Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Be 24 hours Active with OLOR Deodrants - Review

Summer is coming!!!  Well yes, summer is something I dread a lot. With a temperature peak of 50 Celsius, its not something I look forward to becoming a  sweat and grease ball is one of the gifts of the scorching heat.  For that I need something that lasts long enough to make me waddle through the day with enough dignity. Today I am reviewing one of the essentials for summers,  Body Deodorants. The spotlight today is on OLOR 24 hours Active Deodorants.  Do they fulfill their claims? Read on to get the answers:



Fragrance Classification: Floral Fruity Gourmand
Olfactory Details: Lilac & Amber
Fragrance Description
Top notes of this fragrance is mandarin and pink pepper. However the middle notes are peach, lilac, geranium. The base of the fragrance leaves the notes of amber and patchouli.

Of the three fragrances, this one is the warmest and musky. With top fruity notes fading, the warm amber is the one that lingers on. Its soft and doesn't smell weird.


Fragrance Classification: Oriental Vanilla
Olfactory Details: Raspberry &Vanilla
Fragrance Description
Top notes are peach, apricot, black currant and raspberry; middle notes are mandarin orange, carnation and cinnamon; base notes are vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean and opoponax

This fruity one is my favorite!  Being a huge fan of berries and berry fragrances, this is the one for me!


Fragrance Classification: Floral Fruity Gourmand
Olfactory Details: Iris and Black Current
Fragrance Description
Iris is the key ingredient of the perfume, surrounded by orange blossoms and jasmine in the heart. The composition’s opening provides fruity flavors of black currant and pear, while the base  is warm, gourmand and powdery due to almond like accords of tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla.

This floral,fruity odor is absolutely lovely. If you like floral odors with a slight hint of fruits, get this one. I love how the lilac and black current compliment each other.

My Experience :

The new OLOR 24 hour Active deodorants come in standard ml metal bottles with plastic caps that secure nicely the bottles are not too long and can be easily carried in your hand bag. About the 24 hour claim,  I am so pleased to announce that the fragrance stays on the clothes for longer than that!  Yes you heard me right!  Even after the wash, I can still smell the fruity odor of Rosy Raspberry! If you are a roll on deo girl, I would still say you give this a try. Though not an antiperspirant, this definitely keeps body odor away for long time.

All in all, I am utterly impressed by how long lasting this deodorant is. The fragrance selection is wide. Even if you don't like any of these three, you can get the one of your choice from that huge selection.

Price and availability:

Olor 24 Hour Active Deodorants are available on all big and small stores for Pkr 195/-.  It is also available online at Just4Girls.pk

Follow Olor Pakistan on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for all the updates

My Rating.:

These babies get a full 5/5 from my side.   I am completely in awe with the fragrances and how long lasting they are.


Stay Blessed
Sherry K

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Jewels of Sheer Class!! - Review

Looking back I realized I just post about makeup,  be it favorites lost or a review. Taking a break from that monotonous routine, I decided to do this post for a new jewelry store in town named SHEER CLASS. No matter how good the makeul is, a little bling bling is a must!
Keel om reading to know more about my experience


Sheer Class, aims to be a one stop shop, in terms of Fashion accessories for women. Another, very significant variable, we hope to focus on is providing clients their money's worth! We are launching with Elegant yet Sturdy Jewelry, and Plan to diversify into Hair & other Beauty Accessories in the coming future.
Sheer Class aims at being a Client Oriented Company, and would therefore encourage its prospective clientele to provide honest feedback, and Ideas as to what they would want us to make available to them.

MY Experience :

Apart from makeup, I am a sucker for good jewelry pieces which need not to be heavy or super bling but need to be chic and classy.  When the ever gorgeous Saadiyah of Sheer Class Jewelry approached me for a collaboration and offered me to pick the jewels of my own choice from the entire stock, I was super excited. To be honest this excitement was soon replaced by the dilemma that i liked every single piece available!
To cut the chase short, I made up my mind and the package reached in a day! Each and every piece was wrapped separately and then again  in a bubble wrap to avoid any mishap. The services get full points from my side! 
Now coming to the jewelry it self,  I was sent the following pieces :

1. 14k Gold Plated Ring with Faux Pearl and Cubic Zirconia:

2. 18k Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Extended Ear Jackets: 

3. 18k Gold Plated American Diamond Solitaire Pendent Set:

4. Rhinestone Bow and Faux Pearl Ear Studs:

All of these are Gold plated and studded with zirconia and fine quality Rhinestones. These may seem good in the pictures but trust me these are breath taking-ly beautiful in real.  The finish of all of them is very fine that they don't even look like imitation jewelry, rather mistaken for real gold!  I have been wearing the ring and the pearl studs a lot lately, and let me confess I am using them pretty much roughly. Still they are shining like they have never been used (I don't advice you to do the same.  I had. To put them through rough tests before review) .  All in all, these jewels are no less in quality and finish and I am very happy to have them in my collection.

Care tips:

To ensure that the Jewelry Maintains its Original Shine & Color for up to 200 days:

1. Keep in Poly Bags when Not in Use.

2. Avoid Contact with Perfume, Detergents/ Soaps, Sweat, Water and other Chemicals.

Price and availability :

These and many more jewelry pieces are available at Sheer Class Jewelry.  You can order them through Facebook (HERE)  or Instagram (HERE).

My Ratings :

These beauties get a straight 5/5 from me. I am utterly impressed by the quality of the jewelry by sheer class and would recommend every one to have a look.

GREAT NEWS : Use Code "SK10"  at check out to avail a 10% discount off your purchases at SHEER CLASS JEWELLERY STORE

Stay Blessed
Sherry k

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Favourites

Spring is in the air and festive are to begin!!  Well hello March already!! Who else thinks 2016 is a super sonic year??  With time flying by so fast,  I think in no time we'll be wishing each other a happy new year in no time!  
Enough said about the time.  Keeping up with the tradition of monthly favorites post (being the only post I do regularly), I am here with the February favorites :

1.Essence Cinderella Collection Blush- So This Is Love : 

Yes THIS is Love!!  This deep pink blush is my absolute favorite! With that soft blendable texture and great color pay off, this little beauty is a keeper for sure!

2. MM Makeup Lip gloss - Dahlia:

Its no hidden fact how much I love MM Makeup. This lip gloss is something unlike the formulas I had been using for a while now. This is light weight and doesn't make your lips sticky and tacky. Just for those days when you just want a little color to your lips then this one is for you

3. Jordana Cosmetics Lipstick- Barely Pink:

This one definitely a MLBB shade for me.  A perfect color to pair up with those smoked out intense eyes and link cheeks. A little added sparkle looks absolutely stunning!

4.VS Very Sexy Perfume:

I got this VS miniatures set last month as a birthday gift. Out of the 6 fragrances, this one turned out to be my most loved!  A gentle floral fragrance that lingers on for hours is definitely a favorite now for a very long time.

5.Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick - Rush:

This presumed dupe for the infamous NARS Orgasm multiple was in my wish list for a long time. Dupe or no dupe this one is a stunning little thing on its own. That rose gold shimmer on peach base is absolutely gorgeous!  Even with no makeup on, I  use this to give that natural glow to my face.

6.Sigma Beauty Loose Shimmer - Mid Summer:

Sigma beauty loose shimmers are fine and super pigmented. No need to layer them up for sure!  I being the one who prefers the natural colors more, sigma loose shimmer in midsummer is my favorite!  You can see me wearing it HERE.

Hope you guys like my picks for this month. If you want reviews for any of the above, do mention in the comments box below

Stay Blessed
Sherry k

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