Monday, 29 August 2016

Never go wrong again with this Candy Tote by - Review

A few weeks back I have been getting mails very often, It seems like the mailman knows my address by heart :D So with  all this pouring in , I was super excited for one particular mail from ,one of the main reasons being I had chosen the stuff myself , so it was kind of exciting for me to have them, instead of being in continuous fear of unknown . Of the many things I got, I am in total love with this Candy Tote and have been flaunting it for quite a while. So, let’s get on to the review and see how I find the website and the products, obviously.


Zaful is your one-stop online shop for today’s most daring, exciting and edgy fashion apparel. Our affordable collections are all about redefining trends, design excellence and exceptional quality to satisfy the needs of every aspiring fashionista. The original idea is to share the latest news and fashion trends on women’s clothing with fashion-forward, free-thinking girls, and we offer the fast fashion worldwide. 
Zaful was established with a clear vision: to provide the very latest in compelling designs for the fashionably hip along with providing exceptional value, quality, and superb customer service. We offer a select choice of clothing, shoes, accessories and more to deck out your wardrobe with style. 

Our exciting brands consist of emerging new designers and our discerning buyers have a keen eye for the best look anywhere so you can always find a style to call your own. Fashion is more than simply style: it also represents our aspirations, which is why our designs are as unique and individual as you. 

For those who embrace inspired cutting edge fashion that’s ahead of the trend curve, welcome to destination chic.

Pendant Stitching Candy Color Tote Bag:

Handbag Type: Totes 
Style: Fashion 
Gender: For Women 
Pattern Type: Solid 
Handbag Size: Small(20-30cm) 
Closure Type: Zipper 
Interior: Interior Zipper Pocket 
Occasions: Versatile 
Main Material: PU 
With Pendant: No 
Weight: 0.673kg 
Size(CM)(L*W*H): 25*14*18 
Strap Length: Short:9CM,Long:60-120CM (Adjustable) 
Package: 1 x Tote Bag 

My Experience

First thing first, I am very selective when it comes to bags ,given this reason I have a very limited collection of handbags .Recently, I was approached by PR Representative of and was offered a collaboration with the freedom to choose stuff myself ( BIG YAYY!) . I had been on a hunt of a nice handy Tote bag for a while so I picked up this little thing because it was exactly what I was looking for and the little dangling tassels detail just added to its beauty.
Shoes, bags and dresses are something that I avoid to order online because there is no guarantee how they will turn out to be in real. Within 15 days of ordering, the package was in my hands, all nicely wrapped and sealed.
This Candy Tote comes in 7 different colors which is a wide range in my opinion, because I usually look for a variety of colors in a particular design. It is a very nice compact bag with a really neat finish of the stitching with no loose threads coming out. The material is textured faux leather with a nice matte finish which looks and feels really expensive. The bag has one main compartment, one small zipper pocket and 2 other open pockets inside. The zipper is of really high quality and I haven’t faced any sort of tugging or pulling while using it .I really like how subtle fine gold finish they have given to the zipper and clasps which adds to the whole beauty of the bag. It comes with a long shoulder strap which is also of the same faux leather which no added gold chain whatsoever ,just the way I prefer my bags to be .

The bag comes with a dangling tassel detail separately ,that gives you a choice of either using it or just pass it .The pearl balls are really beautiful ,however the trinket doesn’t feel as luxurious and fine like the rest of the details .

Overall, I am totally in love with this Candy Tote bag by I would be direct linking it below so you guys can check it out and order too. The price tag is pretty reasonable and I find the total ordering process too easy and quick.

My Rating:

I would rate it a good 5/5 . If you are looking for really good accessories or apparel, is totally recommended

Price & Availability:

This Candy Tote is available for $19.49 At . they usually have promotions going on ,so there is a marked reduction on the prices as well.

*Check them out at 
Instagram (HERE)
Facebook ( HERE)

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fine Tailoring comes home with Door to Door Tailors by Aghaz clothing- Review

Just imagine this: You go to a market, see some super beautiful fabric, imagine yourself in it with some stylish cuts and trimmings looking like a million bucks, get excited, buy it against your better judgement, take it to your tailor, give him a million reference pictures. He tells you it will be done in so and so days, never gives you back in time and when he does, you end up looking like wearing a potato sack.
Quite relatable, no?  Been there, done that and after many such disasters, I have stopped buying loose cloth and get it stitched just to end up disappointed and not liking the dress. BUT still while scrolling down my instagram feed, I loved those pretty lawn joras, peplum tops and those boot cut pants with organza details. So while I was on a search for a good tailor, I toppled over this online tailoring service and took a leap of faith. What happened next was a total delight. If you are from Lahore and are totally devastated by the disasters your tailor does this post is for you! Have a look yourself below:

Door 2 Door Tailors by Aghaaz Clothing :

Door 2 Door Tailoring Services is a project by Aaghaaz Clothing.
Introducing Door 2 Door stitching service in Lahore. We provide customized stitching service. Visiting a tailor shop need not to be a headache anymore. Door 2 Door Tailoring Services is a project by Aaghaaz. We provide tailors for your valuable clothes to designed, rather than struggling and searching for a tailor on roads get him at you door step.

