Monday, 14 December 2015


Better late than never, whatcha girls say? Last time I was determined to post the November favorites by 30th!  Well its 14th today, my bad. But as you can see I have been going around a lot and people aren't the patient ones usually, hope you guys get my point.  There has to be a rant post coming up soon as there came times when i was seriously pissed at people's attitude. I mean seriously, they want an event report before the event itself happens, wierdos :-/

That being vented out, lets move to the little list of monthly favorites that I put up.  Usually people tell me why do I stick to just 5 or 6 products in a favorites post. Ummm its supposed to FAVORITES post, so basically I short list the things that worked best in the last month(s)  instead of putting up everything I used.  

So lets start shooting! 

1.CLEAN & CLEAR Essentials Moisturizer :

Whoever introduced me to this, I am forever indebted to you my angel!  I have pretty bad dry patched skin in winters that actually flakes off and stings when I put anything on it.  And major dilemma, if I moisturize it breaks out.  I have been using this moisturizer for a while now and trust me not even a single pimple showed its face.  The consistency is runny and not at all greasy.  It absorbs completely, leaving the skin soft and moisturized without greasiness.  Thumbs up to this baby! 

2.Maybelline Baby Lips Dr.Rescue - Coral Crave:

I have dry chapped lips throughout the year which make me look like a dehydration patient, so i need to keep lip balm at hand all the time.  Maybelline Baby Lips has been in my stash for a while but i lt was okay-ish, if you know what I mean. I saw this one on a facebook page and just added to my cart on a whim. But this one is super moisturizing, with added menthol that gives that tickling sensation that's absolutely soothing.  I apply it all day long and my lips have been behaving really well lately.  Highly recommended. 

3. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer :

This baby needs no introduction. This cult favorite made its way into my stash quite late but still i am glad I took a leap of faith and got it. Its heavily pigmented and a little goes long long loooong way, infact one dip goes for whole face!  If you are into the Strobing craze I say go for it!  Even if you like subtle highlighting, just keep a light hand and give it a go, just for once.  

4. L. A Girl Pro Conceal Concealer - Classic Ivory:

This one is undoubtedly a wonder in a tube!  Just press a little and dab around and voila!  All CONCEALED. I basically use this as my under eye brightener, rather than concealer but its subtle peach undertone hides my little bit of dark circles just perfectly while highlighting.  Just top off with some loose powder and enjoy a crease free under eye concealer! 

5. NYX Jumbo Pencil - Milk:

Just 3 words GO GET IT!  If you want your eye makeup to POP, i say don't even waste a nano second. This one makes the perfect eye base and helps showing true colors of your makeup. Plus its formula is just perfect that doesn't crease and keeps the makeup intact for longer periods.  Plus if you like white waterline, this has the soft tip that doesn't poke into the eye, plus the creamy formula makes its easy just to apply in one stroke. 

6. Masarrat Misbah Makeup Lip Varnish-Uptown Girl :

MM Makeup has been the talk of the town for a while now and there seems to be no stopping them for all the amazing stuff they brought to pakistani makeup industry.  The lip varnish made to my favorites list a bit late because of its really moisturizing formula. I have been into the matte lips bandwagon lately, lately but in winters, I like to switch between the formulas, and then lip varnish turns out to be my favorite.  With that yummy vanilla fragrance and rich moisturizing, I skip my lip balm before its use.  Even after wearing off, you can still feel that your lips have been left really moisturized. Get it for the winters at least!! 

I hope you guys like the post.  Do give them a try and let me know if they worked for you as well as they work for me. If you already have used any of the above do let me know even then too.

Stay blessed
Sherry k

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

"SAVE A CHILD A MINUTE" campaign - An Event with a Cause

4th event report in a row, you may call me more of a reporter than a blogger. Even though I was determined to not to do an event report, this one was just have to be done because this time its an event report with a cause.  A total eye opener and mind boggling event named as "SAVE A CHILD A MINUTE " that I got to cover over social media on 8th December, 2015, was something related to what I am (p.s I am a doctor FYI)  and what is close to my heart (besides makeup).

