Friday, 15 May 2015

The Face shop Lovely me:ex blush in Coral Cushion : the cutest pastel blush in my stash!! Review & Swatch

If you guys know me well, you must know I am a sucker for cute packaging be it lipsticks or blush or perfume, if its cute, I have to have it! When I laid my eyes upon this blush, my heart skipped a beat and I knew that instant I need this in my life ASAP! Well lucky me, I got it as a gift from my brother who happens to be my biggest support in makeup hoarding :-D This is enough for the background story lets jump to the review and pictures 'cause I can't wait.



A cute powder blush that gives a cute & lovely doll like impression
-Very easy to use for beginners
-Pastel Shades
- 5 new shades that make you look younger and cute
- Must-have item  - New and trendy container & powder puff
-Pressed porous powder prevents clumping from sweat and sebum


Apply powder on the puff and gently pat onto the apple of your cheek

This blush is available in 5 colors :
Coral Cushion
Rose Cushion
Pink Cushion
Peach Cushion
Plum Cushion

My Experience :

Lately Korean cosmetics have taken the world by a storm because of their super cute packaging and diverse range of colors.Lovely Me:Ex is also a  Korean cosmetics brand that is known worldwide.  For Koreans this turns out to be a drug store brand that is affordable and widely available at The Face Shop counters all over Korea.
This blush comes in the cutest cardboard packaging with pretty colors. The lid is tug open type but it secures nicely. Once opened, there is this cute white puff with a matching ribbon on the top. Let's take a moment to gulp in the beauty of this baby shall we.
THE FACE SHOP Lovely me:ex blush in CORAL CUSHION
THE FACE SHOP Lovely me:ex blush in CORAL CUSHION

THE FACE SHOP Lovely me:ex blush in CORAL CUSHION

THE FACE SHOP Lovely me:ex blush in CORAL CUSHION

Now for the product its self,the blush I got is Coral cushion. It is a pastel blush which  is completely matte. Though I think I see a few shimmer particles in the pan but I guess its just because when applied on face it is completely matte. The product is a bit hard to pick up, I use my RT copy Angled Blush brush (Review Here) to apply this but it comes off chalky and needs layering to get some color to your cheeks. I haven't used the white powder puff provided with it just for the sake of not getting it dirty (its so pretty to look at & I can't imagine making it stained). One of the reasons that its hard to get color is that these cosmetics are made for Korean community, who naturally are fair and need minimal amount of makeup to show on them. For us Asians, our skin tones tend to be darker then them,so we need proper layering. But if you like subtle flush your cheeks, this is the thing for you. I personally like this blush because it gives proper control of how much you apply and can never go over board with this. Once applied, this gives a very fresh & healthy color to the cheeks that can be mistaken for natural color (tried & tested ;-))


THE FACE SHOP Lovely me:ex blush in CORAL CUSHION- Swatch

Thumbs up for :

  • Cute packaging 
  • Affordable 
  • 5 colors to choose from 
  • Comes with a cute little puff
  • Gives fresh color to cheeks 
  • Can't go over board with this

Thumbs down for:

  • Packaging not travel friendly
  • If you like prominent blush, this might not be for you
  • Hard to pick up and needs layering to show up on face
  • Tends to be chalky with fall out in pan 
  • Completely matte & pastel colors are not your thing

Price & Availability :

Lovely me:ex cushion blushers are available for at The Face Shop counters all over Korea. For international customers, it is available on  AmazonEbay (PRICES MAY VARY)
In Pakistan, you can order via facebook pages which take orders for websites mention before.
Visit THE FACE SHOP Facebook page Here to get all the news and updates
P.s mine was a gift from my brother who happens to live in korea

My rating:

I give it a 4/5 because it makes the cutest addition to my vanity and I am a natural blush person. I am planning to get other colors as well. 


Stay Blessed
Sherry K.

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Monday, 11 May 2015

All that's happening is HALAL!! A walk through Massarat Misbah Makeup Launch & Bloggers Meet &Greet session-Lahore

 All my news feed has gone HALAL, and why shouldn't it be for Pakistan's well know name of makeup Industry, Massarat Misbah has finally launched her own makeup line named as 'MASARRAT MISBAH MAKEUP'.
Sometime back it was first launched in Karachi and I swear I have never envied as much as I envied Karachi bloggers at that time!  But soon it was here in Lahore and I was invited to the exclusive launch event and bloggers meet & greet event. So today's post is all about that amazing evening and of course the amazing MM Makeup.

Introduction to Massarat Misbah & The journey to MM Makeup:

Masarrat Misbah, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and one of the pioneers of the hair and beauty industry of Pakistan with the Depilex Group which hosts Pakistan’s largest chain of salons, Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute, today announces the launch of her makeup line Masarrat Misbah Makeup - MM Makeup. MM Makeup is the first Halal Certified Makeup brand to launch in Pakistan, not using any haram animal substances or intoxicants in the entire product range. “MM Makeup has become a reality after two years of research, primarily focused on a color range best adapted for the Asian skin tone, climate and complexion, with an emphasis on textures, colors, pigments and most importantly formulations.” explains Masarrat Misbah.

