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Learning with the Pros at One day hands on workshop at the Depilex College of Cosmetology - A photo walk through

Blogging comes with its perks, the best one being able to learn from the best in the industry and have hands on experience under their guidance. If you follow me on Instagram (HERE) , you would know I recently attended a one day  makeup workshop at the Depilex College of Cosmetology, Lahore under the supervision of none other than Masarrat Misbah &  Redah Misbah. Well lets not keep you waiting and jump to the details of the event

Who is Masarrat Misbah & What is Depilex College of Cosmetology?

Masarrat Misbah, an entrepreneur and a beauty expert of international fame is the master mind behind the Depilex Group.  Being a visionary and a woman of strength, she has established one of its kind Depilex Institute that meets the international standards of Beauty Treatments and Makeup Artistry. Her ventures do not end at that,  but she is also the founder of Pakistan's first ever Acid and Kerosene Oil burns victims Foundation named as SMILE AGAIN FOUNDATION, that has been helping burn victims over  3 decades now to establish  better lifestyle for themselves and their families rendering them as useful citizens.

Depilex College of Cosmetology, started of as a part of 35 years celebrations of Depilex, is state of the art institute for those who want to acquire an internationally recognized degree in Art and Sciences of Cosmetology. Being affiliated with City &  Guild, UK, the standard of courses offered and training provided is no less than any other in the world. Moreover, also providing with personal grooming and professional short courses according to individual needs is another accomplishment. Providing lodging in their own hostel, they accommodate students from all over the country, hence leaving no stone unturned to make it easy for women of this nation. 

One Day Hands on workshop on Makeup Essentials:

As a part of their 35 years celebration, A first of its kind One day hands on workshop on Makeup Essentials was organized at Depilex College of Cosmetology for Pakistani Bloggers.  Yes when I say Pakistani Bloggers, I actually mean it because beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers all over the nation were approached and invited for this exclusive opportunity. The effort put here is no less than commendable as this has never happened before.
I personally was very very excited for this workshop for it was a perfect opportunity to  meet all those pretty faces behind amazing blogs and finally get to know each other much better, not to mention meet Masarrat Misbah herself ( did I mention I am a huge fan of that lady??). Being all set before time, I reached the venue quite before time, met with everyone and the event started sharp at 12 ( now that is once in lifetime thing too, an event Starting at its time you know) 
Pre-Event Excitment ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

All Lahore & Islamabad Bloggers Together ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

First, we were greeted by Redah Misbah, no less in grace and Beauty than her mother. She briefed us all about the Depilex College of Cosmetology and the ideology behind it And then there was this lady weaving the magic with her words, yes I am talking about none other than Masarrat Misbah herself. Man o man, was I mesmerized or what? You guys should listen to her talk atleast once!! They also showed us this video encompassing the 35 Years of Depilex.
Redah Misbah Giving Introduction of Depilex College of Cosmetology ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Masarrat Misbah- The Lady behind Depilex Group Her self 

Gorgeous Redah Misbah 

The Video Round up of 35 Years Of Depilex 

A gorgeous lady, Isma was our instructor for the day.  She Created a gorgeous day to night look at the model and answered all our questions so patiently, I was literally impressed. I  mean ask me a lame question and boom you are dead.  But that lady, nerves of steel I tell you. 
And the Makeup Class Begins with Isma ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Isma creating A Day Time Look ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

The Art of Mix and Match being taught

Switching the day look to Evening Glam look

The Day to Night Looks ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Then we got paired up and were given separate makeup trays having all the essentials. A wide range of MM makeup was there to help us create our looks. Isma was there the whole time looking over us like a school teacher and helping us get over our flaws *ahhhhhh-mazinggggg*. So we put together our looks and were scrutinized by Masarrat  Misbah herself who pointed out what we lacked and what needed to be changed.
Everyone Being Given their match in MM Silk Foundation By Isma ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Our Makeup tray containing Facial Wipes, Mosturiser, Lip Balm , Cake Liner , Brow Pencil & Makeup Tools

Everyone at their makeup station putting together a Look

Me Busy In applying the makeup ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

And the Feedback video Being Shot at the DCC ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Finally, we got our signed certificates from the gorgeous mother daughter duo Massarat & Redah Misbah.

Received the Makeup Essentials Certificate from Masarrat Misbah & Redah Misbah ,please excuse the grin :D( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

All of us with the Gorgeous Mother Daughter Duo with our certificates ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

It was a day well spent, in fact a bit too well spent because in the breaks we got, there was major swatching going on!  No lies, everyone had brought their most dear makeup possessions and everyone wanted to have hands on experience on them too *beauty blogger's curse they say*
Major Swatching going on in the break( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

Beauty Blogger Discussions :D  ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

In the end, I have some amazing news for all my lovely readers all across Pakistan.  You can avail a whooping 20% OFF on select courses offered by DEPILEX COLLEGE COLLEGE OF COSMETOLOGY by just mentioning My name or My blog's name

 Here is the list of courses which have been on discount for you guys.:

1. Personal grooming & Personality Development - 1 week
2. Personality Development for Mature Individuals OR Personal Grooming for Career orientated      Professionals - 1 week
3.Makeup, Hair & skin - 1 week
4. Safe &  hygienic work practice - 5 days
5. Contouring for professionals -  3 days
6.  Color Correction for Problematic Skin - 2 days
7. Eyeliner Techniques -  2 days
8. Manicure treatment  - 5 days
9.  Pedicure  treatments - 5 days
10. Nail art treatments - 5 days
11. Beginners Epilation - 5 days
12. Beginners body therapy -  5 days

You can get a whooping 20%OFF on these courses any day of the year!  Just email me at or inbox me at page FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF MIRROR on Facebook to know all the details.

Moreover, they also offer City & Guild's Diploma Courses and DCC professional Courses.  For all the details, just message me.

A huge thanks to Depilex College Of Cosmetology for having us,  Masarrat Misbah and Redah Misbah for being such generous hosts and teachers , Fakhra Rafique Khan of Fakhra Rafique Blog for arranging all of the event and Hassan Abbas for the amazing Photographs ( due credits mentioned under courtesy photographs)
Fakhra Rafique Khan - The lady behind the event ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

The Amazing Staff at the Depilex College of Cosmetology ( Picture Courtesy :Hassan Abbas)

I Hope you enjoyed the whole virtual tour of the workshop with me and also the amazing offer I brought for you courtesy of Depilex College of Cosmetology. Do leave your lovely comments in the comments box below.

Stay blessed
Sherry k

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  1. Wow amazingly written. It truly was a dat well spent
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    1. It was a pleasure meeting you huda and hope the meetings will be more often!

  2. It was an amazing day, loved meeting you all.

    1. Pleasure meeting you too zubaida!! Hope to see you more often

  3. Aww lovely post it's like we were there too thanks for all the details!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind word.Nice meeting you again and again.....
    DCC does a great job for organizing such amazing workshop :)
    Great you learned from DCC
    Much love

    1. Hey Fakhra! Thankyou once again for the amazing opportunity. It was the best meet up till date. Hope to see you more often xx