Thursday, 26 March 2015

'Great things come in small packages"holds true for SIGMA BEAUTY E55 Eye Shadow Brush (travel size) - Review

One doesn't pay heed to sayings until they happen to themselves for example "GREAT THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES". I didn't know the significance until I came across this little WAND OF WONDERS by Sigma Beauty. 
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Monday, 23 March 2015

24 Hrs of matte kisses for everyone with Clazona Beauty 24hrs long lasting lipgloss - Review & Swatch

Lip creams, lip creams everywhere!  And why shouldn't they be? Everyone loves that matte kiss proof pout (read : eating proof, drinking proof, talking proof, lip biting proof) that looks and feels so luxurious. While all the high end  and the drug store brands coming out with their lip creams, I on the other hand had to try something before I went crazy-shopping for them. So, I present to you 24-Hrs long lasting lip gloss by my new found love CLAZONA BEAUTY.

*P. S* If you haven't read about the possible MAC strobe Cream dupe by Clazona beauty that I found READ HERE.

My Experience :

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss
Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

During my random strolls to the makeup section at my nearest grocery mall, I have found this relatively unknown brand that has so many products in cheap prices to try. In one of such strolls, I swatched their 24 hr long lasting glosses, that to my amazement dried to a matte finish and stayed put during my whole shopping, so I picked the safest color out of them (Number 522 ; A muted nude with pink undertones) Their are around 24 colors in this lip gloss range that range from muted nudes to bright pinks & burgundies, some pure matte while some have shimmer in them, so all in all their is a color for everyone in it!
The lip gloss comes in a small self standing tube with a twist open doe-foot wand. There is no proper mentioning as to what sort of Lip gloss is this (actually this isn't a gloss in any remote way). Each of the tubes has its number mentioned onnthe sticker below. I would have loved it more if they had given names to each color (like NYX lip creams), it makes me feel more connected to the product or may be I am just being finicky. The lip gloss has a thick consistency and sticks to your lips nicely. One swipe is opaque enough to cover up your lips nicely. I would suggest a swift application because the lip gloss starts drying and setting immediately. Spread it evenly over the lips and wait for about 1-2 minutes and voila!  A perfect matte pout. Another good thing about this gloss has no smell of any kind.
Now for the 24 hours claim, O actually didn't try it for 24 hours lol but the longest I wore this was around 8-10 hours.  Without eating or drinking it stayed put nicely all the time, by the end of 6th hour it started to fade at the corners and inside of the lips. At the end of the 10 hours it had faded to an even tint to my lips.
With eating and drinking, it stayed put for about 4-6 hours but faded fastly if not taken care of. Even after a luxurious dinner with all the oily kebabs and biryani, it was still there as a tint. So 24 hours claim might be true if you don't move your lips a bit ;-) but with all the humanly activities, it tends to stay for a good 6 hours minimum!


  • Line your lips with the wand and then fill it with the gloss, this will make it a lot easier to get the perfect application every time 
  • Take a small amount on the wand and spread it evenly & swiftly, this will give even application 
  • Try not to smack your lips after application as we tend to do after applying lipstick, rather keep your lips parted till its dried completely, this will prevent sticking of lips and cracking of the gloss.


Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss- Swatch

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Clazona Beauty 24 Hr Long Lasting Lip Gloss

Thumbs up for :

  • Easy and nation wide availability 
  • Affordable 
  • 24 colors to choose from 
  • Long wear time
  • Wand gives precise and even application 
  • No smell
  • Dries to a matte finish 
  • Fades to an even tint

Thumbs down for:

  • No proper names of the shades 
  • Eating and drinking makes lasting time shorter
  • Some colors have glitter, that some of you might not like


Clazona beauty 24 hrs long lasting lip glosses are available nation wide at clazona counters and at local cosmetics shops for Pkr 150-200 (depending upon seller)

Rating :

I would give this baby a 4.5/5. This is a total win-win for me in this price!

Have you tried any product by Clazona beauty yet? What lip creams have you tried so far? Do let me know in the comments below

Stay blessed

Sherry k

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

All hail the SECRET INGREDIENT of Dewy Glowy 100 watt skin! CLAZONA Beauty oil free Base makeup - Review & Swatches

There always comes a time when you find a thing, toss it around without knowing its worth and then you rediscover it and say " I am so sorry my dear, now nothing can do us apart I promise!!"
Well, this time I rediscovered a product to love for life too. Here I would like to thank a lovely fellow blogger & a dear friend of mine Wajiha Shakeel Ahmed of Fashion files by Wajiha, who helped me alot in this review and its comparison with Most hyped product by Mac i.e The Strobe Cream. Yeah baby now we are talking. So, the thing is after much long discussion, we (me & wajiha)  have come to a point that THIS might be a possible dupe of Mac Strobe cream. Since I have never used mac and Wajiha hasnt used this baby, we compared swatches and looks online, so if you guys have used the strobe cream and agree or disagree with any point in the review please let me know.
Enough of the blabbering (I am so excited!!! ) and getting on to the review


CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup

CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup- Ingredients

Since I haven't found anything on the internet officially about the product or the company I cant give you the claims or description. But the word is,  this company went with the name CLARITY before and has now changed its name to Clazona beauty. To be honest, I don't believe it because being a local cosmetic junkie, I have seen these both brands coexist in the market for past many years.
The product :
I came across Clazona beauty oil free makeup around 4 years back and didn't buy it because I didn't know what to do with it (and i still kick myself about it). Now after an year and half of blogging I finally decided to go after this again and found it as usual in a local cosmetics shop,though there are Clazona counters being set in some stores as well.
It comes in a small squeezable clear plastic tube with 4 color varients Gold, Dull gold, Pink &  silver. It isnt written on the bottle or anywhere else its just what I found in the shop, there might be more who knows!! 30 gm of product in just Pkr 350-400 (depending upon the seller).

My Experience :

Recently there has been a great hype about the famous MUA's 100 watt glow and all dewy makeup. That being under discussion on many forums, many people agreed on the point that MAC's Strobe Cream is one of the key ingredient. Now being a fan of that glow yet tight on pocket, I had to find something else for myself just to experiment. I remembered seeing this by Clazona beauty few years back when the shop keeper showed me this as a highlighter.  I searched for reviews and swatches of mac strobe cream online (since I don't have it).  Then I looked for this highlighter by Clazona but found it in a shop selling it as a MAKEUP BASE.  I got the silver variant because it looked more close to Mac's strobe cream. 
This is a thick cream that is highly packed with fine shimmer that feels a bit watery when applied and then dries to set in a place. After drying there is no budging at all the. It is mentioned on the tube that it is OIL FREE MAKEUP,what sort of makeup, that is for you to find! There is smell that I found identical to the famous Tibet snow that is a household name in Pakistan ! But the good part is that smell is not strong at all rather only felt when you actually smell the product, once on face its no where then! It doesn't accentuate the pores rather kind of gives a blurring effect which is a good news for all those people who avoid highlighters because they highlight their open pores. Staying power is  simply amazing,on me it stayed on till i took off the makeup myself with a remover (mixed in base + applied over the base on high points only) that was around 7-8 hours

How to use it :

I have tried using it in various ways and i'll let you know all of them

1. On high points only  :

I used it as highlighter over the cheek bones and my brow bone over the ponds bb cream. The result was amaizng, I got that glow over my high points only that totally accentuated the cheeks bones.

2.Beneath my base :

This experiment didn't go well in so many ways.  First applying it all over you face and neck takes quite alot of quantity and  quick spreading as it dries up pretty fast. Other thing is it tends to loose its shine as I built up the foundation over it with my Bourjious 123 perfect. And it also gives a plasticty feel to the skin too as it dries.So this was a total failure and I suggest you don't do it too.

3. Mixing it with Base :

I mixed half a pea size amount with my ponds bb cream and bourjious 123 perfect and it was magic!! I swear I couldn't believe  what I was missing out all this time. Just a swirl of brush and  VOILA!  100 watt glow was there, no kidding. It gave me a nice dewy finish all over and didn't make me look like a grease ball.
So, final verdict is either use it as a high lighter or use it mixed up in your bb cream/foundation but not as a makeup base or a primer.


CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup

CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup-Swatch

CLAZONA Beauty Oil Free Makeup-Swatch ( Blended)

Looks featuring Clazona beauty Oil free Makeup:

Thumbs up for :

  • Easily & locally available 
  • Affordable 
  • Little amount goes a long way 
  • A possible dupe for MAC Strobe cream
  • Doesn't accentuate pores 
  • Gives a subtle glow 
  • Comes in 4 color variants 
  • Sets in place and doesn't smudge
  • Long wear time

Thumbs down for:

  • Wierd smell
  • No description on the bottle as how to use it 
  • No proper mention as to what exactly is this OIL FREE MAKEUP.

Price & Availability :

I got this for pkr 400 (price varies according to seller). It Can be found on all local cosmetics shop  nation wide. There are small counters being set at various big cosmetics shops.

My rating :

I would give this baby a 5/5 because its an instant hit for me. If you guys are looking for a illuminator that is locally available and pocket friendly, then this is the thing for you!!


Stay blessed
Sherry k

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Aztecs and Stripes to the Rescue !! RTW Creations Hand Bags Review

There always comes a point in a girls life that she has nothing to carry with her favorite dress ! Well ,I usually have that problem because I don't have a major hand bag collection ,clutches and cross bodies are kind of rare in my wardrobe too :D 
But still a girl has to have a handbag/clutch to carry her precious belongings (you know some lippies and a blush and a mirror and a compact and a perfume and her mobile, not much you know ;-) )  since i am not a handbag person,  last year on my birthday my sweet sisters (yes they are younger to me with a better sense of ummm EVERYTHING) decided to gift me these pretty pretty clutches and a cross body so that their elder sister can be more presentable at all times.