My Experience:

I got in touch with Door to Door Tailors via instagram and the response was prompt. I talked to them about what I wanted and they instantly showed me the designs which they were doing. They are offering free pick and drop from your place which to be honest is such a relief for me. I took the plunge and told them to come over. I was a little uncomfortable by the idea of tailor coming in my home ad giving him measurements and all, but the lady Saman contacted me and told me that she will be picking the clothes  (another plus).
Now have  look at the stitching and be amazed by the neatness. It really depicts how professionally they are doing this. I asked for a paneled shirt with pearl details over neck line, hem and sleeves, double organza details over boot cut pants. 

And they came exactly the same on the exact time she told me it will be delivered!  Yes, yes I know sounds too good to be true but that actually happened. She brought it herself and asked me to try it out before the payment so if something isn't right I can return it (which I did because the organza detail turned out to be too revealing). In a few days, she brought it back with all the alterations.

Coming to the finishing , the stitching is very neat and fine. There are no loose threads every where. The hemming is pretty neat as well. The pearl detailing are hand stitched and don't come off after one wear ( like some really expensive pret wear). 

One thing you might have to keep in mind is the charges. They might be a little higher than the market prices (if you are used to pay 500-600/suit) but its super reasonable of your tailor charges PKR 1400/- for a single lawn suit. They are charging PKR 600/- for shirt,  PKR 1000/- for 2-piece suit. They charges tend to rise with the design and detailing.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the stitching, detailing, timely delivery and on the top of it all it comes properly pressed ( I am that lazy, yes). Totally recommended if you want to get your beautiful dresses stitched nicely and get them in time. Two thumbs up to Aghaaz Clothing for taking such an initiative. Linking them below so you can get in touch with them easily.


Sherry K

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Because chocolate goes to Heart -Nutella Cupcakes by The Cakery Bakery, Lahore


I love chocolate and I hate to go out and get it. PERIOD. Recently, a few home based bakers and confectioners have popped up on Facebook and trust me the sight of those chocolate trifles and pies just makes me want to grab them out of the screen. To add to my dismay, most of them are Karachi based (sad, isn't it?).  So,  I being very heart broken and chocolate deprived used to look at those pictures and pray for someone doing it in Lahore.  Lo and Behold my friends in Lahore, because I have found the answer to my prayers , "THE CAKERY BAKERY"  is under the spotlight today and trust me you don't want to miss this. Let's Go!

The Cakery Bakery Lahore :

The Cakery Bakery offers unique and exquisite tasting desserts, cakes, cup cakes, cookies, treats, desserts and savoury items. 
Established in 2007.

My Experience:

So not long time back, lets suppose 3 weeks back when it finally hit  me that Al-Hubby-bi's birthday is just around the corner, I  couldn't fret less. Last year I was ditched by the cake person at the last moment and trust me it wasn't a good sight saying Happy Birthday to him with a candle on Hilal Cupcake. Not that its bad , its just that it doesn't fit the idea of a birthday .Long story short , I was too scared to get ditched again ( talk about my trust issues) I started to look for a good  cake person who would deliver it to my place ( for obvious reasons) and I bumped into The Cakery Bakery Lahore on Instagram. Since the pictures were too scrumptious to resist , I messaged them , with no intention of ordering ( I confess). After a a few exchange of messages, I was determined to place my order . The owner is a super sweet person who kept on answering my questions and listening to my ideas of how I like my cake to be . Keeping  my love for chocolate , she suggested me to go for Nutella cupcakes. The order was placed and date and time decided and I was very very anxious about the taste, quality and most importantly whether I get them ( previous experience talking here). So when finally the day came , I had my cupcakes in my hand all packed in this beautiful box at the exact time!  FAITH IN CAKE PEOPLE ,RESTORED !

Coming to the cupcakes, they taste DIVINE ! No exaggeration I swear ! Al-Hubby-bi is not much of a chocolate cake fan , so actually I had ordered chocolate just in case it turns out bad and I have them all to myself ,haha ! But guess what , HE LOVED THEM ( and ate almost half of them :( ) 
So, what I ordered was 12 Nutella cupcakes which came packed nicely in The Cakery Bakery Box sitting in all their glory , undisturbed untouched . The cupcakes are a good size give you two bites ( or one if you have no control over your chocolate bingeing ) .With a generous topping of Nutella , I thought it was the only deal ,unaware of what waited next . Yup , take a bite and you will know what I am taking about . These yummy , gooey chocolate cupcakes are filled with NUTELLA ! The cake sponge is really rich in chocolate itself and melts right away in your mouth with Nutella adding to its yumminess.

Final verdict : GET THEM NOW !

Price & Availability:

These 12 cupcakes are priced for PKR 2000/- ( Excl. Del Charges) , which initially I thought was too much for 12 cupcakes but after having taste of them I think the price is justified because the Nutella is so generously used over and in them .
The cakes are available to order over Facebook Page ( HERE) and over Instagram (HERE).


