Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Winter Wish List ft. Rosegal.com

So as you guys know I am already on a mission to give my wardrobe a makeover and prepare for the winter already ( Yes I am waiting for winters THAT MUCH) . While doing that I am already placing orders for cardigans and warmers at various web stores. While I was on the outlook for some bargains , I stumbled upon this amazing website named Rosegal.com which carries all sorts of ladies wear , plus it has some amazing home decor stuff , mermaid blankets and yes Makeup as well ! Yup, you heard me , its like an all in one store where you can buy almost everything for yourself, your man , your kids ,your home ( But not for your dog or cat , sorry to disappoint you ;( )
So while browsing around, I made a little wish list for myself for some winter essentials that I would like to add in my Winter wardrobe this year . I am linking all of these items below so you can go check them out ASAP ! Oh , and did I mention they are having this amazing sale on most of their products ? Well that makes it a super amazing web store in my opinion. They are offering free shipping over the orders of $30 and deliver worldwide.

Here are my picks :

1.Retro Style Round Neck Floral Embroidery Dress

2.Skew Zipper Hooded Hoodie

3.Bow and Rhinestones  Ankle Boots

4.Retro Cut Out Round Filigree Old Tree Magnifying Glass Sweater Chain 

5.Faux Gemstone Earrings 

Hope you guys like my short and simple winter wishlist. Don't forget to visit Rosegal.com and share your wishlist with me.

Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Gearing up for Fall ft. Zaful.com, shoeboxpk & L.A Girl Pro

September is almost over the and its officially fall over the world. With as slowly it comes, it goes by double the speed and in no time there will be  Winter (yaasssss!!). Fall/winter calls for some wardrobe makeover and some color palette change. With all those deep hues taking over, I am actually glad that I would finally be able to snuggle up in  my jeans and coats with no worries of ironing and having fancy stuff going around. But still gotta carry me stuff with me, no?  Well for that,I have already geared up with 2 basic combinations of  black and brown. As my mom has always said no matter what you are wearing just match the bag with your shoes and you are good to go.
Keeping that in mind, I have hauled a bit already and have put up these combinations for you guys. Let's have a look at them

The Blacks :

Bag : Zaful.com 
Shoes : Shoebox Pakistan
Lipstick : L.A Girl Pro Flat matte lip gloss in Fluer

I picked up this colorful Aztec print over black because too much black would have been cliche. Just the right amount of color doesn't harm anyone. Plus this bag comes with a removable pouch so its a bonus for me. 

Though not much clear here, but these sequined flat pumps are life!  I love a little bling bling going around without being over the top and these shoes are just perfect. Oh yes and they are super comfortable.
L.A Girl pro flat matte lipgloss in Fluer  is a beautiful muted nude with orange under tone which is exactly my kind of color. Though not much of a fan of the formula, the color is something I love. Full review will be up soon.

The Browns :

Bag: Zaful.com 
Shades : Zaful.com
Lipstick : Bbia Velvet finish shade 03
Perfume   : Marc Jacobs Dot

Next up is the brown color palette. This bag by Zaful is my ultimate favorite. The material is super soft and and it really spacious. Plus it has clasps at the back, so that you can make it a backpack if you want or carry it as a cross body whatever suits you. Love the finishing and its really going to be used a lot  this season.

These cat eye shades are by Zaful as well and reviewed by me on the blog. You can check it out HERE.
With so much monochrome going around, I have thrown in some color by pairing it up with this uber gorgeous BBIA Velvet Finish lipstick in shade 03 when is a bright pink with blue undertones. Complete review with swatch can be read HERE
Next up is this Marc Jacob's perfume in Dot just to add some warmth in those chilly days. Out of all the perfumes I own this is my favorite. Its  a warm fragrance with no floral touch to it (thank God). So if you want to gift me, please get me a full size bottle of this one, thank you :D
I paired these all up with my brown pumps and wonder why aren't they photographed :/

This is all about my fall preparations, though we still have summer going around over here. Do let me know what changes do you make when winter hits up.

Stay Blessed
Sherry k.