I got three clutches from RTW CREATIONS (which was on buy 2 get 1 free) offer at that time. Since I was given the right to choose them myself (under supervision of course), I opted for a yellow aztec clutch, a black and silver stripes envelope and a white aztec cross body. At that time, they didn't have a website so we contacted them on facebook and the response was prompt. We were told to wait for a few minutes to check availability of our desired item and were told with in a min or two that all items were available. It was just 2 days before my birthday so my sisters requested them immediate dispatch so they may reach by that date and they were sweet enough to comply and yes not to forget COD ALL OVER PAKISTAN!! The bags arrived in a red bag all packed separately. So all in all, WE are happy costumers on


Now for the bags,  to be honest I wasn't expecting much of these because usually pictures put up on the internet are very much edited. Once the bags arrived I checked them thoroughly and got them double checked by my mom (quality check headquarters ) . The verdict was the material used is super soft yet sturdy, not the type that starts getting hard and flaky if exposed to extremes of temperature ( well I can guarantee you till 50 degree Celsius, that's what we get in summers) so they survived the summer and came out the same with bright colors. The stitching is fantastic, no loose ends, no threads coming out and very very neat. Thumbs up for that . The yellow Aztec and black stripes one come with chains while the white cross body has a long strap of same material. The chains are of good quality and the color doesn't fade at all even after several uses. The Aztec print is actually digitally printed on the bags. Usually digital prints are but faded or not properly placed but it was not the case here.  The prints are vibrant and properly placed. The best thing i find about these clutches is that you can clean them with damp cloth and it doesn't effect them. The zippers inside are smooth and the bag is compartmentalized very nicely for a proper organization of stuff( good for me). One thing I would like to say here is there is a little variety of the prints at Rtw creations. Most bags are Aztec printed. If there was a bit diverse range, one can pick up different styles of clutches in various prints.

You can see me carrying the Yellow Aztec one in my Outfit Post " HERE "


 These wardrobe saviors are available at RTW CREATIONS. The Aztec printed yellow and white are for 1195 each and black stripes one for 995 (I got them during sale and buy 2 get 1 free offer). They offer COD all over Pakistan.


I would give these beauties a 4.5/5. Just a bit of more color range and print variety and these are a total hit!! I wish they bring newspaper and magazine prints to their range.


Stay blessed
Sherry k

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

February Favourites !!

After more than a year of blogging, I have finally realized that I need to do a monthly favorites post too! So here it is my first ever Favorites post featuring all my favorites of the past month. The list was quite long as I usually fall in love with most of my purchases but these few items have made it to the TOP 6 of the list (Some of these items have already been reviewed, you can check by clicking on the header.)Enough blabbering and lets jump to the products.

I.Cant.Live.Without.IT.PERIOD . You heard it right, that being said it’s my absolute favorite this month and has been for many before. True to its claims of being EXTRA BLACK and long lasting formula, it definitely takes up the top position in my list!

2.       Dove Straight &silky Conditioner :

I am that sort of person who can’t get oil out of her hair right like EVER. That takes a toll on my hair and makes it dry. After trying many, I have finally settled for Dove Straight & silky Conditioner because it makes my hair shiny and supple. Can’t stop myself from touching my hair again & again

3.       Essence Long lasting Lipstick –Coral Calling

I picked this up randomly during a trip to essence counter and left it in my drawer for a long time but when I finally gave it a go, it became a staple for me. The color is beautiful, keeps my lips hydrated and fades with an even tint to my lips. The long lasting part is a bit over rated though

4.       Color Studio Pro Blush-Pixie Pink

I actually wanted to have CSP blush in Audacious Orange .Since it was sold out almost everywhere; I gave a chance to this baby and fell in love instantly. The blush is butter smooth, applies evenly, minimal fall out, a massive pan and smooth application. Absolute favorite this month!

5.       St.Ives Apricot Scrub for Sensitive skin

Twice a month a gentle scrubbing with this and my skin is all fresh and smooth!! Being a sensitive (read: apprehensive) skin person, I never had the nerve to get a scrub or d regular exfoliation. After reading many reviews, I decided to try this out and it hasn’t failed me yet!

We all have that one product that we keep on buying again and again and again, and if we try to get anything else in place of that, we regret and go back to buying that thing again (hope this makes sense) .Well this is THE product I keep on buying again & again and even have 2 backups in my drawer in case they decide to take it off the shelf!! Being NOT a foundation person, Ponds BB+ Cream has been my life saver for day and night wear, gives that smooth radiant complexion that doesn’t look caked up at all be it winter or summers.

 These are my favorites for the month of February .What have you been loving ?     

p.s :If you like a detailed review of any of the above products do let me know in the comment box below ! 

Stay Blessed 
Sherry K 

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