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Lips as smooth as a velvet dream with Bbia Lipsticks-Review & Swatches

With the winters approaching, all I can dream is of velvety blankets, velvet chocolates and yes velvet finish Lipsticks.  Yes, you heard me right. Those velvety soft textured creamy Lipsticks that leave every one wondering behind you! Well tried many that claim the same, but this time I have hit a jackpot. You guys know how much I love Korean cosmetics, and these are one of those crazy hauls I do once a year Directly from Korea, with love of course ;-)
And here goes the review

Bbia velvet finish Lipstick:

Product Description:
- Light air like application on lips
-One touch gives clear color
-Long wearing color for long hours
-Moisture silky application

How to use:
- Remove oil on the lips using powder, apply color on the lips

Available Colors (Courtesy: Google)

My Experience:

Bbia Velvet Lipstick

Bbia Velvet Lipstick

Bbia Velvet Lipstick- shade 03 & 01

I have always been a fan of how subtle Korean cosmetics are. Being said that, these Lipsticks are the total opposite of subtle.  Coming in red demi matter finish square tubes, these are an eye candy.  The packaging is prone to finger prints and that might become obvious if not cleaned properly after every usage.  The Lipsticks come with number tag below with  Korean written on it (well obviously, duhhh)so its incomprehensible to non-Korean speaking folk. Now you have to  remember the number for the  color or else you will be picking up the wrong one every time (like me). Apart from that, the feel is luxurious, once applied it turns into a velvety matte finish. 
The staying time is amazing, put it up in the morning and wipe off at the evening, it stays there  budge proof, but if you eat something oily or have the habit of rubbing and smacking your  lips, it fades away evenly.  It stays a good 6-8 hours and then fades leaving behind an even tint to the lips. The feel is soft, no something heavy sitting atop of your lips making you uncomfortable. To be honest I like the feel so much I just keep on rubbing my lips all the time, making it fade away faster.
The formula is neither dry nor too.much hydrating. So if you have dry /chapped lips, do moisturize and scrub them well before application.

Shade 03: A bright shocking Pink with cool undertones.
Bbia Velvet Lipstick- shade 03

Shade 01 : A deep bright red that can be built up to full coverage.
Bbia Velvet Lipstick- shade 01


Bbia Velvet Lipstick- shade 03 & 01 (Swatch)

Lip swatches:

Bbia Velvet Lipstick- shade 01

Bbia Velvet Lipstick- shade 03

Thumbs up for :

  • Beautiful luxurious red packaging 
  • 5 gorgeous shades to select from
  • Full color pay off at single swipe, no need to layer up
  • Gives a soft velvet finish
  • Creamy formula doesn't tug or feel harsh on lips
  • Long staying time of over 6-8 hours 
  • Fades away to an even tint

Thumbs down for:

  • Availability is an issue.
  • Same packaging color for all tubes. 
  • No names just numbers of the colors. 
  • Everything written in korean makes it hard for international customers.

Price and availability

The Babia Velvet finish Lipsticks are available for $5 at is also available at Ebay and Ali Express (Prices vary according to seller) You should ask the sellers if the provide with world wide Shipping.

My Rating :

I would give these a whooping 4/5. There no problem with the product,  just the availability issue might not appeal every one. 


Stay blessed
Sherry k

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