked blush , I was expecting it to be kind of hard to pick but it turns out to be easily picked up by any kind of brush . The product itself is buttery smooth and soft and easily blendable.

Even though the one I have is named Radiant Pink , it is a beautiful blend of peach with some pinks mixed in it, the main color being beige/peach sort which makes it kind of contradicting from its name . Once applied , it appears more Champagne/Rose Gold  rather than pink .If you have checked my previous post on Stay on blusher in Shell Bronze ( Read HERE ), its almost the same color just a tad bit darker than it .
The shimmer in it is very fine and once applied appears as a sheen and no visible specks are there . So if you like a luminous glow on you face ,this is the one for you.
The staying power of these blushers is no less than 5-6 hours in this sweltering heat which makes it a really good addition to summer makeup products that we can use without the hassle of too many touch ups . Even though I am a matte blush person , still I reach for it for any formal evening that needs a little glow. For an extra oomph , I layer up with one of my favorite highlighters
All in all , I would say as a blush this is going to work wonders but as a highlighter I wouldn't be the one suggesting it . I guess it would be better if the description of these blushers is varied a little bit so that people ordering online might have a better idea of what they are getting.


Thumbs Up For :

  • Easy availability
  • Affordable Price tag 
  • Halal ingredients ( Paraben/ Carmine Free , Cruelty Free)
  • Large amount of product ( 14 gm/ 0.42 oz)
  • Long shelf life ( 36 months/ 3 years)
  • Minimal Fall out
  • Very pigmented
  • Beautiful sturdy packaging
  • Finely milled powder
  • No visible/chunky glitter/shimmer
  • Long lasting (5-6 hours) 
  • Soft texture , blendable
Thumbs Down For :

  • You find it very dark/vibrant to be used as a highlighter alone
  • You like your blush to be matte
My Rating :

I would give this a 4/5 . Just that I was more excited to have it as a highlighter rather than another blush.

Price & Availability:

MM Makeup Ethereal Glow is available for PKR 950/- and  is available at available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup Website or any major online shopping portal such as Daraz , Just4girls  & Reforma .


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

7 Days of MM Makeup - Day 5 : MM Makeup Stay on Blushers (Review & Swatch)

Its Day 5 of the MM Makeup series and blog post is up ! As much as I wanted to make it a week thing , something came up and I had to stop the series in the middle ,a total bummer to the mood I tell you . Well stuff like that happens , may be even mother nature didn't want me to post too regularly. Lol I know bad joke but still , I was too pumped up to make it my first ever regular week of posting .
To be honest I just can't wait for this series to end , no seriously this is some serious stuff to do man . Everyday you open up your laptop and do serious reviewing ,no facebook, twitter or lame websites to see . Its actually saving me money ,because I keep looking at websites and order random stuff .
Well along with last post , I got done with all the lip products from the MM Makeup line ( will link them in the end in case you guys missed). So now we come to the face products and what is better than a good blusher ? Yup , I am a blush and highlight hoarder (self confessed).
The MM Makeup line has two kinds of blushers one is the stay on powder blush and another is ethereal glow baked marble blush. Today we have in spotlight the Stay on Powder blush .keep up with me to know more about it .

MM Makeup Stay On Blusher:

You need a blush that lasts hours, not minutes, right? Our Stay on Blusher formula provides long lasting and fade-resistant color that glides on smoothly and blends easily.

Who is this for?

For the women who love fresh pops of color for the cheeks.

My Experience:

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher - Shell Bronze
The MM Makeup Stay on blush comes with square packaging with a clear plastic lid with the logo over it . The plastic seems to be of sturdy type but still I fear it won't be able to handle the jumbled up condition in my bag and may get a crack . Moreover Its kind of scratch prone , so more you expose it to rough handling , more scratches it get ( well its kind of obvious ,duuuuhhhh) . part from that ,the lid secures pretty nicely and latch is sturdy , there is no chance of it opening in the bag ( yay !) . So if you keep your makeup in a makeup bag , nice and neat and not just stuff in your bag with all your other stuff than the previous points become null and void. The rectangular pan contains 8gm (0.28oz ) of product which is going to last a very long time even if you use it regularly because it is really pigmented .
Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher - Shell Bronze

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher - Shell Bronze

Coming to the product itself, the blush is in pressed powder form that is finely milled . It comes in five variants which are a mix of matte and shimmer shades. I have the lightest among the five which is Shell Bronze. It is a beautiful light peach color with warm undertones . In the pan you can see quite a lot of shimmer which might look scary at first but when swatched it comes off as a beautiful sheen . The blush itself is super pigmented that you only need one dip to get enough product for both cheeks.There is a little fallout in the pan but Its pretty much bearable . I like how smooth and velvety the texture is . Even though it has a considerable amount of shimmer in it , it doesn't come as rough or feel harsh to the skin .
Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher - Shell Bronze
I have tried it on both bare skin and full prepped and primed skin . On bare skin , it stay for almost 4-5 hours straight in this super hot weather which means loads of sweating and obviously wiping . On fully preped and primed skin with makeup setting spray at the end , this baby stayed where it was put till I took it off myself  and it was like after ummmmm 8-9 hours ? well yes the name says its a STAY ON blush and I totally vouch for it !
Even though I am not a shimmer blush person and prefer my blush to be matte , this one has been my most reached blush lately. One of the reasons being the beautiful sheen it gives to my cheeks which doubles up as a highlighter so I , being the lazy bum I am , can easily skip the highlighter and just swipe this on my cheeks and I am ready to go .
I strongly recommend that  you guys check this blush line out. If you guys don't have a thing for shimmer bushers , they have a few matte options as well . I am sure you are going to get hooked to these !

