Friday, 2 September 2016

Accessorize with - Review

Can we just have a memory check please? Remember the last post? It was something about a bag from ZAFUL, rings any bells? Well , it should ( just assuming that you love my blog and keep checking in often :D) , and even if you haven’t , here is the LINK to my previous post , which I strongly recommend you do if you love some super high quality yet affordable bags. Coming back to today’s post , I got some accessories from along with the bag . Since they arrived separately, I decided to put up another post for them so that you guys can have a better look at the stuff I got .
This post isn’t going to be long (like it usually is) because all the details about are in the previous post which you can check HERE. Let’s have a look at the stuff and details of each

1. Cat Eye Sunglasses :

These mirrored cat eye sunglasses were something I instantly liked , thanks to my obsession with everything that is even remotely related to cats. The frame is metal with really fine finish but doesn’t feel heavy and is easy to use for longer periods. The mirrored glass was something I wasn’t a fan of previously but this purple tinted glass goes with the black frame just perfect.

It is priced for $ 4.53 which I feel is a great deal for the price

2. Earrings:

For me studs are the preferred type of earrings that I use mostly .I picked up these two earrings that looked pretty and different from the rest. 

The Blue Floral ones are made of acrylic flowers and studded with diamantes .The finish is really fine and they look super pretty to wear. Since somehow my wardrobe has turned blue this summer, they are going to get a really good wear time. Only thing that bothers me is the metal clasp at the back because it tends to get loose with time which I hope doesn’t.
These are priced for $3.05

The large Rhinestone studs are a little disappointing for me as the finish is not so neat and beautiful as shown on the website. The stones are fine cut but the placement is not fine. I believe it’s because of the antique styling of the metal frame. Nonetheless, they are perfect for formal and semi formal occasions paired with a choker.
These are priced for $ 2.96

3. Two Leaves Shape Elastic Waistband:

With all the belt craze going on, I picked this golden leaf clasp detail belt just to give it a try. The belt is pretty heavy given that it’s all metal and the leaves are pretty compared to what was shown on the website. Not that I am complaining but it’s really a delight. The leaves are finely carved and fit each other perfectly. The metal band is long enough to fit all sizes easily. I was dreading it to be hard and not elastic enough, but it’s really fine made and has tons of elasticity. So if you are looking for some fancy but cheap waistbands, this one totally recommended.

This is priced for $ 4.82

All in all, if you are looking for some quality accessories , I would really recommend, The zircon studs were a little turn off for me , but still may be I am looking too deeply because I have been praised a lot while wearing them. With a wide range of shoes, bags, jewelry and apparel, I think zaful is a really good site to check out if you are looking for good quality affordable stuff.
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Stay Blessed
Sherry K


  1. Amazing Review. i loved the Glasses and Studs 😍

  2. Good choices! I'm also spoiled for choice since they contacted me!:$ cant choose! haha

  3. Great picks! =D

  4. Love those earrings...

  5. Everything is adorable but those studs are beautiful

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