Friday, 29 August 2014

Loreal HiColor Highlights in Red- Review & Look

If you have been following me on Facebook or twitter you might know how much I am obsessed with red streaks and that too ,to be done by me at the ease of my home . After many many failed attempts of cut down and color , I finally hit the product that was right according to my needs ! I am talking about Loreal Hi Color Highlights in Red ! Lets have a look shall we ?

Excellence HiColor Red HiLights:

Permanent Creme HiLighting for Dark Hair Only

  • For highly-visible, intense Red highlights even on dark hair, without brassines
  • Breakthrough technology lifts hair 3-4 levels, no pre-lightening required
  • Rich, no-drip creme makes it easy for control of creative techniques
  • True-to-shade color that resists fading
  • Quick processing time of only 30 minutes
  • Available in 3 Hi-lift Red shades

Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 

Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 

My Experience: 

Loreal Excellence Hi Color Highlights comes in a card board box with a single tube of color inside it measuring 34gm / 1.2oz . There is no developer /gloves / instruction leaflet included in the package. The instructions are printed on and in the box , so to read it whole you need to tear open the box (not a good idea ) . Now to the working. It remains true to its claims . I have this color in my hair for a month now and its still all vibrant and lustrous as first application (please note here that I wash hair 3 -4 times / week with pre-oiling) So my hair washing routine hasn't affected the color . As far as the bleeding is concerned , have used many other Reds by different brands and they have bled during washing as if I have a cut or something in my head  and they stained my towel badly . I was expecting no less from this Red as well BUT SURPRISEEEEEEE!!! minimal bleeding even when I was washing off the hair dye off my hair !! Yes that's right , very little bleeding so no stains at my towel and no long washing time !
This Color is different in the way that it doesn't require any cut down/ bleaching hair prior to its use. As it says on the packaging , it really is a single step application (though I had 2 , i'll explain later what went wrong). It is for DARK HAIR ONLY and more specifically for virgin hair. So those beauties who have natural dark hair Good news for you !! I actually havn't tried it on pre-dyed hair so can't comment on that (note to self- Ask mum to volunteer a wisp of hair to try this color)

Application Directions:

Now this is important if you are a novice like me and learn by hit-and-miss technique then you better know what you'll do . 

Things you need:
  • Developer 30 volume (I used Keune Developer)
  • Old shirt
  • Gloves
  • Plastic bowl
  • Application brush
  • Foil (if you are doing streaks)
  • Newspaper (to cover up the working place)
  • Your Hair - UNWASHED for atleast 24-48 hours
  • Wear an old shirt , which if gets stains you won't get hurt !
  • Clip your hair in sections , take out the hair you want to color.
  • Cut out foil in appropriate lengths so that you can cover whole strand of hair 
  • Now take a mixing bowl , dispense color from the tube into it and mix with equal amounts of developer till you get a thick creamy paste 
  • Start applying the color to your hair making sure the hair are fully and evenly coated with color.
  • Wrap in foil and clip to you head 
  • Wait for about 90 minutes if you want the color in a single application. Though the box says you should take tit off after 30 minutes , but that didn't work for me and I got light hue of it , so applied it after resting my hair for 24 hours and applied again and left for almost 90 minutes. The results you can see below !
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 


Here you can see the results after first and second applications .Pictures have been taking outside .
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red (Results)

In this picture, I had applied color for the first time in the front during my second application .The color came out amazing like the other highlights (left it for 90 minutes)
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red (single Application)


  • Always ,always ,always do a patch test and wait for atleast 48 hours before complete coloring.
  • Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with you skin
  • Avoid contact with your eyes
  • If possible get help with application from your sister/friend.
  • Do not use on colored hair
  • If you have treated hair ( permed/ relaxed/bleached) ,its better to consult an expert before application. If not possible , then wait at least 14 days after treatment.
Loreal HiColor Highlights -Red 

Thumbs Up for :

  • Single step application
  • Gives amazing color results
  • Least bleeding
  • No after wash staining of towel
  • No dryness after color
  • Long lasting color

Thumbs Down for:

  • No Gloves, leaflet & developer included
  • Availability - Not available in Pakistan ,has to be ordered online 

Price & Availability:

Loreal Excellence Hi Color Highlights retails at $ 6.49 at Sally Beauty Supply. I ordered mine from for PkR 1720. You may also find it at Amazon and Ebay .


I would give it a 4/5. It would have been a 5 if availability wasn't an issue .

What do you think of this Hair Color ? Have you ever dyed your hair ? What's your Favourite hair color ?