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Essence cinderella Highlighter, Something fit for a Princess's vanity! - Review

Okay judge me all you want, but here comes a major confession "I STILL LOVE DISNEY PRINCESSES".  Yup 26 and still want to be a princess, no lies. While collecting all the merchandise that even bears the name of Disney Princess, I am on a particular out look for the cosmetics, for it satisfies my 2 cravings in one go.
Earlier in Last year, when Disney announced the remake of Cinderella, many brands celebrated it by coming with exclusive Cinderella makeup lines and Essence Cosmetics was never behind in this.
As soon as the collection was announced, I was simply captivated by them, in particular the Highlighter and the Blush (review later).  The packaging and design was one of the reason I wanted them the most, plus the colors looked promising as well. 
When it finally hit the shelves in Pakistan, I was overjoyed and didn't take a  nano second to order them, for I knew these would go out of stock in no time!
Today I am reviewing the Cinderella Collection Highlighter in A Glass Slipper and here it goes!

Essence Cosmetics Cinderella Collection Highlighter - A Glass Slipper :

Create soft, rose shimmer accents on your face and neckline with the highlighter powder - the ultimate item for a radiant complexion.
available in 01 the glass slipper. 

My Experience:

Essence Cinderella Highlighter -A glass Slipper

Essence Cinderella Highlighter -A glass Slipper

Please first let us take a moment and contemplate how pretty this little thing is. The Essence Cinderella collection Highlighter comes in clear but sturdy plastic packaging that clips shut tightly.  Lodging a hefty 9gm product in a beautiful rose pattern,  the clear casing is a plus because you can see the beautiful pattern all the time. The lid is prone to scratches and smudging but a little care can prevent it. The lid shuts tightly so its OK to carry it around, but its not much sturdy so I recommend taking extra care  of it while putting in your bag as it might break.
The product itself is a beautiful ivory /silver powder highlighter with very finely milled glitter.  I won't say its the best shade for our warm Asian skin tones, but still it looks really good when topped over a pink blush.  It doesn't accentuate the pores which is definitely a huge plus for the beauties who have large open pores. One thing that bothers me is the glitter, though very fine, I am not a fan of it. Moreover, if you over do it, it turns out to be frosty.  So I suggest keep a light hand and blend well.
Essence Cinderella Highlighter -A glass Slipper

The formula is really pigmented and gets picked up on a single swipe with minimal fall out. It really glides on the skin smoothly, not buttery smooth as there is glitter in it but nothing too harsh.
One thing that is on the total downside of this highlighter is that it contains Carmine. As the debates continue over the Carmine as ingredient, many of the beauty lovers will definitely avoid not buying carmine containing products due to obvious reasons.


Thumbs up for:

  • Beautiful rose pattern 
  • Affordable 
  • Easily available online and in stores 
  • Pigmented
  • Doesnt accentuate pores 
  • Soft texture
  • Easily blendable

Thumbs down for:

  • Might be out of stock at many sites
  • Limited edition
  • Packaging prone to scratches
  • Color may be too light
  • You dont like shimmer, even fine one
  • May turn frosty upon layering. 
  • Contains Carmine

Price & Availability:

Essence Cinderella collection Highlighter is priced for PKR 650/-. And available at & (unless it has gone out of stock)  Also available at stores that have essence counters nationwide. 

My Rating :

This beauty gets a whooping 3/5 from me. Just the color of the highlighter might not be flattering for all skin tones.Also Carmine as an ingredient gives this beautiful product a major set back.


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

#Brumano brings new style for men to town - Review

Always talking about ladies clothing, makeup and skin care products, I feel really bad for the guys who take out time and actually read my blog (yes there are a few). So while I feel bad for them, I was like hey why not do a review post for them because they need to know about their stuff too right? Plus its going to be really helpful for all the loving ladies out their who are having a hard time picking gifts for the men in their lives.

So today under the spotlight is the this beautiful linen shirt by a new brand BRUMANO. If you have been following me on the social media (Facebook /instagram/Twitter , which you should by the way), I have been posting about the brand recently and got quite a few queries as well.  So this one goes out to you all.

My Experience :

BRUMANO is a new website catering western menswear including shirts, bottoms and accessories.
I have mostly browsed around over the shirts and I am really impressed by the variety they offer.  From plain, textured and printed to beautiful denims,  the variety is vast.
On the desk today is this beautiful lenin shirt in casual fit. What I really like about the packaging is it comes wrapped in this Brumano wrap that gives it a really luxurious feel.
Coming to the shirt itself, I must say I wasn't having high hopes from the brand as some of the online experiences went really bad for me. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the shirt as the the stitching and styling is really very nice. Though I have a few reservations over the stitching but I feel it may be due to the texture of the fabric .  The fabric is nice, soft and airy . I really like how they have paired up matching buttons to enhance the overall look.
About the durability, I can't say much right now as it hasn't been washed yet but I have a feeling that its going to be good.

Price and Availability :

This beautiful Light Blue Linen  shirt is available at the Brumano WEBSITE for PKR 3400/-

Website link:

Hope this review is helpful for you guys next time you  need to shop. 

Stay Blessed 
Sherry k


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