About the Event:

On 8th December, 2015, Reckitt Benckiser & Plan International Pakistan arranged a launching ceremony of the" SAVE A CHILD A MINUTE" campaign. The event was scheduled in  none other than SERENA HOTEL, Islamabad with the perfect ambiance according to the event. 

Being one of its kind Project, many worthy speakers were there to elaborate the gravity of the subject that is ignored in our society.  Diarrhea being one of the major cause of deaths in our unfortunately illiterate society needs to be addressed with utmost seriousness, for loosing 53000 children to this silent monster isn't something minor.  

To further the working of the project and highlighting the major tasks under hand the speakers left 
no stone unturned. Here are the extracts of few speakers at the event.

Representatives from the Government & Planning and Development commision were present at   the launch event of the campaign.During the speech they stated:“This is a brilliant and innovative initiative towards eradicating diarrhoea and a stepping stone for public-private partnerships to improve health conditions and empower local communities. The best part is that it is in line with the government vision project 2025. Currently the government is collaborating for the pilot, it can further look into jointly upscaling the campaign at a national level.”

Rashid Javed, Country Director Plan International Pakistan with his remarks:“Based on our experience of Sanitation Marketing we are now moving forward to test a new model of women entrepreneurship. The model is based on helping communities to adopt improved hygiene behaviours and sustaining them through a sustainable supply chain. Establishing a system of supply and demand and linking it with women entrepreneur/Women hygienist is an idea which will ultimately help these women to earn their livelihood while helping their communities to promote health by adopting improved behaviours for water, sanitation and hygiene.”

Shahzeb Mehmood, CEO RB Pakistan highlighted the key points of the project, during his speech he stated: “RB has always aimed to provide healthier homes and happier lives through trusted brands such as Dettol, Mortein, Harpic and many more. This global initiative simultaneously being run in Pakistan, Nigeria and India seeks to eradicate diarrhoea and improve general health and hygiene of the low-income consumers by habit change. Through global research and technology, RB designed a low-cost antibacterial soap under the Dettol brand, a complete new formulation specifically for this purpose. The aim is to interactively educate consumers about health and hygiene, provide them with affordable health and sanitary solutions (by RB and other private companies such as Shan Foods, Searle, Peak Freans and Santex) and in the process empower local women who will sell these products door-to-door.

Plan & Goals:

For the next 6 months, in the pilot phase of the campaign, RB and Plan will cover 600 households in Dhori, a village in Sargodha. Based on the learnings from this pilot, “Save a Child a Minute” will then be scaled up nationally by RB and Plan in close coordination with the federal and provincial government to support the Government’s Vision 2025 project.

About RB Pakistan:

RB is the world’s leading consumer health and hygiene company with operations in over 60 countries. With a purpose of delivering innovative solutions for healthier lives and happier homes. Today it is the global No. 1 or No. 2 in the majority of its fast-growing categories, driven exceptional innovation. Its health, hygiene and home portfolio is led by global Powerbrands including Dettol, Mortein, Harpic, Veet, Gaviscon and many more. RB is set to redefine the world of consumer health and hygiene with exceptional employees committing to highest quality standards.

Such initiatives are truly commendable as they lead to a better health conditions and a healthy nation. A nation can only survive through tough times when its youth is healthy and competitive. The SAVE A CHILD A MINUTE is one of its kind campaign ,which is based on the fact that educating the mothers is the sole way to fight the demon of diarrheal disease in neonates and children. 

Hope you guys find this event report enlightening as well as see it as a ray of hope for our people who will be benefited from such an amazing task.

Stay Blessed 
Sherry K 

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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

TAMASHA premiere at Luxus Grand Cinema - An affair to remember

Watching movies in cinema has been fun and exciting for everything is so amplified there, one can just drift away from reality and have some fantasy time. But still the environment and ambiance of the cinema plays a major role in the experinece. Recently,  I attended the red carpet premiere of a Bollywood flick TAMASHA, hosted by Troika Events &  PR in lahore. Here is a little account on the star studded affair and yes my take on the cinema as well.