When asked about why she chose to create her own line of makeup, she responded, “It’s time that the beauty of a Pakistani woman be acknowledged for what it truly is and for her to know that when she applies my makeup, it was made especially for her

Misbah’s journey started more than three decades ago when her passion for beauty and grooming led her to establishing Depilex, which has today grown to become a beauty empire. She is the force behind the country’s leading hair and beauty brands; the Depilex Beauty Clinic, Depilex Institute, The Lounge by Depilex Men, Depilex Live, Depilex Health Center, Santé the Salon, Depilex Smile Again Foundation and most recently the Depilex College of Cosmetology, under the ever growing umbrella of the Depilex Group of Companies.

For the unveiling of the MM Makeup E-store, Masarrat Misbah said, “With the launch of we are introducing MM Makeup across Pakistan, we are providing round-the-clock access to everyone from the convenience of their own homes – keeping in mind the ‘women of today’ for whom MM Makeup has been developed for.”

Lahore Launch details and a photo walk through :

After Karachi, MM Makeup had an official launch in Lahore as well. Venue was none other than Santé the Salon, which is a part of Depilex Group. Everything was elegantly arranged and the ambiance was totally spot on.  A very kind lady was there to receive everyone and get their introductions. Massarat Misbah is was there, with her all elegance and grace welcoming each and every person and being a generous host!  To be honest, I was sold at the moment I talked to her. We all were directed to makeup counters to swatch everything  to heart's content ( and then there was me who swatched everything and forgot to take photos *Face palm *). After the swatching and bombarding the ladies at the counter with a gazillion questions I  was guided to a makeup station to get my foundation matched and have a complete makeover. All the Lahore beauty bloggers were there and it was amazing meeting the gorgeous ladies behind those awesome blogs we all love!

Here is a photo walk through the event.

The Minds behind MM Makeup- Massarat Misbah , Nighat Misbah & Redah Misbah (L-R)

The Stunning Massarat Misbah with her Makeup Line 

MM Makeup Eye Varnishes

MM Makeup Lip Varnishes

MM Makeup Silk Foundations

The Complete Range of MM Makeup in all its Glory
The Two Gorgeous Ladies at the Makeup Counter who catered to my endless questions 
Redah Misbah & Samra Muslim

Lahore Bloggers with the Gorgeous Massarat Misbah

and then there was food too :D

Yummy Red Velvet Cupcakes

The Refreshment Corner

In the end we were all given these classy goodie bags and a press release of the event.

MM Makeup Goodie Bag & Press Release of the event

Contents of the Goodie Bag

The reviews are under process. Will be publishing them in the coming week InshAllah.
Till then don't forget to follow Massarat Misbah Makeup  on all social media platforms to stay updated.

Note: MM Makeup is available at Depilex Karachi & Santé the Salon, Lahore.  It has been made available at with cash on delivery service all over Pakistan. It will be available in all leading stores all over Pakistan by June, 2015.

Have you tried anything from the amazing MM Makeup line yet ? Do let me know your views about this in the comments below.

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April Favorites!!

Its been a while since I haven't blogged and it really feels like I have been missing something major in my life!  But getting back to the routine, I have some amazing posts for you guys all lined up! 
Today, as the tradition continues, I bring you the monthly favorites post. With no further delay lets jump to the products I have been loving lately particularly in the month of April!

1.Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara :

I got it as a gift and I am glad I got it!  I never gave much thought about  essence mascaras but after this I am definitely going to try more of them. The formula is not overly dry or wate

2.The Face shop Lovely me:ex Coral Cushion Blusher:

This little baby is in my stash for some time sitting there idle because its just too pretty to use. Finally I started using it and love the natural flush it gives to my cheeks.

3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (fair 15) :

If you have been following me over Instagram and Facebook, you would know that in every Makeup look, I use this concealer to brighten up my under eye area. Since I don't have dark circles, so I don't know exactly about the coverage but for brightening its just perfect.

4. Christine Cosmetics Compact Powder :

This compact is just perfect. It really sets my concealer and doesn't let it crease.  In summers  when I get pretty much oily skin, this baby lets me go oil controlled for 3-4 hours after which the t zone gets a bit oily. For me, it definitely is a Local Gem.ry its just the right consistency and doesn't clump even on layering.

5.. Garnier Gentle Soothing Face wash :

This has been my staple since a very very long time (about 3-4 years to be honest).  My skin is like super super sensitive, you put a product on it, it doesn't like it and boom it explodes with anger into many pimples.  Yup that's me. So I am better off with plain water. But still I need a face wash to get that extra oil off. After trying many, finally my skin settled for Garnier Soothing Face Wash. Its  amazing doesn't dry my skin and leaves it supple.

That's it for the month of April guys. I guess i haven't reviewed any of the above. A few of them are in pipeline. Would love to know if you want to see any review in particular.
Stay Blessed
Sherry K.

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