Stay Blessed
Sherry K
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Thursday, 14 August 2014

E.L.F Blush in Gotta Glow - Review, Swatch & Look

I have been acting pretty weird lately ,only God knows why . Every time I decide to do something there is this surge of laziness that makes me want to give up even the idea of even moving and just go to sleep. Well, have been fighting it and guess what today tonight I finally managed to write this blog post I have been dying to write and share with you guys ! This blog post is dedicated to my most loved and most used blush which is actually a highlighter by Eyes.Lips.Face .It goes by the name Gotta Glow. Read out to know more about this amazing product 

e.l.f Blush in Gotta Glow

The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow

My Experience:

Ever since I started using e.l.f products ,I have been amazed by the quality of the products in such an amazing price tag .Tby e.l.f that make me fall in love over and over every time I use them. The blush come in a decent black covering .nothing fancy at all but doesn't look cheap or anything ,rather it looks classy ! There is little mirror inside which is pretty helpful in last minute touch ups . Now the main product,even though the packaging says its a blush but actually its a white highlighter with very fine golden glitter . It is said to be a dupe of NARS Albastross,but since I don't own the mentioned highlighter ,I cant give you guys a comparison. But  the product it self is so pretty. It has a fine powdery texture that blends like a dream! just one swipe and the brush picks up the right amount to give you a subtle glow ! Being powdery means fall out ,but there is no major fall out just a little bit , that you can let go because of the amazing product . It lasts a good 5-6 hours on me ( I have oily /combination skin) ,even after those hours I could see a little bit of the glittery specks here and there .

e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow ( Swatch)
e.l.f Blush- Gotta Glow (On me)

Thumbs Up For :

  • Classy ,sturdy packaging
  • Mirror Included
  • Smooth Texture
  • Super Blendable
  • Less fall out
  • Long staying power
  • Affordable Price tag

Thumbs down for:

  • Availability in Pakistan is an issue
  • Glitter may be a concern for those with open pores

Price & Availability :

e.l.f Blush retails at a price of 3$ and can be ordered through e.l.f Official Website. In Pakistan , you need to order it through some facebook pages. I got mine from Makeup & Accessories for PKR 550. You should definitely check out this page as they have amazing in stocks and have COD all over Pakistan !

To stay in touch with all the latest updates by e.l.f cosmetics check their facebook page HERE.


I give it a 4.5/5 just because of the availability issue and a the glitter issue . I cannot insist more on getting e.l.f blushes !! Do give them a try and I guarantee you won't be disappointed !

Stay Blessed 
Sherry K 
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Sunday, 3 August 2014

MUA Lipstick trio - Review & Swatches

MUA Lipstick Trio- Scarlet

Happy belated Eid Ul Fitr Mubarik to all the Muslims around the globe. I hope you all had a lovely Eid with your family and friends. I was super busy with Eid preparations and then with the festivities of the day that I couldn't get in touch you guys. So now everything being back to its place calls for reviews and all other blogging stuff to continue. Today I have The MakeUp Academy's Lipstick Trio in Scarlet. Has this cute little thing won my heart over ? Keep reading to know more about it.

MUA Lipstick Trio -Scarlet:

"Pucker up with Spring with new MUA Lip Trios.

MUA Lip Trio provides the visual effect of a stain with the comfort and sheen of a lip gloss. The long-term colour with a satin, balmy finish leaves the look of effortless polish and understated sophistication. "

Available in 3 shades:

MUA Lipstick Trio- Sacrlet

MUA Lipstick Trio- Sacrlet

MUA Lipstick Trio- Sacrlet

My Thoughts :

This little lipstick trio comes 3 different shades .I got mine in Scarlet which has 3 pans of beautifully complimenting colors, a Bright Fuchsia, a light fresh Pink and a Coral. The packaging is quite  basic with a clear lid and a sort of push button to unlock it which is a good point because you dont have to worry about it opening in your purse and making a mess. The packaging is not much sturdy and might break on heavy impact to better take care of it . It comes with a double end sponge applicator with one end as broad eye applicator and other pointed one. Though the applicator is kind of useless , I am still trying to make it work somehow. 

The colors are nicely pigmented. They show up a little lighter then the pan on lips but can be easily layered up to get more color. One swipe is enough to cover both lips nicely. The finish is glossy just like lip glosses (that's what the product claims to do). in staying power is just average , not something like a stain would last a good 4-5 hours without eating and 2-3 hours with eating. This hardly lasts 2-3 hours on me without eating and vanishes after eating so I need to touch up after each munching. But for a person like me who carries just one lippie or gloss in her bag just for the sake of not rummaging when need be, this is a perfect thing to carry and touch up .

MUA Lipstick Trio- Scarlet (Swatches)

MUA Lipstick Trio-Scarlet

Thumbs Up For:

  • Affordable price tag
  • Easy to carry in you bag
  • 3 beautiful colors
  • Decent Pigmentation

Thumbs Down For:

  • Packaging not sturdy enough
  • Not long lasting
  • Glossy finish
  • Applicator not much helpful

Price & Availability:

You can find MakeUp Academy's Lipstick Trios for £2.50 at their official website HERE. In Pakistan you can find MUA at PKR. 450/-.  Follow Makeup Academy's Official Facebook page for all the new updates and ongoing giveaways HERE.


I would give it a 3/5 . Only if it had a useful applicator and a longer staying power it would definilty be in my favorites list !

What do you think of this launch by MUA ? What are your favorties from Makeup Acemdmy? Do let me know in the comments below !


Stay Blessed:
Sherry K

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