The Event:

  On Thusday 26 November 2015 the premiere of a Bollywood movie TAMASHA, with a promising cast featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone was organized at the Luxus Grand Cinema Lahore by team Troika Events and PR . The premiere was a well attended affair where models, actors and socialites were spotted.
Celebrities Spotted at the Premiere ( PC: Troika Events & PR)
Everything was well organised and  beautiful, well fitted arrangements were done at the venue.

The Red Carpet ( PC: Troika Events & PR)

About the Cinema:

Luxus Grand Cinemas started its operations in January 2015 and is the only cinema in Lahore which is located inside a hotel. The three screen multiplex has digital 3D screens, with a state of the art 7.1 surround sound system and is situated in Luxus Grand Hotel.

Previously, the cinema did not receive much appreciation, so some major renovations were done and with the Premiere of the movie TAMASHA, It was sort of a Relaunch as well.
To make a movie memorable, a comfortable experience is necessary. With a well lit lobby and couterous staff to a generously spacious seating and well maintained temprature (yes, making kt super cold or super warm pisses me off Big time), it was a great cinema where you can have some fun with you family and friends.

Overall the experience was amazing. 
Would I be going back to that cinema for movies next time you may ask.  Well its a definite YES from my side. For that luxury experience, I might even be choosing it most of the time.

About the movie:

 I have always been a fan of Ranbir Kapoor as an actor who delivers whatever role he is required of. TAMASHA revolves around a young man living in the world of stories and himself is a great story teller, but as per society norms he is required to play the role of an average product manager. While Deepika comes in as someone who knows what he really is and makes him realize too.  The story is old but the execution and unfolding of the story with some beautiful locations and different music makes it a delight to watch.  So if you are looking forward to see some different movie this weekend, this is the one for you.

Lastly, Thank you Team Troika Events and PR, especially Momin Ali for having me at the event.
Momin Ali Munshi, The Guy Behind the Event ( PC: Troika Events & PR)

Stay blessed
Sherry k
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Saturday, 28 November 2015

A Pampering Relaunch of Toni & Guy Gulberg, Lahore - An Event Report

I have been socializing a bit too much lately. Well for  a person who does not go out more than twice a month, a weekly session turns out to be a bit TOO MUCH . If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook ( which you guys should), you would know about the recent check in I have been putting up.  Well last week I had an opportunity to attend the relaunch of Toni& Guy North Pakistan, Gulberg Branch Lahore. Being in Pakistan now for 7 years, they have set up a high bar of standard of services being provided.  Recently, a Relaunch was planned and to be honest it was an affair to remember. Lets jump to the details and yes, my personal experience too.

Toni & Guy North Pakistan, Gulberg, Lahore:

In 2009,  the first ever branch of Toni &  Guy was opened at M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg Lahore as a franchise of renowned Toni & Guy, a name that is a brand in itself. Providing their clients with the utmost standard of care and quality services like never before. For 7 years of proving excellence in the beauty industry, the clientele had increased many fold and the demand was never coming down. Another branch was opened in DHA Z block, Lahore to cater the needs of the ever increasing clients and it received a warm welcome again.

The Expansion:

Even before the completion of 7 years, a dire need of expansion was felt and hence was planned keeping in view the high standards that were already set by Toni & Guy North Pakistan.  An extensive and well thought plan was laid out for the expansion of the salon, keeping in mind the demands of modern day clients of satisfaction and comfort, yet something that was a class apart and chic that reflected the Brand itself. An expansion was started in parts so that the salon stayed operational through out the process, not compromising on the part of their loyal customers. The loyalty and love of the clients was visible on many occasions where they gave color suggestions or ideas regarding the ambiance and decor, also the way they tolerated throughout the times of irritable smell of drying paint or noise of the drilling going around. The support that came forward from the clients was both heart warming and a driving force behind the much anticipated expansion.