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Glow up in a swipe with beauty Uk Sweet Cheeks Cream blush stick in vanilla ice - Review

Not very long  time ago , I received this super cute and chubby blush stick in my mail, which I was like okay , Mehhh , not excited to use and stuff like that , just because it was a cream based product and I am not much of a fan of cream products (Thanks to this sweltering heat ). This goes as the reason behind this delayed review BUT trust me this is worth the read if you are on the outlook of a highlighter that gives that perfect highlighted 100 watt glow to your skin and makes it look really healthy. I have started using this ,rather exploiting this blush stick ( which works as a highlighter in this particular shade) because I wear it every where , literally every where , some times to the kitchen as well ( How about that ?) and it gives that super beautiful glow that I absolutely love. 

OK , enough with the raving ,lets head over to the review and get to know this little chubby guy and how to use it and fall in love with it . 

Beauty UK Sweet Cheeks Cream Blush Sticks:

Sweet Cheeks is a fabulous cream stick blusher that delivers instant radiance to your complexion! Our outstanding light-weight formula is creamy soft, moisturising and glides on for that perfect dewy finish. The unique formula contains Shea Butter, Vitamin C Jojoba Oil which will help maintain a healthy complexion. It is easy to apply and can be blended either with a brush or your fingertips allowing you complete control over the intensity of your desired finish. The range is made up of 6 delicious sweet inspired shades with perfect hints of rose, pink and mauve.

 TIP! Use the highlighting shade no.6 in Vanilla Ice to complete your contoured look.

My Experience:

Beauty UK Creme Blush Stick- Vanilla Ice

The Beauty UK Cream Blush sticks come in 6 different shades that includes some beautiful berry to pinks peaches and a champagne ,which I own luckily. These Blushers come in a short chubby stick with a twist up mechanism. The color of the packaging is same as the product which makes it easy to spot in your stash .The packaging is pretty sturdy and definitely travel friendly because it has survived travel bag ,which is a total disaster to be honest.
The shade I have is Vanilla Ice ,which is a super gorgeous champagne. The formula is creamy and glides on easily over the cheekbones ,no tugging what so ever. Since its cream formula , many of you might not like the oiliness or tackiness that it gives after the application ,but its really not bothersome for me as it melts into the skin after a while and doesn't feel tacky at all , the oiliness, however, remains.
About the application, I like to directly apply it on the high points of my cheeks and bridge of nose from the stick and then blend it out with my fingers. One thing should be kept in mind that the color is super light and doesn't show up much on the skin ( you will see in the swatch below) , so you might get disappointed that it isn't showing up and is a useless thing ( Just like what happened to me ) ,so I kept layering it over and over again and then gave up. BUT here is the catch , apply it on your cheek bones as much as you like ( You can not simply go over board with this) , just tap with your fingers to lightly blend it and step back from the mirror , move your face slowly , and here is that glow ! yes you can actually see the highlighter but when the light hits your face glows up like a light bulb (no exaggeration !).  I haven't used any brush or sponge to blend it out because fingers do the right job for me. May be with the darker colors that actually work as the blush, using a sponge will be a better idea.
Beauty UK Creme Blush Stick- Vanilla Ice
The color is really subtle champagne, with no visible or chunky glitter. The Shea butter formula makes it super smooth and it melts right away after application. It doesn't settle into pores or fine lines hence it doesn't accentuate them which is a total plus for me. It gives a really nice Glow from within kind of look that looks absolutely amazing. However if you are that in-your-face kind of highlighter person, you can just layer it up with your favorite powder highlighter and get that intense glow, because it provides such a nice base to them.  
Beauty UK Creme Blush Stick- Vanilla Ice
The staying power is a good 5-6 hours if left undisturbed  and you just don't wipe it off with sweat. If you top it off with powder highlighter the wear time increases considerably. The oiliness might be a little turn off for oily skin beauties, but still they can use it with setting with powder or may be in winters to have a fresher look. 
All in all, I am in love with this chubby little thing. It has made my life super easy  and super Glowy. Totally recommended to you guys. 