Swatch :

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Stay On Blusher - Shell Bronze(Swatched Heavily)

Thumbs Up for :

  • Easy Availability
  • Affordable Price Tag 
  • Halal Makeup ( Parabens/ Carmine free, Cruelty Free) 
  • 5 options to choose from having both Matte and shimmer options
  • Long staying power
  • Super Pigmented 
  • Finely Milled
  • very little Fall out in the pan 
  • No chunky glitter or shimmer
  • Shell Bronze doubles up as a highlighter

Thumbs Down For:

  • Packaging may not be sturdy enough
  • You feel the color options are very less
  • Shimmer blushers aren't your thing

My Rating:

As biased as I may sound but I am giving MM Makeup Stay on Blusher a 5/5. Its a highly recommended product from my side. I will be purchasing other colors in the range pretty soon now.

Price and Availability:

The MM Makeup Stay on Blushers are priced for PKR 850/- and is available at available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup Website or any major online shopping portal such as Daraz , Just4girls  & Reforma .


Stay Blessed
Sherry k.

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Friday, 3 June 2016

7 Days Of MM Makeup - Day 4 : MM Makeup Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

Its day 4 of the MM Makeup series ,which means we have hit the mid of the series finally ! I am so proud of myself ,I am going to bake a cake for myself now :') . When I first started the series I was pretty much sure that I won't be able to make it to the mid week let alone 7 days in a row ! But Lo and Behold ! You are reading my 4th blog post in a row.
So, as I have said in my previous posts (in case you missed I will link them below ) currently we are on the Lip products and today is the last one from the line ,which is the Lip Gloss . Usually Lip gloss are under ratted products and not liked by many due to reasons of being Glossy (well they are lip GLOSS for heaven's sake ), sheer coverage and no having enough pigmentation. Though I agree to all of these points ,but there are days when you just want to go all fresh and natural with a little mascara and just lip gloss which looks super cute by the way . For those days , I have a few lip glosses in my stash and I keep on using them from time to time .
Being said that , MM Makeup Lip Gloss is a fine addition to my collection ,you want to know more ? Keep on reading :

MM Makeup Lip Gloss:

Delivering deep shine, this creamy lip gloss in fun, fashionable shades provides intense luster with hydrating benefits.

Who is this for ?

For the women to enjoy the texture of a gloss but the staying power of true color pigments.

My Experience:

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia 

The MM Makeup Lip Gloss comes in a rectangular tube similar to the long lasting lipsticks (read review HERE ) . Only difference being the gold detail int he liquid lipstick tubes . The applicator is standard doe foot which is really soft and helps in spreading the product equally and evenly over the lips. The tube is labeled with the name over a same label as the product color . I wish they had done the same with their lipsticks as well but oh well .
MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

Coming to the product its self , it is neither too runny nor too thick with a decent amount of pigmentation . What I like the most about this lip gloss is that there is zero amount of shimmer or pearl finish in it . It is a pure liquid pigment gloss. When applied you only need a thin layer to give your lips a tinge of color that looks beautiful . I am an absolute fan of lip tints and love how natural they look , with this gloss I am putting them on the back seat for a while and enjoying this one instead. Another plus point of these lip glosses is no fragrance . Yes ! No Fragrance to continuously bother you while you wear it , well at least I didn't feel any (please note that my olfactory senses are intact ).
MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia (Ingredients)
The MM Makeup Lip gloss comes as a light weight product , given that its pigment packed and  only a small amount of product is needed to give a tinge to your lips , it doesn't feel heavy or sticky . Just like lip glosses are , the staying power ranges to an hour max (without eating and drinking and no lip liner underneath) .But if you line your lips or wear lipstick underneath , the gloss stays on for a good  2-3 hours , which I think is pretty decent .
All in all , I think it is a really good product for the price . Coming in three variants , the color range offered is really basic . I have the shade Dahlia , which is a beautiful plum purple and gives a beautiful purple color to the lips ( just like Falsa :D ) that is summer appropriate ! I think this is am amazing product for teenagers who are just starting off with the makeup and want to have a few staples in their collection .

Swatches :

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

Thumbs up for :

  • Easy Availability
  • Affordable Price tag 
  • Halal ingredients ( Paraben/ Carmine free , Cruelty Free)
  • Rich Pigmentation 
  • No fragrance 
  • Sturdy design 

Thumbs Down for:

  • Limited color range 
  • Short staying power 

My Rating :

I would give this product a 4/5 because according to the claim , it was supposed to be long lasting which it is not so I was a bit let down over that . Other than it , I have explained my love for it above .