The Relaunch :

On 22nd Nov,2015 Toni&Guy North Pakistan celebrated its 7 years celebrations and relaunched its M.M. Alam Salon where it all had started. The event started at 12:00 pm and lasted till 7 pm. The event was named SPA DAY as the main idea was to give the guests a luxury, relaxing experience at their favorite salon where they come for premium quality services on regular days. The guests included celebrities including Nouman Javaid, Asma Mumtaz, Kuki, Hamza Tarrar, Shoaib Akhter and many others, the list extended to top clients from the loyalty club. We could see the business faces including Shammal Qureshi, Nilofur Tiwana, and Juju Haider mingle with clients and indulge in chit chat with everyone enjoying the food by The Lahore Social. The event took an interesting turn when walk in clients were given a surprise by telling that they do not have to pay for their services as a present from Toni&Guy. The event was a one of its kind in liveliness as we saw parents coming with their kids to give their little ones beautiful hairstyling and pamper them while ladies and men relaxed in the facials and manipedi featuring Guinot products and hair treatments and updos using label.m products. Makeups and blowdries were also complimentary for anybody who wanted the services. The celebrities and clients recorded their testimonials in the contemporary photo studio sporting with props at times. Overall, the event was a beautiful, and a happening Sunday experienced by everyone.
Redah Misbah & Shammal Qureshi - Picture courtesy : Hassan Abbas

Redah Misbah & Juju Haider with guests (Picture Courtesy : Hassan Abbas)

The Lively Staff Of Toni & Guy North (Picture Courtesy : Hassan Abbas)

My Experience :

Apart from all the stars and celebrities that studded the day with their presence, Toni & Guy North had also invited a select number of bloggers to have their complimentary services and enjoy a good time by getting pampered at the salon. Well to be honest, these people know how to show a good time.  I have always been a NO SALON person, taking care whatsoever at home with my mom's home remedies. Salons, to me , are a place of total hustle bustle with extreme lack of privacy and no place to relax. Taking my skepticism with me, I stepped into the salon. Being a first timer, it was a pleasant experience to be received with such warmth and vigor by the staff at the reception.  I had booked a hair treatment and a manicure for which I was promptly handed over to this pleasant lady named Asifa who was all smiles and respect. With no waiting I was instantly put on the chair and treatments started accordingly. Mean while Asifa worked her magic, I was just observing around (told you took my skepticism with me). The salon was spacious, well lit and had such a classy look that spoke of the care with which  it was deigned.  Separate Gents and Ladies sections were there that were equipped with all the necessary requirements. The services being provided has separate rooms so everyone was taken to them according to the services they opted for. To be honest I was expecting there would be quite a lot of waiting going on but no sir, who ever came in was accommodated at the spot.* Impressiveeeeee*

le me during the Hair Treatment. :D

With the gorgeous lady Asifa -Post Hair treatment ( please excuse my weird smile :D )
Hair treatment done, a gentle massage that made me all sleepy done, steam done, now off to the manicure. The room was as relaxing as it could be, just relax lie down and let them do the magic. And result as super soft skin and those lustrous nails (No, I was not wearing a top coat to be clear -_-).  All the products used were top notch from the brands like Lable.M & Guinot. And there you go, 2 hours gone just in the blink of eye and batting of your eyelash and results were those soft and  shinny locks and supple hands.  

Overall I was totally impressed (no lies). My perception of salons being all crowded and crammed  was gone and super bright, well lit, comfortable idea has soaked in.
I don't know how it looked before expansion, but now its grand and beautiful and classy and comfortable and relaxing and and and....  For all these ands, you better go and check out yourself!

Last but not the least, Thank you Toni & Guy North for having me at the relaunch ! It was an amazing experience with you guys . Also Mr.Hassan Abbas for the invitation and arranging such an amazing event. 

