Friday, 3 June 2016

7 Days Of MM Makeup - Day 4 : MM Makeup Lip Gloss Review & Swatches

Its day 4 of the MM Makeup series ,which means we have hit the mid of the series finally ! I am so proud of myself ,I am going to bake a cake for myself now :') . When I first started the series I was pretty much sure that I won't be able to make it to the mid week let alone 7 days in a row ! But Lo and Behold ! You are reading my 4th blog post in a row.
So, as I have said in my previous posts (in case you missed I will link them below ) currently we are on the Lip products and today is the last one from the line ,which is the Lip Gloss . Usually Lip gloss are under ratted products and not liked by many due to reasons of being Glossy (well they are lip GLOSS for heaven's sake ), sheer coverage and no having enough pigmentation. Though I agree to all of these points ,but there are days when you just want to go all fresh and natural with a little mascara and just lip gloss which looks super cute by the way . For those days , I have a few lip glosses in my stash and I keep on using them from time to time .
Being said that , MM Makeup Lip Gloss is a fine addition to my collection ,you want to know more ? Keep on reading :

MM Makeup Lip Gloss:

Delivering deep shine, this creamy lip gloss in fun, fashionable shades provides intense luster with hydrating benefits.

Who is this for ?

For the women to enjoy the texture of a gloss but the staying power of true color pigments.

My Experience:

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia 

The MM Makeup Lip Gloss comes in a rectangular tube similar to the long lasting lipsticks (read review HERE ) . Only difference being the gold detail int he liquid lipstick tubes . The applicator is standard doe foot which is really soft and helps in spreading the product equally and evenly over the lips. The tube is labeled with the name over a same label as the product color . I wish they had done the same with their lipsticks as well but oh well .
MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

Coming to the product its self , it is neither too runny nor too thick with a decent amount of pigmentation . What I like the most about this lip gloss is that there is zero amount of shimmer or pearl finish in it . It is a pure liquid pigment gloss. When applied you only need a thin layer to give your lips a tinge of color that looks beautiful . I am an absolute fan of lip tints and love how natural they look , with this gloss I am putting them on the back seat for a while and enjoying this one instead. Another plus point of these lip glosses is no fragrance . Yes ! No Fragrance to continuously bother you while you wear it , well at least I didn't feel any (please note that my olfactory senses are intact ).
MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia (Ingredients)
The MM Makeup Lip gloss comes as a light weight product , given that its pigment packed and  only a small amount of product is needed to give a tinge to your lips , it doesn't feel heavy or sticky . Just like lip glosses are , the staying power ranges to an hour max (without eating and drinking and no lip liner underneath) .But if you line your lips or wear lipstick underneath , the gloss stays on for a good  2-3 hours , which I think is pretty decent .
All in all , I think it is a really good product for the price . Coming in three variants , the color range offered is really basic . I have the shade Dahlia , which is a beautiful plum purple and gives a beautiful purple color to the lips ( just like Falsa :D ) that is summer appropriate ! I think this is am amazing product for teenagers who are just starting off with the makeup and want to have a few staples in their collection .

Swatches :

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

MM Makeup Lip Gloss - Dahlia

Thumbs up for :

  • Easy Availability
  • Affordable Price tag 
  • Halal ingredients ( Paraben/ Carmine free , Cruelty Free)
  • Rich Pigmentation 
  • No fragrance 
  • Sturdy design 

Thumbs Down for:

  • Limited color range 
  • Short staying power 

My Rating :

I would give this product a 4/5 because according to the claim , it was supposed to be long lasting which it is not so I was a bit let down over that . Other than it , I have explained my love for it above .

Price & Availability :

MM Makeup Lip Gloss is priced for PKR 680/- and is available at available at MM Makeup Counters set at all major shopping malls through our the country . Also available at all Depilex branches nationwide. You can also order them online from MM Makeup Website or any major online shopping portal such as Daraz , Just4girls  Reforma .

What's your take on the Lip Gloss ? Are you still there where we used to have a clear gloss and a kajal only in our regimen or just given up on them already ? What do you think about MM Makeup lip gloss ? Want to give it a try ? Do let me know in the comments below .x

Stay Blessed
Sherry K.


  1. I have this shade its so purrrty :)

  2. Oooh it is such a pretty colour. And your lip swatch is so yummy :p

  3. I have used liquid lipstick but not this one. But, I can buy anything from this brand blindly, everything that they have suits me truly :) I love this shade on you.

  4. This shade is so so prettyyyy *_* Must get this!

  5. I am not much fan of lip-glosses. But it suites you so well