Monday, 28 November 2016

Tale of 3-day Fashion Extravaganza called Hum Bridal Couture Week 2016

I have been trying to be regular in my posting and have been true to my vows for the a couple of weeks now but then i Haven't posted on the weekend and my instagram feed looks like a monotonous amalgam of ramp videos. Thanks to my utterly disappointing phone camera, they don't look good. The thing is, I have been busy in the ongoing Bridal Couture Week by Hum TV and man hats off to the people who got o fashion weeks regularly ! How do you guys keep up with all the craziness there ?? And those time delays ? Please don't ask how I was kicking myself for being an hour late and the show started 3 hours after the due time ? Nope not talking about it -__- 

So while being there and witnessing everything , Here is my take on the three days . No this is not a regular HITS & MISSES post , Just random stuff that went on there , few of the pieces that actually caught my eye , with no picture of myself (Shame on me !) and just my ramblings as usual . So LETS GO !


Red Crapet is one place for which everyone dresses to impress . You can see some major style statements going on the red carpet at every event and some make you look at the mirror and kick your own but for being not that skinny (CONFESSION) . So while I was really really looking forward to some divas showing up those statement cuts and colors with those jewelry pieces that make you wanna throw your Shadi ka Zewar and buy them , I saw none :( I am serious , I don't know if I just missed it or people are now just fed up of dressing up for the Last Fashion week of the year (that makes it 6th in the year , yup we have six fashion weeks in Pakistan , will talk about it later ) 
So nothing major went on the red carpet to be honest so i'll pass it 

DAY 1: 

There were around 8 designers exhibiting on day 1 (or 7 ?) and to be honest there was hardly anything memorable about them . I liked a few individual pieces from a few collections as they were absolutely stunning and I am posting them below . Please note that these choices are personally ,wholly ,solely my own , I have nothing against anyone and of course you don't have to agree either . Just putting out a disclaimer before anyone takes my words to heart and start bombarding me with death threats :D

Zonia Anwar

Zonia Anwar

These 2 particular pieces from Zonia Anwar's showcase caught my eye majorly because of the color combinations . I absolutely love the timeless combination of black and gold and with the incorporation of black velvet the feel was absolutely regal !
The Bottle Green velvet shawl in the second one has the most intricate and beautiful design and with the backdrop of a muted ivory it was a piece to remember . All the winter brides take notes ! Do add a velvet shawl with your bridal dress to just amp that OOMPH and make it look regal to the next level . 

Iman Ali for Ivy Couture

Rest of the collections went a bit meeh for me BUT did you know Iman Ali walked for Ivy Couture ! The said designers know how to make a Debut for sure . Whatever and how ever the collection was , Iman Ali's presence worked like a charm.

Day 2:

Day 2 had some well known names int he line up and it gave us hope that the showcase is going to be much much better this time and yes it was ! 
Anees Malik

The Shawls incorporated by Anees Malik in his Bridal designs was remarkable . I fell in love with all those beautiful shawls and their hues that made them perfect to be worn with the bridal wear and even pairing them up with a monochrome dress would just make a statement . Definitely one of those pieces that you would want to have in your wardrobe to perk up those winter wedding without freezing to the core !

Chinyere gave us a diverse color palette ranging from some typical colors to some multi colored Mehndi appropriate attires. I am a sucker for those multicolored gold printed lehngas and found a perfect blue in the collection . Over all I was left quite impressed by the whole collection 

Day 3 :

Day 3 had been the most happening one of all ranging from some amazing designs , major celebrity appearances ,long delays and yes some power packed performances , Oh and that Finale was AH-MA-ZING ! No literally ,I was absolutely in love with the whole concept and the bunch load of Showstoppers . Amir Adnan definitely knows how to make a Finale GRAND ! Since we are on it,Lets discuss the Finale first and then some of those pieces that I loved .
Amir Adnan
The Grand Finale started with some amazing waltz performance followed by celebrity couples showing some moves , among them were Mr & Mrs Moamar Rana , Redah Misbah & Shammal Qureshi , Mr & Mrs. Ahmed Ali Butt , Junaid Khan & Sara Mikaal , Mr & Mrs. Rehan Babar , Mehreen Raheel & Sarmad Sultan Khoosat , Tapu Javeri , Momal Sheikh & Agha Ali and many others . Loved watching them shaking some leg to those beats and giving those Finale feels . The instrumental of Wake Me Up - Avicii just just perfect to set the pace. 

Moamar Rana with Wife - Amir Adnan

Ahmed Ali Butt & Fatima Khan - Amir Adnan

Mr & Mrs. Rehan Babar - Amir Adnan

Anoushay Asad & Saleem Sheikh - Amir Adnan

Mehreen Raheel & Sarmad Khoosat- Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan

Ziggi Menswear
 Among the designers , Ziggi Menswear showcased an amazing collection in both Eastern and Western Formal wear for men . Though I had this feeling that the Sherwanis have somewhat similar look as HSY's ,but still the intricate work on them was beautiful . This particular Blue coat had my heart whole night and I loved how subtle gold looked on that navy blue giving those royal feels .

Among the Grand Couturiers, Elan stood out and showcased amazing designs both for men and women . However these particular designs carried by the duo Cybil Chaudry and Jahan e Khalid was beautiful . The impeccable work on Cybil's dress from the Palias Indocine collection has our heart ever since the showcase and I love how those peach and bottle green stands out on that steel grey
Grand Couturiers ft. Elan
The Dragon fly pattern on the Sherwani and matching draped shawl was a stunner . Though I normally despise the work on menswear but this one was something I would want on a man's dress if he wants it to be embellished. To be honest , I like the pattern too much that I might want it on my dress too ! I love dragon flies ^_^
The other pieces in Elan's collection were stunning as well , but the men's wear was beautiful in particular .

To be honest , there was a lot of repetition of patterns and colors . I was hoping to see some innovation but I guess when there are half a dozen of Fashion weeks happening in the same year and most of them showcasing bridal wear , its pretty hard for the designers to come up with something new . However , it was nice to see shalwars and ghararas make a come back this time and wearable cuts being used. Abandoning some weird cuts and using male models as a prop is a breath of fresh air and is much welcomed by everyone.

This was all about the Hum Bridal Couture Week 16 and my take on it . If you had been following , do let me know which designs you liked and which things just put you off .

*Picture Credits:  HUM PR , Ebuzz Today Facebook Page, Fashion Gossip Facebook Page


  1. Hope you guys had fun at the bridal week. <3
    - FARAH

  2. Very nice detailed post. It's true that we are witnessing some monotony, but still designers come up with some stunning pieces. Loving those velvet shawls very much.

  3. Nice post. I agree with the repetition. Pakistani designers need to explore more. They are just circling round and round. And where are the actual models?

  4. It would have been a great event for sure. I loved the collections presented by all designers but Elan's collection has to be my favorite. Great post

  5. Amazing observation! I loved your take on this!

  6. I find that some dresses showcased in the bridal week are just too much even for a bride! What do you think?

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