Follow Toni & Guy North Pakistan on their social media for all up coming details and offers ( Which are awesome by the way) 

Stay blessed 
Sherry K
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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Learning with the Pros at One day hands on workshop at the Depilex College of Cosmetology - A photo walk through

Blogging comes with its perks, the best one being able to learn from the best in the industry and have hands on experience under their guidance. If you follow me on Instagram (HERE) , you would know I recently attended a one day  makeup workshop at the Depilex College of Cosmetology, Lahore under the supervision of none other than Masarrat Misbah &  Redah Misbah. Well lets not keep you waiting and jump to the details of the event

Who is Masarrat Misbah & What is Depilex College of Cosmetology?

Masarrat Misbah, an entrepreneur and a beauty expert of international fame is the master mind behind the Depilex Group.  Being a visionary and a woman of strength, she has established one of its kind Depilex Institute that meets the international standards of Beauty Treatments and Makeup Artistry. Her ventures do not end at that,  but she is also the founder of Pakistan's first ever Acid and Kerosene Oil burns victims Foundation named as SMILE AGAIN FOUNDATION, that has been helping burn victims over  3 decades now to establish  better lifestyle for themselves and their families rendering them as useful citizens.

Depilex College of Cosmetology, started of as a part of 35 years celebrations of Depilex, is state of the art institute for those who want to acquire an internationally recognized degree in Art and Sciences of Cosmetology. Being affiliated with City &  Guild, UK, the standard of courses offered and training provided is no less than any other in the world. Moreover, also providing with personal grooming and professional short courses according to individual needs is another accomplishment. Providing lodging in their own hostel, they accommodate students from all over the country, hence leaving no stone unturned to make it easy for women of this nation. 

One Day Hands on workshop on Makeup Essentials:

As a part of their 35 years celebration, A first of its kind One day hands on workshop on Makeup Essentials was organized at Depilex College of Cosmetology for Pakistani Bloggers.  Yes when I say Pakistani Bloggers, I actually mean it because beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers all over the nation were approached and invited for this exclusive opportunity. The effort put here is no less than commendable as this has never happened before.
I personally was very very excited for this workshop for it was a perfect opportunity to  meet all those pretty faces behind amazing blogs and finally get to know each other much better, not to mention meet Masarrat Misbah herself ( did I mention I am a huge fan of that lady??). Being all set before time, I reached the venue quite before time, met with everyone and the event started sharp at 12 ( now that is once in lifetime thing too, an event Starting at its time you know) 
Pre-Event Excitment ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

All Lahore & Islamabad Bloggers Together ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

First, we were greeted by Redah Misbah, no less in grace and Beauty than her mother. She briefed us all about the Depilex College of Cosmetology and the ideology behind it And then there was this lady weaving the magic with her words, yes I am talking about none other than Masarrat Misbah herself. Man o man, was I mesmerized or what? You guys should listen to her talk atleast once!! They also showed us this video encompassing the 35 Years of Depilex.
Redah Misbah Giving Introduction of Depilex College of Cosmetology ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Masarrat Misbah- The Lady behind Depilex Group Her self 

Gorgeous Redah Misbah 

The Video Round up of 35 Years Of Depilex 

A gorgeous lady, Isma was our instructor for the day.  She Created a gorgeous day to night look at the model and answered all our questions so patiently, I was literally impressed. I  mean ask me a lame question and boom you are dead.  But that lady, nerves of steel I tell you. 
And the Makeup Class Begins with Isma ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Isma creating A Day Time Look ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

The Art of Mix and Match being taught

Switching the day look to Evening Glam look

The Day to Night Looks ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Then we got paired up and were given separate makeup trays having all the essentials. A wide range of MM makeup was there to help us create our looks. Isma was there the whole time looking over us like a school teacher and helping us get over our flaws *ahhhhhh-mazinggggg*. So we put together our looks and were scrutinized by Masarrat  Misbah herself who pointed out what we lacked and what needed to be changed.
Everyone Being Given their match in MM Silk Foundation By Isma ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Our Makeup tray containing Facial Wipes, Mosturiser, Lip Balm , Cake Liner , Brow Pencil & Makeup Tools

Everyone at their makeup station putting together a Look

Me Busy In applying the makeup ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

And the Feedback video Being Shot at the DCC ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Finally, we got our signed certificates from the gorgeous mother daughter duo Massarat & Redah Misbah.