Beauty UK Creme Blush Stick- Vanilla Ice( Swatch)

Thumbs Up For:

  • Easily available
  • Affordable price tag
  • Loads of product that is going to last for a long time
  • Sturdy Packaging
  • 6 color variants
  • Added Shea Butter, Vitamin C and Jojoba Oil to nourish skin
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Melts right away and gives a natural glow
  • Long staying power

Thumbs Down For:

  • Might feel tacky in the beginning 
  • Oily skin ladies might find it adding to their oiliness

My Rating:

I would rate this product a good 4/5 because I am totally in love with it and have been recommending it to everyone and who ever got it on my recommendation is a happy happy user now ! If you are having double thoughts due to its cream formula , then there is nothing that can't be set with a powder ;) 

Price & Availability: 

The Sweet Cheeks Cream Blush Stick is Available for £3.99 at Beauty UK WEBSITE . In Pakistan , these blush sticks are available nation wide at Beauty UK Counters set at all Hypermarkets/ Super Markets / Drugstores and retail for  PKR 840/-. These are also available online at major online shopping portals like Just4girls.pk , Daraz.com and Beautybar.pk


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Women Empowerment Done Right - "IDEAS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW" by Ideas

With so much campaigns going around , hardly there are some that actually mean something worthwhile. While I got a chance to look at this , I was awestruck at how we have such passionate people among us struggling everyday to make their dreams a reality , while many of us blessed with everything sit there whining about how we don't have particular thing to get us going .
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Friday, 2 September 2016

Accessorize with Zaful.com - Review

Can we just have a memory check please? Remember the last post? It was something about a bag from ZAFUL, rings any bells? Well , it should ( just assuming that you love my blog and keep checking in often :D) , and even if you haven’t , here is the LINK to my previous post , which I strongly recommend you do if you love some super high quality yet affordable bags. Coming back to today’s post , I got some accessories from Zaful.com along with the bag . Since they arrived separately, I decided to put up another post for them so that you guys can have a better look at the stuff I got .
This post isn’t going to be long (like it usually is) because all the details about Zaful.com are in the previous post which you can check HERE. Let’s have a look at the stuff and details of each

1. Cat Eye Sunglasses :

These mirrored cat eye sunglasses were something I instantly liked , thanks to my obsession with everything that is even remotely related to cats. The frame is metal with really fine finish but doesn’t feel heavy and is easy to use for longer periods. The mirrored glass was something I wasn’t a fan of previously but this purple tinted glass goes with the black frame just perfect.

It is priced for $ 4.53 which I feel is a great deal for the price

2. Earrings:

For me studs are the preferred type of earrings that I use mostly .I picked up these two earrings that looked pretty and different from the rest. 

The Blue Floral ones are made of acrylic flowers and studded with diamantes .The finish is really fine and they look super pretty to wear. Since somehow my wardrobe has turned blue this summer, they are going to get a really good wear time. Only thing that bothers me is the metal clasp at the back because it tends to get loose with time which I hope doesn’t.
These are priced for $3.05

The large Rhinestone studs are a little disappointing for me as the finish is not so neat and beautiful as shown on the website. The stones are fine cut but the placement is not fine. I believe it’s because of the antique styling of the metal frame. Nonetheless, they are perfect for formal and semi formal occasions paired with a choker.
These are priced for $ 2.96

3. Two Leaves Shape Elastic Waistband:

With all the belt craze going on, I picked this golden leaf clasp detail belt just to give it a try. The belt is pretty heavy given that it’s all metal and the leaves are pretty compared to what was shown on the website. Not that I am complaining but it’s really a delight. The leaves are finely carved and fit each other perfectly. The metal band is long enough to fit all sizes easily. I was dreading it to be hard and not elastic enough, but it’s really fine made and has tons of elasticity. So if you are looking for some fancy but cheap waistbands, this one totally recommended.

This is priced for $ 4.82

All in all, if you are looking for some quality accessories , I would really recommend  Zaful.com, The zircon studs were a little turn off for me , but still may be I am looking too deeply because I have been praised a lot while wearing them. With a wide range of shoes, bags, jewelry and apparel, I think zaful is a really good site to check out if you are looking for good quality affordable stuff.
Do check them out on
Facebook HERE
Instagram HERE


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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