Price & Availability :

MM Makeup Lip Gloss is priced for PKR 680/- and is available at available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup Website or any major online shopping portal such as Daraz , Just4girls  Reforma .

What's your take on the Lip Gloss ? Are you still there where we used to have a clear gloss and a kajal only in our regimen or just given up on them already ? What do you think about MM Makeup lip gloss ? Want to give it a try ? Do let me know in the comments below .x

Stay Blessed
Sherry K.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

7 Days Of MM Makeup - Day 3 : MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick Review & swatches

Wohooooo ! Its day 3 already ! Never in my life I have been so consistent,.All you consistent people out there , respects for you all guys , how do you even do that ? I have been blogging for what like three years now and never have I posted this frequently . Well thanks to you ,yes you MM Makeup for making me do this.
So we are kind of on the roll these days over the Lips range first . since I have all of the Lips products by MM Makeup , I was like why not just review them first and then move to cheeks and then the foundation ( usually its the other way round ,but oh well ) . So today I bring you guys the Long Lasting Lipstick by MM Makeup. You would say what ? another lipstick ? Well yes its lipstick too BUT a  very different one from the Lip Varnish or the Liquid Lipstick I reviewed earlier . To know more , keep on reading!

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick :

This supremely cushiony long lasting matte formula imparts luxurious color in one stroke. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E

 Who is this for ?

For the modern day women who carry their lip color close to their heart. This matte long lasting lipstick is perfect for all day wear.

TIP: For dry lips it is advisable to apply a lip balm before applying a matte lip color.

My Experience:

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick 

The Masarrat Misbah Long Lasting Lipstick comes in a Matte Back round tube with the MM logo printed over it . I really like the luxe feel of the packaging. The cap secures nicely with a click in this design ( Unlike the Lip Varnish as discussed earlier ). The lipstick is labelled at the bottom on a back sticker . I feel that if the label matched the color in the tube ,it would have been a lot easier to pick up your desired color when in a rush (may be its just my OCD talking) ,but if you are well with the names , this minute detail will not be bothersome to you .
MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick

Coming to the formula , I would say its one of its kind . No seriously no pun intended . I have a thing for matte lipsticks , but none of them has a formula like this one . Like in the description , it is really cushion-y or mousse like in texture . Since its a long lasting lipstick it is on the dry side . If you swatch it on hand ,it glides on perfectly and gives an airy soft feel and a velvety finish . But here is the catch . When applied on the lips , it doesn't glide on softly . Once on lips ,it feels kind of sticky and heavy . If you have a bad habit of smacking your lips (like me ),your will notice that due to stickiness , the lipstick starts to get uneven . It either transfers to lower or upper lip,gradually making one of them faded from the center . But hey , its a long lasting lipstick ! and guess what , it lasts about 8-10 hours straight WITH eating and drinking and talking to your heart's content ,can you believe that ? If you are still concerned about the stickiness of the lipstick , here is what you do . Moisturize your lips with the lip balm and then apply a thin layer with a lip brush and gradually build it up . This way you can control the product and evenly distribute it as well . Moreover the lip balm will prevent the stickiness and you get a smoother application 
MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick - Ingredients

The finish of these lipsticks is super matter and velvet like , which I absolutely love . These long lasting lipsticks come in 14 different shades . Currently I only own 1 ,that is Allure which is a lovely Tea pink color ,and gives a lovely pink nude tinge when applied just lightly ( Yes I have thing for Nude lipsticks ) . Initially I was very bummed about the formula but now that I have gotten hold if it , its my most used lipstick . One swipe full coverage , velvet matte finish and super long lasting , what else can I ask for in this summer which is determined to melt us ! 
All in all , I am absolutely in love with this lipstick and definitely getting a back up. You guys should check them out , don't give up on them and find a way to make them work for you and then you'll be hooked I promise !!


MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick- Allure

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick- Allure ( On Bare lips/ exfoiated/ no balm applied)

MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick- Allure  ( Lip Balm applied underneath)

Thumbs up for :

  • Easily Available (in store and online)
  • Affordable price tag
  • Excellent product quality
  • Made from all Halal ingredients ( Parabens/ carmine free, Cruelty free)
  • Chic Packaging 
  • No fragrance 
  • Super long lasting 
  • Velvet Matte finish

Thumbs Down for:

  • Limited shade range
  • Formula feels very dry and sticky
  • Transferable

My Rating: 

I would rate the MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick as 4/5. Only if the formula is improved to be a little less sticky , I would be as happy as a lark ! 

Price and Availability:

The MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick is priced for Pkr 850/- . These are available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup Website or any major online shopping portal such as Daraz , Just4girls  &Reforma .

Have you tried the MM Makeup Long Lasting Lipstick? Is the formula something you would opt for the longevity it gives ? Do let me know your opinions in the comments below

Stay blessed
Sherry K

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