Received the Makeup Essentials Certificate from Masarrat Misbah & Redah Misbah ,please excuse the grin :D( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

All of us with the Gorgeous Mother Daughter Duo with our certificates ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

It was a day well spent, in fact a bit too well spent because in the breaks we got, there was major swatching going on!  No lies, everyone had brought their most dear makeup possessions and everyone wanted to have hands on experience on them too *beauty blogger's curse they say*
Major Swatching going on in the break( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Beauty Blogger Discussions :D  ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

In the end, I have some amazing news for all my lovely readers all across Pakistan.  You can avail a whooping 20% OFF on select courses offered by DEPILEX COLLEGE COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY by just mentioning My name or My blog's name

 Here is the list of courses which have been on discount for you guys.:

1. Personal grooming & Personality Development - 1 week
2. Personality Development for Mature Individuals OR Personal Grooming for Career orientated      Professionals - 1 week
3.Makeup, Hair & skin - 1 week
4. Safe &  hygienic work practice - 5 days
5. Contouring for professionals -  3 days
6.  Color Correction for Problematic Skin - 2 days
7. Eyeliner Techniques -  2 days
8. Manicure treatment  - 5 days
9.  Pedicure  treatments - 5 days
10. Nail art treatments - 5 days
11. Beginners Epilation - 5 days
12. Beginners body therapy -  5 days

You can get a whooping 20%OFF on these courses any day of the year!  Just email me at or inbox me at page FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF MIRROR on Facebook to know all the details.

Moreover, they also offer City & Guild's Diploma Courses and DCC professional Courses.  For all the details, just message me.

A huge thanks to Depilex College Of Cosmetology for having us,  Masarrat Misbah and Redah Misbah for being such generous hosts and teachers , Fakhra Rafique Khan of Fakhra Rafique Blog for arranging all of the event and Hassan Abbas for the amazing Photographs ( due credits mentioned under courtesy photographs)
Fakhra Rafique Khan - The lady behind the event ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

The Amazing Staff at the Depilex College of Cosmetology ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

I Hope you enjoyed the whole virtual tour of the workshop with me and also the amazing offer I brought for you courtesy of Depilex College of Cosmetology. Do leave your lovely comments in the comments box below.

Stay blessed
Sherry k

P.s:  To stay connected, follow me on Social media (links below)

P.p.s :  Stay connected to all the updates about Depilex college of Cosmetology and Masarrat Misbah Makeup follow them on social media here :
  • Depilex College of Cosmetology :
Facebook Page

  • Masarrat Misbah Makeup 
Facebook page
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Monday, 2 November 2015

September & October Favorites

Sorry for being mia for past 2 months for it has been crazy as hell in those months with everything just piling up and me being mostly unable to do any of it.  Plus the writers block made me go nuts! I kept  opening the blogger, stare it for an hour or, not even writing a word and then closing everything to go to sleep. Yup, that's what's been happening and finally its over (hopefully)  because I am writing like a hysteric here right now :-D

So the last post, that was in September was a favorites post and so is this one.  I have compiled a list of stuff I loved using these past 2 months and to be honest it isn't much long.  I was expecting it to be quite  a few products because there was no Shoppers block :-P. 
Enough with the ranting and here comes the list!  

1. Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm:

This little pinky was picked up with the grocery at the checkout counter without any thoughts because my lips were chipped like anything and I just needed something for them.  But this one is a keeper for sure!  Its kind of thick but its good because it stays on for a long long while and keeps my ever chipped lips hydrated.

2. Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil - Prolong Purple:

Last month I had this one in my mail to review and, why lie, I didn't use it much. But when I finally used it to line my lower lash line, which is my favorite thing to do,  this one lasted for 18 hours straight.  I  was like woaaahhhh you still there??  I love it  to bits.  I am determined to get the emerald green soon in this one! 

3.ELF Mist & Set Makeup Setting Spray :

Not that I have a set rules to do makeup or even setting it afterwards isn't a must pointer for me, but still I have this setting spray well placed on my dresser.  Reason: this baby is a keeper. Whenever I have used it, it has never failed me. Just one or two spritz and all your makeup is locked and has a perfectly soft finish!  Added to the list of favorites this months after using it for than a year!

4.  SHE Is from Istanbul Body Spray:

I have always been a fan of SHE  body sprays and an avid user. After trying a few from other brands, I came back  to these.  Recently they have introduced these new Travellers Editions in the previous SHE IS  line and I  must say what exotic fragrances these are! Not that I am much of a fragrance peculiar person but these just got me loving them!  If you like to keep trying, I would suggest you try this one this time.

5. Double Sided Pearl Studs:

There has been quite a rage of Dior pearl studs but I am usually late when it comes to following trends,  I am lazy no other reason.  I got these beautiful double pearl studs as a gift from a beautiful fellow blogger cum friend Huda and girl you got me hooked!  I have been wearing them everywhere everyday!! These are definitely my favorites and will stay on the list for a while to be honest.  Get a pair and trust me praises will be on your way! 

Here is a very short list of what I loved lately in past 2 months.  I hope I stay regular from this month on wards and review all the stuff I have lined up for reviews. If you have any questions regarding the above products or need an urgent review, feel free to ask me! 

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

August Favourites

Yaaay its September!!  August gone, and so is the summer slowly going.  I am so happy its gonna be fall soon. This hot humid part of the year is not my thing to be honest,I am more of a winter person.  I even function better when its cold and quite.
With the passing summer, a very few things make to my favorites list every month because most of the stuff doesn't hold up good on the sweaty face of mine. But still a few things stayed at the top of this list this month too. And here you go

1.Color pop Lippistix - Frida

I got this lovely sleek thing about 2 months back and it has been my most used Lipstick since then. Its a true peach nude shade having brown undertonez that I love wearing to work. Oh and did I mention it smells like vanilla??  Yummm

2.Sigma Beauty Ethereal Radiance Brush Set.:

Late in thw August, I got a chance to try the Ethereal Radiance Brush set by sigma Beauty and it has left me spell bound.  Even though user a few times, it was an instant hit for me.  The super soft bristles and dense fibers just pack the pigments on lids just perfect!  The cream brush is amazing for its job.  Absolute love for this one!!

3. E.L.F Mineral infused primer - Clear :

Before having a primer, I never knew what was all the rage about the priming. But since it was too much to resist, I tried the ELF mineral infused primer, and haven't looked back since then.  I am on my 2nd bottle now and I don't think I am going to look any further.  Leaving the skin super soft,  pores minimized and fine lines filled up, this one is a keeper!

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - 001 Transparent :

This is a cult favorite and most recommended budget friendly compact powder. So with this summer heat, I needed something to hold up atleast for an hour or 2 decently to look abit presentable and not a sweat ball.  This one held up real good for about 3 hours in the scorching heat after  which it gave up. Well not to blame it the heat here is unforgiving. So it was better then many who gave up as soon as i stepped out of the room.

5.MM Makeup Silk foundation - Fair:

Have you read the review already?? Its "THE THING"  you need this summer.  Super high coverage and non-budging foundation ever. With this one you don't need a concealer if you have not so prominent dark circles and blemishes because it really does the job.  I have a few issues regarding accentuating dry patches and fast drying formula but still its the best buy in the market for long wearing foundation in this summer! 

This is all for the August Favourites. Hope you guys like a few of my picks this month. Next month is going to be awesome because it would be more close to winter Yayyyy! 


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Luxurious lips with M.N luxury Lip Gloss - Review

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes even the more you get, the less you feel. Same is with me these days. I am kind of obsessed with liquid lipsticks only God knows why. For that I have tried every single one I could get my hands one whether I am out for grocery or for shopping or stopping by a food point. If I spot a liquid lipstick, I have to have it. So, this one today is also one of the liquid lipsticks I have. Let's have a look as how luxurious does it make you feel. 

M.N luxury Lip Gloss :

Provides a hint of luscious , luminous hint of color . No color bleeding or sticky tacky sensation. Binds in moisture to keep suppleness.

My Experience :

M.n Luxury Lipgloss 

This lip gloss comes sealed in a pack after with a clear side so you can see if the shade is the one which you have chosen from the testers which is a good point because the numbers are usually stickers and they tend to get misplaced which results in extremely bad mood when you open it up at home and shade comes out totally different from the one you chose at the counter. The tube itself is clear plastic with a standard doe foot applicator. The product is kind of thick, with a texture leaning more towards creamy side rather than runny. There is a tinge of smell. I don't know how to explain it but it sort of smells like a standard lipgloss smell that lingers on for a few minutes. 
now for the application. This is a tricky part because as I have said the texture is creamy and its thick as well, so LITTLE IS MORE here. Just get a little bit of the product and spread it evenly on your lips and let it dry for a while. Do not smack, i repeat DO NOT SMACK your lips during the drying because it makes it all blotchy and patchy. Once its dried it gives a gorgeous velvety finish, not the typical dried out parched lips but a gorgeous smooth creamy look to your lips which looks absolutely luxurious!! Oh yes, I was disappointed at first and didn't like to have it on my lips because it felt all heavy and took forever to dry but then I tried a thin layer and voila! Magic was there. 

M.n Luxury Lipgloss- Ingredients 

M.n Luxury Lipgloss 

M.n Luxury Lipgloss 

M.n Luxury Lipgloss 

As for the lasting power is concerned, it lasts a pretty good 4-5 hours on me without eating and drinking. If you eat it depends upon the food, like if its oily the lip gloss will be removed fast, if its just a snack munching, it would last its usual time. After that it starts to fade form the inner side of the lips and in the end you are left with only lined lips. Yes its sad but its true :-( 
Moreover if you tend yo rub you lips, it starts getting flaky after a while and falls off. But i guess if you get rough with any liquid Lipstick it will finally give up, don't you think?
overall, I found this lip gloss to be tricky but treaty at the same time. Once you get the hang of it, you can go on flaunting those velvety lips everywhere.


M.n Luxury Lipgloss -Arm Swatch

M.n Luxury Lipgloss - Lip Swatch

M.n Luxury Lipgloss Shade 20:

This is a perfect Rose color that has a hint of pink . Might appear darker if layered up . This is a Single swipe across my arm and also a single thin layer on my Lips . You see how highly pigmented and even the application is ! 

Thumbs up for:

  • Sealed tube very time you purchase 
  • Affordable 
  • Sturdy packaging 
  • Travel friendly 
  • A huge shade variety to select from 
  • Gives a lovely velvety finish 
  • Doesn't dry up lips 
  • Good lasting power of 4-5 hours straight 

Thumbs down for 

  • Availability might be an issue 
  • Application is tricky, if you get a thick layer it will dry late and will flake off early. 
  • Smell might be a problem for a few people. 
  • Tends to fade from inside without leaving an even stain. 

My Rating:

I give this baby a good 4/5 because the finish is to die for! Not even a single lipstick be it liquid or tube type, gives me this finish. I am absolutely a fan of m.n luxury lip gloss and definitely adding more colors to my stash soon! 

Price & Availability :

M.n luxury lip glosses are available on local cosmetics stores nation wide for the price of 250-350 Pkr. I got mine from a Facebook page  BEAUTY TIPS. 

Good news for everyone around the globe as they ship within Pakistan and Internationally all over the Globe! 

Have you ever tried this lip gloss by m.n? Do you have any lipgloss that gives the same finish? Please let me know in the comments below because I love the finish it gives! 

Stay Blessed 
Sherry K 

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